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A detailed illustrated 36-slide customer presentation without audio but with notes on IP Connect Global. Includes BTGS overview, reach and coverage of IP Connect Global, applications, BT One Voice and One Conference, references from customers including Geoservices, China Shipping, Siemens, BT’s credentials, infographic on network as the intelligent enabler, connecting to IP Connect Global, access via Ethernet, Hybrid VPN and DSL, technical features, classes of service, assured services and reporting. BT Connect branding.

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  • JB: Maybe weave it in.
  • City Fibre Networks: Belgium - Antwerp, Brussels Germany - Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart Ireland - Cork, Dublin Italy - Bologna, Milan, Rome, Turin Netherlands (8) - Amsterdam, Breda, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, Rotterdam, Utrecht Spain - Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia Argentina – Buenos Aires Columbia – Bogota NNI (Network to Network Interconnect): China Russia Brazil Costa Rica Dominican Republic El Salvador Guatemala Honduras India Panama,  Nicaragua Angola Botswana Ghana Kenya Mauritius Mozambique South Africa Namibia Nigeria Saudi Arabia Tanzania Uganda  Zimbabwe MexicoEthernet Access Services:  Austria Argentina Hong Kong China  Netherlands UAE Russia Federation Germany Brazil Sweden South Korea Ireland Cape Town France Shanghai South Africa Belgium Thailand Singapore Taiwan Spain  Poland Australia India Greece USA Mexico Norway Luxemburg Philippines  Malaysia Denmark Morocco Czech Republic Bahrain Hungary Canada Japan Republic of Korea Portugal UK (over 725 POPs) Hybrid VPN in 177 countries
  • JB: May be worth weaving in this one.
  • We are a Global Network Operator with a track record of delivering complex network solutions to large multi-national organisations . We provide an outstanding quality of service, indeed we come out top for local language support in the Telemark 2010 Global Data VPN report. We can connect you in 197 territories globally and our network is the market leader when it comes to being available even through the horrendous natural disasters experienced in some regions that we operate in.Our value added services portfolio such as Applications assured Infrastructure, managed Security and Diamond IP mean that we ensure that your network is optimised, secure and future proof, giving you a robust and reliable foundation for converged, multi-channel communications.
  • IP Connect Global, Networks that think

    1. 1. BT ConnectIP Connect GlobalBT ConnectNetworks that think
    2. 2. You are telling us that you... • Need to innovate and flex to meet business challenges • Need application orientated networking with application led SLAs • Want to take advantage of cloud services • Want convergence of voice, IP and mobile whilst still managing legacy • Want to run performance sensitive and bandwidth intensive applications • Require more bandwidth at lower cost – 10Gbps and beyond • Have a growing demand for a mix of network services © British Telecommunications plc 2BT Connect
    3. 3. Your business requirements • Predictable application performance • Reliable trusted service • Cost control • Improved reach • Ready for Unified Communications © British Telecommunications plc 3BT Connect
    4. 4. Global scale & reach of BT Global Services UK Western Europe 3,000 delivery experts Over 6,700 customers Over 2,500 customersNorth America 46,000 connections 9,000 connections Russia / CEE2,000 delivery experts Over 350 customersOver 1,000 customers 1,000 connections10,000 connections EMEA 3,000 delivery experts Asia Pac Over 600 customers 2,000 delivery experts 3,000 connections 650 customers Latin America 11,000 connections Over 500 customers 2,000 connections Our customer base includes 87% of the top 500 of the Forbes 2000 global companies, and we provide networks for 25% of the worlds financial traders Broad and deep networked IT services portfolio, including industry leading expertise in network outsourcing Global reach and world-class resilience in our MPLS network with 3,000 points of presence in more than 170 countries © British Telecommunications plc 4BT Connect
