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An overview of BT's collaboration solutions and our approach to addressing customers' collaboration needs. the deck demonstrates how we're helping customers enhance the experience and build a compelling business case by harnessing the power of video, conferencing, social media, and streaming to make collaboration better anywhere, on any device. With collaboration solutions from BT, the conversation just gets better. Find out more about BT's business collaboration solutions:

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  • This chart summaries the 3 step methodology for BT Advise One. The BT Advise team works with customers to transform their UC infrastructure over three phases. Customers want a great UC experience for their end users, but they also need to build a strong business case for UC investment. For a number of years, we have been helping people do just this with the UC Quick Start, which looks at the whole comms estate and builds a strategy for increasing productivity and cost savings. Last year we introduced the Hybrid Architecture Service (HAS), which recognises the fact that all customer architectures are heterogeneous, with technology from multiple vendors. This was focused on helping them improve the business case by converging technologies and ensuring everything works well together. The HAS creates a common framework to deliver services, irrespective of the various platforms available, which increases efficiency and value. Now, to ensure customers can build a strong business case for UC projects, and deliver the best experience for their users, we have launched the UC Readiness Assessment. This is an ideal fit for customers who have made big investments in UC, but who still experience bad app performance: which negatively impacts the end user experience and limits adoption and returns on investment. It also offers major benefits for customers who need to build a strong business case for additional UC investments. Using our specialist knowledge and tools, we look at every element of the customer’s UC infrastructure, including video, voice and collaboration tools from all vendors on their network. We then assess the UC-readiness of the underlying infrastructure, including IT, security infrastructure, Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN.By taking this holistic approach, we can assess pre-deployment risks, identify the root causes of poor UC performance, and ensure everything is working together properly. Based on our recommendations for building a ‘fit for purpose’ UC environment, customers can achieve better UC performance for end users, increase adoption, increase security and maximise stakeholder productivity. They can also build a stronger business case for UC projects, and increase their returns on investment.(Cost – approx. £30-40K, Timeline – approx. 8-12 weeks) Example: a global credit agency was looking to roll-out Microsoft Lync globally.  As part of our RFP response we positioned a UC readiness assessment as our differentiator. As a result of our approach BT was awarded this opportunity to roll-out Microsoft Lync 2013 in their environment. During this engagement we found that the wireless infrastructure was ill prepared, especially as they wanted to use some of the new functionality in Lync 2013 e.g. video on mobile devices. With the latency issues/bottle networks/insufficient capacity we discovered, it became clear that this would not be possible. We put together a plan for remediation that allowed them to have the excellent end user experience they needed.     
  • Collaboration customer deck - the conversation just gets better

    1. 1. The conversation just gets better The conversation just gets better
    2. 2. The world of collaboration is changing faster than ever before... We’re expecting to work just like we play Voice is the common ground for great collaboration It’s time to revolutionise with new services unique to BT Making better conversations work for business With BT, the conversation just gets better 2
    3. 3. Customers are telling us they want to... Enhance … the end user experience • Collaborate simply and effectively • Collaborate securely on any device Improve … the business case • Update communications technology • Improve productivity whilst reducing costs The conversation just gets better
    4. 4. We are helping customers address this with… Fit for purpose infrastructure Eight new product launches globally New services for migration and integration from BT Advise Collaboration-ready infrastructure, integration and migration The conversation just gets better
