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A presentation on the networked IT and communications services which BT brings together globally to connect the mining, oil and gas industries to a better future.
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  • A short presentation on the networked IT services which BT brings together globally to connect the mining, oil and gas industries to a better future.
  • BT Global Services provides the networked IT and communications services which the mining, oil and gas industries need to connect to a better future. All the super-majors, many nationals, service companies, integrated petrochemical manufacturers and mining multinationals rely on our services. We help them manage risk, exploit scare reserves and skills, and work more efficiently, productively and safely. Whether it’s an exploration truck, deep sea platform, mine, refinery, storage facility, call centre, commodity trading desk, forecourt or office, BT has the end-to-end service to connect you globally and locally.
  • As the balance of the world economy redistributes itself between developed and emerging regions, uncertainty increases, and you need to connect resources and skills to wherever they are needed to mitigate the resulting geo-political, operational and environmental risks.This means connecting people with the data and systems they need to do their job, but moving the data from the field to the expert in the office, rather than the other way round. It means rising to the challenge of having to make faster, safer decisions by exploiting closer collaboration. And letting your office people work in the style they adopt as consumers, making them more productive and the whole organisation more efficient. Pressure on scare resources is forcing you to embrace once-marginal geographies and technologies, making the instantaneous exchange of information across physical and organisational boundaries a mission-critical capability in every discipline from seismic surveying to commodity trading.And the world of the end consumer is shrinking too, to the size of their palm, empowering them to like or vilify your brand in an instant, and forcing you to meet their demands for 24/7 omni-channel service to keep them happy.It’s tough out there and you need a partner who can bring together the communications ecosystems you need to succeed. Whatever you need, and wherever you need it, there’s a good chance we are already there.
  • These forces affect every part of the industry.Exploration:  Basically you want to improve strike rate, and to do that its very helpful to be able to connect in remote areas, so you can move seismic data quickly to remote geoscientists.Extraction and production:  To recover resources as efficiently as possible you need to have the ability to monitor assets remotely so as to try to achieve uninterrupted production.Refining and processing:  To operate refineries as efficiently as possible you need to maximise asset utilisation, keep HSE incidents to the absolute minimum and keep you operations secure – both physically and digitally.Distribution, storage and transportation: Optimum performance in this area means extending your supply chain visibility, maximising utilisation of storage facilities, managing the warehouse efficiently, tracking consignments and assets, and communicating seamlessly with third party logistics providers.Marketing:  To be competitive you have to offer superior customer service, across multiple channels, but do so cost-effectively, maximising the use of self- service and processing orders and payments efficiently.Energy and commodity trading:  Connect with the market, access marketinformation services, execute trades at ultra-high speed, process payments and settle efficiently, all the while remaining compliant.Retailing:  Your retail operations need to be world class, which means maximising sales at service station and online, processing transactions efficiently, and managingcustomer relationships and loyalty.Office workers: Most of the industry’s employees actually work in offices. So they need to be connected, whether they are just down the road of the other side of the world. You need to keep office space costs as low as possible, save energy, and let people work in the new styles they prefer to attract and retain scarce skills.