    5. 5. Our vast geographic coverage Satellite Telehousing facilities Ethernet access Global service centre DSL access Security operation centre City Fibre Networks Innovation centres Network to Network Interface (NNI) *Countries where BT, directly or working Additional Internet based access with partners, has an MPLS network services (Hybrid VPN) available in 177 service that offers a state-of-the-art IP countries. virtual private network. © British Telecommunications plc 5BT Connect
    6. 6. Reach Global MPLS network service from 197 countries • 117 countries with native MPLS services, 55 countries with satellite based access and 177 countries with Internet based access to IP Connect Global • Terrestrial and sub sea cables physically separated, dual vendor policy, dual management domain, dual core capability for application based ultra resilience • Continuous monitoring of all network components with automated incident detection for immediate problem resolution • Two or more nodes in major cities, all nodes are connected to at least two other nodes • Classes of Service are enforced between each location and the nearest node, and also in the core network • Regional break out to the Internet using multiple default routes © British Telecommunications plc 6BT Connect
    7. 7. IP Connect Global service can be offered from thefollowing countries © British Telecommunications plc 7BT Connect
    8. 8. BT IP Connect……the power behind your business platform Our BT IP Connect Global service is designed to support a variety of applications with different requirements • Company applications such as ERP, voice, FTP, video, mail, CAD/CAM, web • BT provided applications bundled with IP Connect Global such as: BT Connect Applications BT One Voice BT One Conference to improve operational • Global multi-site voice • Ultra-high-quality video and efficiency capability audio conferencing with “on • Performance Intelligence • Off net calling to 240 fixed, demand” • Application Optimisation mobile and satellite and “scheduled” meetings destinations using Microsoft Outlook • WAN acceleration • PBX interworking • “No touch” meeting setup • Dial plan management • Direction sensitive, pre- • Voice mail, fax positioned cameras and microphones © British Telecommunications plc 8BT Connect
    9. 9. Our proven experience in delivering BT Connect Services > “The BT solution has created a fourfold increase in bandwidth for our store network, with savings BT IP Connect Services > of over 60 per cent.” Benoit Vandermosten, Staples BT IP Connect Services > BT Connect Applications > © British Telecommunications plc 9BT Connect
    10. 10. Our proven experience in delivering BT Connect Services > “The network is reliable and has made it easier for us to communicate both internally BT IP Connect Services > and with our clients. It will strengthen our business by supporting new business BT IP Connect Services > applications.” Erwin Roze, Geoservices BT Connect Applications > © British Telecommunications plc 10BT Connect
    11. 11. Our proven experience in delivering BT Connect Services > “Bandwidth has increased six-fold, meaning that our applications are much more responsive, yet BT IP Connect Services > despite this our operating costs have reduced by around 20 per cent.” BT IP Connect Services > Xiuping Wang, China Shipping BT Connect Applications > © British Telecommunications plc 11BT Connect
    12. 12. Our proven experience in delivering BT Connect Services > “The managed WOS service from BT includes project management, which took BT IP Connect Services > care of everything from ordering and shipping the hardware to dealing with customs issues. BT IP Connect Services > BT also organised and supervised local engineering teams carrying out the installations.” BT Connect Applications > Christoph Pscherer, IT Service Manager, Siemens Enterprise Communications © British Telecommunications plc 12BT Connect
    13. 13. Our credentials We are in the leaders quadrant of the Market leading and award Gartner Global Network Services Winners of the World Providers Magic Quadrant for the winning Global Applications 6th year and in the Pan European Communications Awards “GlobalAssured Infrastructure portfolio Network Service Providers Magic Telecoms Business 2010” Quadrant for the 7th consecutive year We outperform the competition on Our strength lies in our broad Market leader for Internet Network Availability – one of your portfolio of managed services services in the UK with top 3 priorities – options … Gartner 2011 BTnet – Netcraft Ocean 82 (Telemark) 2011 “Best Global Operator”Market leader in IP/MPLS VPN Market leading Ethernet service World Communications Awards services globally – IDC in the UK November 2011 Networking the Telecom Industry © British Telecommunications plc 13BT Connect