    5. 5. Enhancing the end user experience Exclusive BT One Collaborate HD Voice BT One Voice • • • • • • • • An experience closer to that of face to face • User friendly, HD-enabled end points to hear the difference • New simple, one touch audio conferencing with BT One Voice anywhere • Now includes voice over LTE/4G, a great experience wherever you are • Multiparty video and easier, wider federation now included with Lync 2013 • Faster, simpler connectivity with no VPN required with Cisco Jabber Multiparty videoself-service connectivity exclusive to BT Simple, secure closer toaudioof new and New simple, withand easier, wider federation now An MeetMe one touch that - face to face BT experience Dolby Voice conferencing with includedVoiceLync 2013 end points to hear with anywhere BT One calls location-based mobile services Personalised simple, effective and enjoyable User friendly, HD-enabled Making Faster, simpler connectivity with noaVPN required connectivity Now includes voice•over LTE/4G, great experience the difference Enterprise-class Wi-FiSimple, secure self-service with HD quality, surround sound with noise reduction BYOD Cisco Jabber are • Personalised location-based mobile services wherever you • Enterprise-class Wi-Fi New UC clients BYOD BTNew UC One Voice HD Voice BT One clients Collaborate • BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice - new and exclusive to BT • Making calls simple, effective and enjoyable • HD quality, surround sound with noise reduction
    6. 6. Improving the business case for collaboration BT One Cloud Fully flexible price • Rich UC functionality with fully flexible pricing, price per user per month, no commitment with Cisco HCS • Reduce roaming and call costs with a better video on the move experience with Lync 2013 • Handset for life included in the price per user per month with iComms BT One Enterprise BT Advise One BT Cloud BT OneOne BTEnterprise Advise One • Move to rich UC with the low-cost evolution for legacy Avaya and Nortel with IP Office v9 • Reduce the cost of implementing BYOD and video, within your organisation with Cisco Release 10 • Minimise the cost of migration and transformation with a simple assessment and a new 3 step methodology • • • Rich UC functionality with fully flexible pricing, price per user Move to rich UC with the low-cost evolution for legacy per month, no cost of migration and transformation Minimise the commitment with Cisco HCS Avaya and Nortel with IP Office v9 • with a simple assessment and aa better video on the Reduce roaming and call costs with new 3 • Reduce the cost of implementing BYOD and video move experience with step methodology Lync 2013 • within yourlife included in the price per Releasemonth Handset for organisation with Cisco user per 10 with iComms
    7. 7. Enhanced collaboration experience an a strong business case The journey to collaboration transformation… UC Quick Start Building the business case Hybrid Architecture Service Migrate the platform The BT Advise One Methodology UC Readiness Assessment Optimise the customer experience Step 3 Extend Step 2 Step 1 Consolidate Disparate Greater controls Converge Platform for true business agility Enabling improved collaboration internally and with customers Multiple SLAs and vendors Achieve better UC performance for end users and increase productivity
    8. 8. Supported by a collaboration-ready infrastructure BT Connect and WiFi infrastructure LAN Connect (Wi-Fi) – enabling Collaboration, throughout your building on any device Connect applications – understand and prioritise your collaboration applications like voice and video BT Contact BT Compute BT Assure Ensure all your collaboration tools are protected from the latest security threats, making it safe to work together Flex your compute power instantly to deliver the user experience at the right cost Empower your agents in an omni-channel collaborative world
    9. 9. Making it work for our customers Enhancing the end user experience Improving the business case Making global team work easier for Hubergroup with One Enterprise Lync Making the most of existing investments whilst setting a clear, low risk path to IPT with One Cloud Helping Philips connect global users quickly and effectively Helping Bosch with their geographic expansion plans with One Voice SIP trunking Transforming how Yazaki talk to their colleagues around the world with One Collaborate Reducing the cost of business travel for G4S with One Collaborate Branch WiFi in 1,600 Barclay's branches enables customers to connect and collaborate anywhere in the branch Reducing costs and simplifying infrastructure for Akzo Nobel with One Enterprise Cisco Innovation today and for the future Medical staff and patients can instantly share vital signs, through video, email, and other collaboration tools, wherever they are Personalised videos accelerate customer engagement and improve returns in retail banking
    10. 10. It’s time to revolutionise voice and make collaboration work We make it work tailoring a great experience for every individual. We make it work together old or new, for employees, customers, all the suppliers and partners in your ecosystem, anywhere in the world. We make it work end to end. We understand voice, and how to make collaboration work for business. With BT, the conversation just gets better