  • We integrate end-to-end IT and communications ecosystems across the whole mining, oil and gas value chain. Exploration: we can provide network connectivity in remote areas via satellite; secure network access via radio, wi-fi or mobile; and we can facilitate the transfer of large amounts of seismic data to geoscientists back at base. Extraction and production: global WAN, data centre, cloud computing, field force tracking, telemetry Refining and processing: process control comms, telemetry, identity management, physical and digital security Distribution, storage and transportation: inventory management, warehouse management, transport asset tracking, logistics, field force automation Marketing: inbound call routing, contact centres, internet and extranet hosting, messaging, email, collaboration, and payments processing Energy and commodity trading: market connection, trading turrets, payment and settlement services  Retailing: service stationnetwork, tills and POS, stock control, CCTV, payment processing, CRM and loyalty services, digital signage Office workers: WAN, LAN, wi-fi, IP telephony, collaboration, enterprise social media, flexible working, workspace optimisation, own device management
  • We support your exploration activities with connectivity, computing and communications for remote teams on land or sea.For one particular super-major we provide our own wide area connectivity in their home country and in other regions we integrate other providers’ networks with ours to create a single virtual global network. BT has particularly strong expertise in the field of network-to-network integration (NNI), a pragmatic reality for any global operator. We don’t claim to be able to own network assets everywhere, but we do claim – justifiably – to be very good at integrating our network with other people’s.We connect this super-major’s core network with their offshore operations, connecting near-shore operations by radio and remote platforms and vessels with VSAT solutions. We integrate on-platform infrastructure too – such as radio networks and telemetry – with the BT wide area network for remote monitoring and control. And we also integrate the emergency communications networks. In one way or another we connect the entire organisation, from the CEO’s desktop to the well head.We can connect your exploration teams by satelliteWe can connect your sea and land exploration teams to your corporate network by satellite for the rapid transmission and analysis of seismic data by remote geoscientists. Our services can connect you to dedicated, virtual-private or public networks at a range of speeds. Some offer quality of service to support voice over IP. We’ll manage your field devices and give your people secure accessBT Field Force Managed Devices provide a fully managed service covering selection, sourcing, service and support. We provide rugged laptops, PDAs, mobile data-capture devices, smart phones, and hand-held or vehicle-mounted computers. We can also provide all the identity management, authentication, permission management, hardware and software required for your team to access your corporate network securely through these field devices. We’ll support your temporary activities with cloud infrastructure We can provide enterprise-grade computing and communications infrastructure from the cloud. You can hook up to as much computing power as you need, for just as long as you need it. You can turn it up or down yourself in minutes, and when you’ve finished with it, switch off and move on.We’ll give you the kind of cost-effective roaming access you needWe also have a variety of services to help you reduce the cost of mobile phone usage. Our Managed Mobility Expenses service analyses usage and makes tariff recommendations; while the Mobile Tracker service monitors the company’s mobile phones and sends alerts as limits are approached. BT One Voice Mobile cuts the cost of international calls on GSM networks in 29 countries.
  • When it comes to your extraction and production operations, we have a variety of services that can help you drive down production costs, just like we did for Anglo American.We provide their network in 15 countries, with access via ethernet, satellite and microwave. They enjoy the operational efficiencies of a single global voice platform and video conferencing at 130 sites, thanks to BT.“Robust, flexible, scalable infrastructure around the world” – that’s what we offer, and that’s what Canadian mining company Kinross liked about us when they recently contracted with us to provide their network across US, Canada, Brazil, Chile and Spain.We also work with lots of oil and gas Service Companies who don’t like to be named, but you’d recognise them if we did. For one particular exploration services company, we provide connectivity to over 200 sites in Latin America, Middle East and Africa. They use a range of BT voice services which enable, among other things, routing of mobile calls over the terrestrial network to save costs. For another provider of oil rigs and drilling equipment, we provide voice and data connectivity everywhere in the world apart from their home country. For another well-known provider of flow management services, we provide global connectivity and network intrusion detection and prevention. We host, administer and manage their email for 23,000 users out of data centres in Atlanta and the UK.
  • BT’s services deliver two of the most important prerequisites of efficient refining and processing: standardisation and security – both of which are necessary to ensure continuity of operations and maximum asset utilisation.The convergence of Information Technology and Operations Technology (IT and OT) and means that the corporate WAN is increasingly being used to manage automated operations,but, without proper mitigation of risks, this could open the door to potential security breaches and consequent disruption of production.Happily, BT has excellent credentials in cyber security to protect the refining and processing operations of our mining, oil and gas customers.We can conduct ethical hacking exercises to identify weaknesses, and then undertake continuous vulnerability scanning and threat monitoring.  Our managed security services enable you to transmit sensitive information around the world using secure document delivery and email. We can implement message scanning and virus protection services, and provide file encryption or public key infrastructure services. We offer denial of service mitigation and intrusion detection/prevention services and provide managed firewall services. BT provides cyber security services to the US and UK defence departments – so mining, oil and gas companies can be confident to entrust their digital security to us.A good place to start is to get real time visibility of your security threats with Assure Analytics. It gives you the insight to detect intrusions earlier and pre-empt attacks in future.