    14. 14. Why we are the right partner for you Global network Outstanding quality and expertise* service Market leading global Our investment in value coverage and added services availability** * World Communications Award** Telemark 2011 Ocean Report © British Telecommunications plc 14 BT Connect
    15. 15. What this service brings to youDecrease costs > • Remove operational costs and internal resources by replacing Do-It-Yourself solutions to connect locations • Major savings on voice call chargesOpen new markets andlocations quickly > • Discontinue legacy networks by consolidating and converging all data, voice and video on one network • Redeploy in-house support staff by relying on a BT’sImprove the performance of customer support servicesyour global processes and >applicationsOutsource non-core activitiesusing your VPN as foundationfor application services > © British Telecommunications plc 15BT Connect
    16. 16. What this service brings to youDecrease costs > • Roll out company applications to new locations fast, reducing time-to-market by many weeks • Predictable BT delivery times allow accurate businessOpen new markets and planninglocations quickly >Improve the performance ofyour global processes and >applicationsOutsource non-core activitiesusing your VPN as foundationfor application services > © British Telecommunications plc 16BT Connect
    17. 17. What this service brings to youDecrease costs > • Improve employee productivity with reduced application outages and response times • Extend enterprise processes to even the smaller companyOpen new markets and locationslocations quickly > • Extend supply chain processes to suppliers and CRM services to customersImprove the performance ofyour global processes and >applicationsOutsource non-core activitiesusing your VPN as foundationfor application services > © British Telecommunications plc 17BT Connect
    18. 18. What this service brings to youDecrease costs > • Improve application performance and visibility with BT Application management services • Decrease call charges with BT voice services using on-netOpen new markets and and off-net featureslocations quickly > • Improve employee productivity and reduce traveling costs with BT Video conferencing servicesImprove the performance ofyour global processes and >applicationsOutsource non-core activitiesusing your VPN as foundationfor application services > © British Telecommunications plc 18BT Connect
    19. 19. Network is the intelligent enabler © British Telecommunications plc 19BT Connect
    20. 20. Many ways to connect your company sites toIP Connect Global Your choice of access option is determined by your budget, your applications, the speed you require or the local physical environment Leased Line access ‒ For locations that require the highest levels of reliability and security up to 155 Mbit/s Bonded access (FRF 16.1) for cost effective speeds between 3 Mbit/s and 8 Mbit/s in 86 countries Ethernet access in 41 countries ‒ For locations with applications requiring high speed, private access at speeds up to 1 Gbit/s ‒ Additional UK 21 CN access: Ethernet over fiber up to 100 Mbit/s and Ethernet over copper up to 10 Mbit/s in over 1,000 locations DSL access in 21 countries ‒ Cost effective access method for smaller sites which do not require the highest performance at speeds up to 2 Mbit/s. Standard, Plus and Premium DSL options are available that differ in contention rate, COS support and use of private/public network © British Telecommunications plc 20BT Connect
    21. 21. Many ways to connect your company sites toIP Connect Global Your choice of access option is determined by your budget, your applications, the speed you require or the local physical environment Reach In Network Interconnect access in 30 countries ‒ Russia, China, India, Brazil, 7 Central America countries, Mexico, Australia, 4 Nordics and 12 Sub Sahara countries, Saudi Arabia ‒ For high quality access, using all Points-of-Presence of an in-country MPLS service provider Hybrid VPN Internet based access from 177 countries ‒ Cost effective access for smaller sites or backup solutions using BT or customer provided local Internet Service Provider at speeds up to 10 Mbit/s using many access options including DSL, Ethernet, Cable, 3G mobile and WiMax Wireless City-Fibre Networks (CFN) over 3,000 buildings in 24 cities in 8 countries ‒ The most cost effective connection up to multi-Gbit/s in buildings with BT network presence VSAT Satellite access from over 55 countries ‒ For remote sites with non-existent or unreliable terrestrial networks © British Telecommunications plc 21BT Connect
