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Digital Dislocation at Work - Infographic from BT


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Technology lets us connect in more ways than ever before, but this doesn't always mean we communicate more effectively at work. See the latest stats. And to find out more visit:

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Digital Dislocation at Work - Infographic from BT

  1. 1. Digitaldislocationatwork. Theproblemofdigitaldislocation... ...andhoworganisationscansolveit. ofemployeescomplainabouttime wastedcontactingcolleagues. 60% aresearchingfor moreandbetter datatomake good decisions. 70% ofemployeesbelievedesktop sharingwouldbeuseful.90% of ITdecisionmakershavea strategyforcloud-based collaboration. 31% oforganisationsworkin'silos'andneed bettercollaborationacrossdepartments. 57% ofgloballeaderswant simplerwaystoshare information.75% Technologyletsusconnectinmorewaysthaneverbefore,butthisdoesn’talways meanwecommunicatemoreeffectivelyatwork. With the right technology, used in the right way, you can move your organisation from digital dislocation to effective communication. Read our report on the challenges posed by digital dislocation, and how to overcome these.