  • Mining, oil and gas companies use BT’s networked IT and communications services to oil the wheels of their distribution operations around the world. We help them:extend visibility of the supply chain, optimise utilisation of storage and transportation facilities, manage warehouse operations, track consignments, and collaborate seamlessly with third party logistics providers (3PLs).In addition to long-standing relationships with many of the nationals and super-majors, BT recently signed a contract with Pacific Rubiales Energy, the second largest oil and gas producer in Colombia, to provide professional services and a communications network to support its international expansion.BT Trace is an integrated portfolio of applications, networks and sensing technologies which monitors inventory and assets to give end to end visibility across the entire supply chain.Field force automation BT provides professional services, systems integration and ongoing service management to improve the efficiency of distribution operations and maximise the productivity of workers in the field.
  • BT provides complete customer relationship management services for mining, oil and gas marketing operations that not only enable them to offer superior customer service, but to do so more cost-effectively as well.Our inbound services serve 170 originating and 40 terminating countries with international free phone numbers, and many call routing options.Our hosted contact centres will make your customer service more flexible and your people more productive. We also provide on-site contact centres by Cisco, Avaya and Genesys.The self-service and queue-management platforms we provide help you reduce costs and improve the customer experience. We also provide call recording technology to help you train your agents and remain compliant.
  • BT provides about a third of the world’s trading floors with market connectivity, trading turrets, payment and settlement services. We manage the largest trading community in the world, BT Radianz, with 15,400 client sites across 60 countries, more than 450 service providers. Services include exchange data, trading, analytics, order management, execution, routing and settlement. Members include the top 10 global exchanges, 48 of the top 50 global asset managers, the top 50 global broker dealers and 44 of the top 50 hedge funds. We have 68,000 voice trading turret users. BT services to the energy and commodity trading community include direct market access, ultra low-latency high-performance trading and proximity hosting, through to secure post-trade services and messaging.BT is recognised around the world for its skills and capabilities in voice trading systems. More than 68,000 traders in over 1,400 trading rooms across 60 countries rely on BT’s sophisticated voice applications and integration technologies.
  • Now, I know Visa is not an oil company, but I chose them to illustrate how we can help you retail operations, because maximising retail sales is all about operational efficiency. Visa uses our network to process 2 million Euros worth of payments every minute.BT has a specialist retail division, BT Expedite, whose services can make your retail operations more efficient, your store staff more productive and your customers more loyal. We provide the IT and communications services to thousands of retailers, especially, but not exclusively, in the UK.We can provide network connectivity to all your service station shops.We configure, provision and maintain tills and point-of-sale (POS) systems for general merchandise operations.We can equip your service stations with digital signage at the pump or in the shop.In the UK we can provide CCTV systems to reduce drive-offs, and the video infrastructure can be used to analyse footfall, shopper movements, dwell times and queues. We can provide inventory management systems, scanners and in-store wi-fi networks.BT Cardway provides a wide range of connectivity options for linking to merchant acquirers, banks and payment processors.And we even offer CRM consulting and analysis, as well as the tools and service to run your customer loyalty programme.
  • The whole industry is suffering from a skills shortage and has an ageing workforce. One very effective strategy for attracting and retaining scarce skills is by letting people work where and how they want.Again, I know BT is not an oil company, BT we were pioneers (and are now expert practitioners) of various forms of flexible working. This policy has enabled us to deliver:25-40% lower office space costs 10-20% increase in knowledge-worker productivity 20% better skills retentionBT offers workspace optimisation consultancy and services which can result in dramatic office cost savings. We can also help you implement the people-management approaches to help you maximise performance.Of course we can also bring your network and IT infrastructure up to scratch to cope with all today’s unified communications, conferencing and mobile working technology. And provide the UC, collaboration and enterprise social media platforms Make the policy a reality.The consumerisation of workplace IT is an unstoppable trend which can help attract the next generation of skilled talent to your company. But you have to have the right policies and security practices in place to make it work in a secure and controlled fashion. BT can help with all of this.