    22. 22. Country coverage: Ethernet access EUROPE Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark ASIA PAC Finland France Australia AMERICAS EMEA China Germany Greece Hong Kong Argentina Bahrain India Hungary Morocco Brazil Japan Ireland South Africa Canada Korea, Republic of Italy United Arab Emirates Mexico Malaysia Luxembourg United States Philippines Netherlands Norway Singapore Poland Taiwan, Province of China Portugal Thailand Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Ethernet access © British Telecommunications plc 22BT Connect
    23. 23. Country coverage: DSL access EUROPE Austria ASIA PAC Belgium AMERICAS Denmark Australia France Japan United States Germany Hong Kong Ireland Singapore Italy Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom DSL access © British Telecommunications plc 23BT Connect
    24. 24. Country coverage: Hybrid VPN AMERICAS EUROPE ASIA PAC MEA Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda Åland Islands Isle of Man Afghanistan Algeria Malawi Argentina Albania Italy Australia Jersey Angola Mali Aruba Andorra Bangladesh Armenia Madagascar Bahamas Austria Latvia Brunei Darussalam Azerbaijan Mauritania Barbados Belgium Liechtenstein Cambodia Bahrain Morocco Belize Bulgaria Lithuania Cook Islands Benin Mauritius Bermuda Croatia Luxembourg Fiji Botswana Mozambique Bolivia Cyprus Macedonia Guam Burkina Faso Namibia Bosnia and Herzegovina Czech Republic Malta Hong Kong Burundi Nigeria Brazil Denmark Monaco Iceland Cameroon Oman Canada Estonia Montenegro India Cape Verde Palestinian Territory Cayman Islands Faroe Islands Netherlands Indonesia Central African Qatar Chile Finland Norway Japan Republic Réunion Colombia France Poland Kazakhstan Chad Rwanda Costa Rica Georgia Portugal Korea, Republic of Romania Congo Saudi Arabia Dominican Republic Germany Laos Congo (DRC) Senegal Ecuador Gibraltar San Marino Macau Cote d’Ivoir Seychelles El Salvador Greece Serbia Malaysia Djibouti Sierra leone Equatorial Guinea Guernsey Slovakia Maldives Egypt South Africa French Guiana Hungary Slovenia Mongolia Ethiopia Swaziland Grenada Iceland Sweden Nepal Gabon Tajikistan Guadeloupe Ireland Switzerland New Zealand Gambia Tanzania Guatemala United Kingdom New Caledonia Ghana Togo Jamaica Guinea Palau Tunisia Martinique Guinea Bissau Papua New Guinea Tunisia Mexico Israel Philippines Uganda Netherlands Antilles Kenya Singapore United Arab Emirates Nicaragua Kuwait Solomon Islands Panama Kyrgyzstan Sri Lanka Paraguay Liberia Taiwan Peru Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Thailand Puerto Rico Vietnam Saint Lucia Suriname (Guayana) Trinidad/Tobago United States Uruguay Venezuela Hybrid VPN Virgin Islands (British) Virgin Islands (US) © British Telecommunications plc 24BT Connect
    25. 25. Technical features • Six classes of service, using DiffServ standards, each backed Classes of Service > by Service Level Agreements • Expedited forwarding (EF) Access resilience > - for voice and other voice over IP applications Multi-VPN > • Assured Forwarding (AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4) - for assured Data or multimedia CPE > • Default (DE) - for non mission-critical, non delay sensitive applications © British Telecommunications plc 25BT Connect
    26. 26. Technical features • Access failover with leased line, DSL or Hybrid VPN as Classes of Service > backup access • CPE resilience Access resilience > • ISDN Dial-around-the-cloud Multi-VPN > CPE > © British Telecommunications plc 26BT Connect
    27. 27. Technical features • Create multiple VPNs to isolate communities of interest in the Classes of Service > corporate network Access resilience > Multi-VPN > CPE > © British Telecommunications plc 27BT Connect
