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Networked Oil : A BT infographic illustrating the role played by telecoms in the oil industry


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An infographic that positions BT as a strong provider of technology solutions for the Mining, Oil & Gas industry.
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Networked Oil : A BT infographic illustrating the role played by telecoms in the oil industry

  1. 1. Co n stru ctio n Sch ed u le PRODUCTION LOCATION ? Construction Schedule OVERRIDE?YES NO AVAIL AVAIL BUSY NHK JRS ESOY OOP TESR PXR DJUH NYR 31.4 22.3 45.8 10.6 84.2 23.6 66.6 KILR UPP JCM DWV VWV EVCT MGY 41.2 23.3 13.3 5.2 61.8 22.0 54.1 28.9 NEWS BT Fibre Sensing Valve monitor Secure, high-speed data connectivity Call Routing Call Centre WLAN Retail Stock & Order Industrial Regional Operations Centre Data Centre Real-time Operations Centre 1 2 4 3 5 6 7 8 11 15 10 12 13 14 9 18 16 17 19 Enabling, Securing and Managing Global Communications BT in Mining, Oil & Gas Drilling Operations Instant Access to Globally Distributed Expertise Identify availability, whereabouts and preferred means of communi- cating with globally distributed teams using presence-enabled communications tools. Perimeter Protection BT secure internet gateways ensure perimeter needs are met by identify- ing and immediately escalating illicit activity. BT professional services can plan and rollout managed and monitored systems. Engineering & Construction Simplify Joint Venture Integration Avoid costly errors and over-runs by using standards-based open architectures to integrate IT and communications between partners. Secure Systems Access and User Authentication Centralised oversight of systems provides contractors with fast access to the plans and resources – and only those plans and resources – needed to complete their tasks. Upon task completion, permissions can be automatically removed. Production & Optimisation Pipelines & Shipping Protect Vulnerable Pipelines from Malicious or Environmental Damage Monitor hundreds of kilometers of pipelines for leaks and interfer- ence by third parties in real-time, including hot-tapping attacks with distributed-acoustic-sensing based BT Fibre Sensing. Optimise the Supply Chain Utilise BT Trace solutions end-to-end supply chain visibility to streamline operations and maximise available assets and inventory. Terminal & Refinery Operations Improve Field Force Safety & Productivity BT Field Force Automation streamlines and automates the flow of information to field forces, enabling faster decision making. BT can provide end-to-end solutions with ATEX- compliant ruggedised handsets to deliver the required information to frontline teams. Smarter Production Planning & Operations Create a global dashboard of refinery fleet operations with collaborative access to key applications and tools. The dashboard can be augmented with high-level security performance indicators for at-a-glance monitoring. Trading & Risk Management Retail & Wholesale Distribution Maximise Revenues & Margins BT Unified Trading Systems can increase efficiency of voice in low-latency trading environments, improve compliance and settlement operations, and reduce trading and back office administration costs. Trade with Confidence Provide traders with instant access to the customer as well as to the resources that provide key information on markets and margins. User authentication services ensure that only authorised users have access to systems and sessions. Improve Customer Experience Ensure your best people are always on hand for your customers, when and where they're needed. BT offers flexible contact centre capacity that scales and flexes to match peaks in demand – connecting a global network of agents from any location based upon skills or knowledge. Improve Forecourt Retail Margins Connect your forecourts and optimise store merchandising, supply chain operations, loss prevention and trans- action processing with BT’s proven retail applications and platforms. BT Advise professional services are also available to help design solutions to your other retail challenges. Exploration Surveying Satellite Access to People and Data Accelerate exploration cycles with satellite access to applications, data and tools that link your survey teams to globally dispersed experts. Intelligent Data Analytics Improve the speed and accuracy of on-ship or on-platform decision making with BT tools for analysis and visualisation of complex data. Optimise Computing Resources Manage the peaks and troughs in seismic processing demand by load balancing tasks between data centres using BT’s high-bandwidth, low- latency global telecoms networks. Secure Connectivity Prevent unauthorised agents from accessing data – particularly in politically volatile regions – by securing connectivity for field operations. Architecture templates enable fast, efficient roll out to exploration teams—regardless of their location. Realise the Digital Oilfield Collaborate with asset teams and partners around real-time data streams and asset models with BT One unified communications and conferencing tools. Increase production and recovery rates through better informed and more timely decision making. Resolve Complex Issues Deploy virtual teams of globally distributed experts more efficiently with BT One unified communications and conferencing tools. Share field data in real-time to enable a single experienced petroleum engineer to simultaneously oversee operations on multiple fields. Disaster Recovery High-availability, ultra-resilient business continuity solutions guard against physical, operational and logistical threats arising from acts of nature, accidents and deliberate actions. 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 19 18 16 17