  • So that’s it. In summary:BT Global Services operates globally and delivers locally to make the connections you need to succeed. Whatever your requirements, there's a good chance we're already there, delivering end-to-end services unlike our competitors. We understand networks and the applications that run over them, bringing it all together, into communications ecosystems that unite people, partners and customers. We’ll make your people more productive, customers happier and organisation more efficient. By doing so, we connect your world for a better future.
  • Thanks for listening.If you’d like to know more, visit our website – or one of our customer showcases around the world.
  • BT in Mining, Oil & Gas

    1. 1. Global Mining, Oil and Gas Connecting the natural resources industries for a better future BT Global Services February 2014
    2. 2. We help you make the connections you need to succeed We provide the networked IT services to connect the mining, oil and gas industries to a better future. All the super-majors, many nationals, service companies, integrated petrochemical manufacturers and mining multinationals rely on our services. We help them manage risk, exploit scarce reserves and skills, and work more efficiently, productively and safely. We connect exploration trucks, deep sea platforms, mines, refineries, storage facilities, call centres, commodity trading desks, service stations and offices. We make secure connections globally and locally in over 170 countries. 2
    3. 3. We connect you with solutions to the issues you face Because… You need to… Economic power-bases are shifting, geopolitical risk and uncertainty are growing Connect people, systems and information with each other wherever they are needed Once-marginal geographies and technologies are now viable Transfer information across systemic, geographical & organisational boundaries Individuals have the power to like or vilify your brand instantly and globally Meet the multi-channel contact preferences of today’s customers Skills and talent are in short supply Attract and retain people by letting them work where and how they want 3
    4. 4. How these forces affect the whole mining, oil and gas value chain Exploration Extraction & production Refining & processing Distribution Marketing Commodity Trading Retailing Offices Specialist service companies Improve strike rate Connect in remote areas Move seismic data fast Connect with remote geoscientists Recover resources efficiently Achieve uninterrupted production Monitor assets remotely Maximise asset utilisation Extend supply chain visibility Operate more efficiently Optimise utilisation of storage facilities Reduce HSE incidents Remain physically and digitally secure Manage the warehouse Track consignments and assets Communicate seamlessly with third party logistics providers Offer superior customer service Serve the multichannel customer Save cost through selfservice Manage trade orders and payments Connect with the market Maximise service station sales Access market information services Maximise online trade sales Execute trades at ultra-high speed Process transactions efficiently Process payments and settle efficiently Manage customer relationships and loyalty Remain compliant Operate service station stores efficiently Connect offices worldwide Connect within office and campus Support unified comms Optimise workspace Save office space costs Save energy 4
    5. 5. The networked IT services you need to succeed in every area Exploration Extraction & production Connectivity Global WAN Satellite Refining & processing Distribution Data centre Cloud computing Warehouse management Secure integration of IT and operating technologies Wi-fi Mobile Inventory management Telemetry Radio Process control comms Field force tracking Transport-asset tracking Logistics Data transfer Telemetry Cyber security Asset monitoring Physical security Field force automation Marketing Trading Retailing Offices Global virtualised customer contact Multi-channel customer management systems Messaging, email and collaboration Connection with energy and commodity market s Point of Sale Access to information services and trading venues International inbound call routing Footfall analytics Unified comms Inventory management Email Post-trade settlement and payment processing services Store-staff mobility Enterprise social media Online order and payment processing E-commerce Digital signage Store wi-fi eLearning CCTV WAN LAN IP telephony Workspace optimisation CRM and loyalty Energy saving technology Managed payments Bring your own device (BYOD) Underpinned by Global WAN LAN Telephony Radio Satellite Security Conferencing Data centre 5
