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Identity search ideas


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Published in: Education
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Identity search ideas

  1. 1. Task 2 Personal Interpretation 1. Find at least 1 A3 page of symbols designs and icons, which represent you.Topics you could use to help you design your A3 page of information.Culture: Geneology, Whakapa, Heritage, Social circle. This could represent your pop culture or the people you hang out with or your care-givers culture.Sport: Ruby, Netball, League, Karate, Cycling, Skateboarding, etc.Music Bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, saxophone, harmonica etcDance Rap, anything you feel represents your style of danceClothing Nike, Karen Walker, any thing that has a label design you Could appropriate or ‘borrow’ and adapt for your personal Icon or symbol.Fabric designs, Jewellery or other body art type patterns, attachments etc thatcan be referenced in an icon or symbol.Think of the designs used by Leanne Culy in her work, or Fa’afetai Amituana’i inhis work and develop your imagery into either stylised forms or distorted views ofyour preferred symbols. In ClassA) Draw thumbnail sketches which represent you in some way. Thesedrawings should be a maximum of 4 cm square each.B) From these four sketches choose one drawing to develop into a larger(A5) size drawing. This drawing should display tone, pattern and form.