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LinkedIn the ins and outs, the script


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My presentation on LinkedIn at the South Africa Business Schools Association (SABSA) event in Sandton

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LinkedIn the ins and outs, the script

  1. 1. LinkedIn – The Ins and Outs Bruce Mubayiwa Session 2 Boardroom 2 11h45 – 12h30
  2. 2. LinkedIn - The Ins and Outs The Script• Who’s Bruce Mubayiwa• Why LinkedIn?• Your Burning need• Your Story• Brand is YOU• Connect, Share, Engage
  3. 3. Who’s Bruce Mubayiwa?• An Independent LinkedIn Coach and Strategist• Consults to companies on LinkedIn• Works with companies to achieve corporate goals• Helps craft LinkedIn Strategy• In-depth practical and interactive LinkedIn Training• Works with Sales & Business Development, Marketing, HR, Strategy
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn• The Question is not Why join LinkedIn. It is Why not?• LinkedIn is the largest Professional Network on the internet• Focussed and professional• No games just business• 200 Million members• +2Million members in South Africa• Growing at a rate of +2 members every second
  6. 6. Your Burning need• Before you spend time on LinkedIn think about the burning need• Burning need in your career and business• Your activities on LinkedIn should talk to your burning need• LinkedIn is a powerful tool for your career• A Strategic tool for long term planning• An Operational tool for short term activities
  7. 7. Big 3 Social Dynamics
  8. 8. Your Story• Your LinkedIn profile is a story• This must be a story everyone wants to read• A story that shows where you have come from, where you are and where you are going• Make your story compelling and complete• Compelling enough that a visitor would wish to connect and engage with you.• Compelling while to the sticking the facts
  9. 9. Brand is YOU• You are the brand• What comes to mind when people say your name?• What do people say about you when you leave the room• Use LinkedIn to Position your brand• Be genuine and authentic. You are unique
  10. 10. Connect, Share, Engage• Connect with other professionals – In line with your career goals, long term plans• Go beyond connecting, build and invest in relationships• Think WIN-WIN in your interactions on LinkedIn• Share relevant information – Helps position your brand• Engage with other professionals – Build relationships with other professionals
  11. 11. The EndThank you so much for your timeQuestions please!Pass through the LinkedIn Coach Stand • •