    28. 28. Technical features • A range of certified Cisco routers from 857 to ASR1002 Classes of Service > • Customer can manage the CPE and configure CoS marking, multi-VPN, access resilience - frame relay PVCs Access resilience > • Customers can buy, install and maintain CPE using BT recommendations and requirements Multi-VPN > CPE > © British Telecommunications plc 28BT Connect
    29. 29. Classes of Service Frankfurt Non-CoS IP VPN Tokyo Voice IP Voice IP Multimedia Multimedia Oracle SAP Oracle SAP File Transfer File Transfer © British Telecommunications plc 29BT Connect
    30. 30. Classes of Service Frankfurt Non-CoS IP VPN Tokyo SLOW SLOW Voice IP Voice IP SLOW SLOW Multimedia Multimedia SLOW SLOW Oracle SAP Oracle SAP File Transfer File Transfer © British Telecommunications plc 30BT Connect
    31. 31. Classes of Service Frankfurt BT MPLS CoS Tokyo Voice Voice Voice IP Voice IP Assured Data Assured Data Multimedia Multimedia Oracle Oracle SAP SAP File Transfer File Transfer Standard Data Standard Data web browsing web browsing email browsing email browsinginstant messaging instant messaging © British Telecommunications plc 31BT Connect
    32. 32. Classes of Service Frankfurt BT MPLS CoS Tokyo Voice Voice Voice IP Voice IP Assured Data Assured Data Multimedia Multimedia Oracle Oracle SAP SAP File Transfer File Transfer Standard Data Standard Data web browsing web browsing email browsing email browsinginstant messaging instant messaging © British Telecommunications plc 32BT Connect
    33. 33. Service aspects Assured services with ITIL based end-to-end service for improved customer experience IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles, backed up by ISO 20000 registrations, are embedded into BTs operating model for Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Reports and information services, Billing services and Continual Service Improvement Service Level Agreements • On Service delivery: ‒ On-time Service delivery • On Service Assurance: ‒ Site availability ‒ Severity 1 restore time target ‒ Resiliency repair target • On Network Performance: ‒ Packet Delivery ‒ Round Trip Delay ‒ Jitter ‒ Optional site-to-site performance © British Telecommunications plc 33BT Connect
    34. 34. Reporting The BT Customer Portal provides access to all reports With ability to place orders and report incidents Standard reports Service reports • Site and port inventory, planned maintenance, affected sites, order status, ticket status, automated incident notification VPN reports • Traffic volumes, traffic trends, utilisation per port, VPN and COS • Round trip delay, packet delivery and jitter between 10 global zones showing SLA breaches Report options Near Real-time report • Most recent utilisation data up to the last 5 minutes Router performance report • CPE utilisation, free and used memory, CPE availability, In/out utilisation per port, VPN and COS Site-to-site performance report • Round trip delay, packet delivery and jitter from CPE-to-CPE, peaks and averages DSL plus report • Additional port and VPN utilisation for sites with DSL plus © British Telecommunications plc 34BT Connect
    35. 35. Reasons to use the BT IP Connect Global serviceReach, size and qualityThe largest wholly owned MPLS network in the world. The depth andbreadth of BT’s native MPLS coverage is industry leading.Over 3,000 multinational enterprises use the BT MPLS network with over140,000 customer connections and over 80,000 network ports.From the Telemark August 2011 Ocean Mr Rajah of CLSA: Asia-Pacific Marketsreport is Asias leading, independentBT differentiates from their nearest brokerage and investment grouprival AnalystsAvailability, one of the in Networktop three most important attributesfrom the customer perspective. “ BT are able to provide services in all the countries where we want to do business. And also, they have made investments across all countries in Asia“ Network availability is anindispensable attribute. From Aug2009, BT has been in line with the top Pacific ... Service is crucial. The opportunities come, and they go. Our success depends upon how quickly weprovider and is now in pole position grab it, and execute it. The network is the underlying fabric, and it must be reliable Customers © British Telecommunications plc 35 BT Connect
    36. 36. Thank youTo continue with your training, pleaseexit the presentation window andreturn to the BT Alliance Trainingwindow. From there you will be ableto view more presentations or takethe knowledge assessment. © British Telecommunications plc 36BT Connect