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Key designers 3.1 ppt feb


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Key designers 3.1 ppt feb

  1. 1. Achievement Standard 3.1 (90515) 4 CreditsThis achievement standard involves: researching and analysing approaches, within established design practice. Relationships between approaches will be investigated to consider the influences, methods and ideas in context.
  2. 2. You will have to choose 1 of the following “key”designers: •Rodchenko •Rand •Brody •Carson And then compare this chosen designer to another designer of your choice …
  3. 3. Alexander Rodchenko
  4. 4. PaulRand
  5. 5. Neville Brody
  6. 6. David Carson
  7. 7. But how do Iuse Artists or Designers’ ideas?
  8. 8. EXPLICIT IMPLICIT Alexander Rodchenko David Carson Franz Ferdinand Cicilia Sutjiono, album cover Design for D avid Carson – Book Jacket Design” “I have always been fascinated with student the way David Carson messed around design with types and fonts, so this book cover design is completely influenced by those elements.”
  9. 9. This is what good assignments look like…This example shows:•A wide range of artworks collected and analysed for each artist•This includes discussion on influences and ideas•Methods are unpicked and explored through annotated sketches•A chosen theme of masks is visually brainstormed•The ideas of both artists are combined with this theme to produce implicitly influenced artworks•These artworks are evaluated and linked to the chosen artists using notes
  10. 10. Research exemplar by Glen Hutchins