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Presentation made 11/15/2011 to Georgetown University Sports Management Graduate students. Encouraged students to embrace tablets and mobile technology as they prepare to enter their careers. Presentation titled "iPad and Mobility..."

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Georgetown_student ipad considerations_11-15-2011

  1. 1. iPad and Mobility...November 15, 2011 iPad Consulting
  2. 2. iPad Impacting Professional Sports CNN Tech – November 12, 2011 "Tablet computers are a game-changer in professional sports""Bucs players no longer need tohaul paper-filled binders and stacksof DVDs from practice to home inorder to continually prepare forgame day.” iPad Consulting 2
  3. 3. Opportunity?• Access your “stuff” anytime / anywhere• Situational Awareness• Information Agility• Collaboration• Perfect for meetings - instant on, taking notes, sharing, presenting• Review, edit, annotate - BI, other reports, PDFs, docs iPad Consulting 3
  4. 4. “Situational Awareness”Social Media News BlogsRSS FeedsBI Reporting Web iPad Consulting 4
  5. 5. "Information Agility" iPad Consulting 5
  6. 6. Collaboration DocumentsCalendars Members iPad Consulting 6 Projects Discussions
  7. 7. Response Time Models Old Model Hours or next day when a) Away from office -day or evening b) Response too long for smart phone c) Documents too large to view on smart phone d) Boot up laptop is too much trouble Tablet Model Real Time a) Instant On b) Lean back computing makes it very convenient c) iPad / Tablet is always with you iPad Consulting 7
  8. 8. iPad Maturity TimeframeSource:Propelics Whitepaper – “9 Considerationsfor Successful iPad Adoption” iPad Consulting 8
  9. 9. Change Environment “You have first to experience what you want to express.” - Vincent Van Gogh9 iPad Consulting
  10. 10. A Few Observations• iPad is a Mindset – Is the glass half-full or half-empty?• Tech Trends..... Cloud, Consumerization of IT, Big Data - iPad Brings It Together iPad Consulting 10
  11. 11. Big Picture – What’s Going On?• Value proposition (“What’s in it for me?”)• “Lean-Back” computing is taking hold• Shift to mobile environment• What it means• Managing email, calendars and contacts• Web browsing• Typical business opportunities• How do I get started...?11 iPad Consulting
  12. 12. Value Proposition?• Time – can you use more?• Organization – are you as organized as you want to be?• Flexibility – do you have the flexibility quickly becoming expected in business today?• Control!12 iPad Consulting
  13. 13. Value Proposition? More Time + Better Organization + Greater Flexibility = Improved Control13 iPad Consulting
  14. 14. “Lean-Back” Computing14 iPad Consulting
  15. 15. “Lean-Back” ComputingTablets Take Over... Source: Bersin & Associates “The Business of Talent” What else..? • Web browsing • Email, calendar, contacts • Social media • Content library • Business reporting • Content sharing • Cloud services integration • Knowledge management • Entertainment • Student tool • etc.....15 iPad Consulting
  16. 16. The Mobile “Tsunami” In Gartner’s Top End-User Predictions for 2011, three of the 11 items in the list relate to mobile. Those predictions include: • By 2015, companies will generate 50 percent of web sales via their social presence and mobile applications. • By 2014, 90 percent of organizations will support corporate applications on personal devices. • By 2013, 80 percent of businesses will support a workforce using tablets.16 iPad Consulting
  17. 17. Mobility It’s Not Coming – It’s Here... $25.3 BILLION in iPad sales - 6 QuartersApple – Quarterly Sales by Product Category iPad Consulting 17
  18. 18. Cloud Opportunity18 iPad Consulting
  19. 19. Content Management19 iPad Consulting
  20. 20. Yesterday….20 iPad Consulting
  21. 21. Today….21 iPad Consulting
  22. 22. News and Content Aggregation News Magazines22 iPad Consulting
  23. 23. Information Portal23 iPad Consulting
  24. 24. Business Intelligence24 iPad Consulting
  25. 25. Additional Resources• Thornhill “All Things iPad” Blog –• Thornhill iPad Weekly Newsletter (Signup) – Click Here To Access Signup Form• iPad Related Presentations (TFI –• – iPad Consulting
  26. 26. How Do I Get Started…?• Create group to facilitate process – Brainstorm session(s) – Ask the “obvious” questions• Prioritize, prioritize• Commit to process• Get easy wins to create momentum and buy-in• Recommended reading – Seth Godin “Poke The Box”26 iPad Consulting
  27. 27. iPad Consulting 27