    6. 6. Exploration Connectivity, computing and communications for remote teams on land or sea How we support one particular super-major’s exploration activities: – – – – – We provide our own WAN in their home country and Manage their NNI (network-to-network integration) in rest of world We connect their remote exploration teams by satellite Radio networks on platforms Telemetry and emergency communications network We can connect your exploration teams by satellite We’ll supply and manage your rugged field devices We’ll give your people secure remote systems access We’ll support your temporary activities with cloud infrastructure We’ll give you cost-effective roaming access by mobile 6
    7. 7. Extraction and production We help reduce production costs for global mining, oil and gas companies “BT has helped us bring together our remote operations so we can truly leverage our global scale.” Mike Bowden, Group Chief Information Officer, Anglo American Our services enable Anglo American and Kinross to maximise asset productivity, optimise infrastructure uptime and reduce extraction costs Robust, flexible, scalable infrastructure around the world Connecting oil and gas service companies with their clients Environmentally-friendly data centres in all regions Safeguard people & assets with field force tracking & telemetry 7
    8. 8. Refining and processing Our IT standardisation and security mean uninterrupted processing for BASF “…consistent standards and reliable service delivery on a global scale… BT kept convincing us with innovative solutions and the high level of commitment of their employees.” Fareed Mohammed, CTO, BASF BT connects all BASF 650 sites worldwide, provides 400 LANs and IP telephony for 50 sites. We manage all their ICT standards and processes, giving global standardisation and allowing for the rapid integration of corporate acquisitions. IT security is now an agent of operational productivity We have a full range of world-class cyber security services Physical security and business continuity services Visibility of your security threats with Assure Analytics 8
    9. 9. Distribution BT enables you to see where everything is, and so work as efficiently as possible “We chose BT because it is a well-established and financially stable company that could offer us leading technology with global reach. BT has also shown a strong commitment to China and we have been impressed with its people, its collaborative approach, and the technology innovation around its 21st Century Network.” Xiuping Wang, General Manager of Enterprise Strategy Planning, China Shipping China Shipping, operates a significant oil and LNG tanker fleet. They chose a BT IP Connect network to connect 37 sites across Asia Pacific and the Americas, giving them with 6 times the bandwidth for 20% less cost than their old network. ‘Trace’ inventory and assets throughout the distribution network Field force automation services streamline distribution operations Specialist logistics applications and the underlying infrastructure Pacific Rubiales (Columbia) communications network 9
    10. 10. Marketing Complete customer management technology that delivers superior service Cloud-based Contact Centre Service Provider of the Year 2013 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards We provide international inbound call routing and cloud contact services to one un-named super-major. The solution supports 1500 agents at nine sites worldwide, helping them to keep their customers loyal. End-to-end customer relationship management solutions International inbound call routing from 170 countries Cloud-based and on-site contact centres by all major vendors Self-service, call recording and queue-management platforms 10
    11. 11. Energy and commodity trading Connect securely to the market and trade efficiently and compliantly NYSE Euronext BT technology underpins vibrant vision for trading floor transformation Australia’s Financial and Energy Exchange Singapore Exchange uses BT as its cloud connectivity provider SGX links Chicago and London to Asia using BT A third of the world’s trading floors use BT technology Market access, trading turrets, messaging, payment & settlement BT Radianz is the largest trading community in the world Top 10 global exchanges and top 50 broker dealers use BT 11
    12. 12. Retailing Maximise retail sales by making your service stations more efficient Visa Europe choose BT to help process €2 million of payments every minute BT’s services for retailers can help you maximise service station sales, process transactions quickly, operate your shops efficiently and increase customer loyalty Full range of specialist IT services for retailers Network, tills, digital signs and CCTV Inventory management and in-store wi-fi Payment processing services, loyalty schemes and CRM 12
    13. 13. Office workers Attract and retain scarce skills by letting people work where and how they want Transform office working – slash your office costs and boost your people’s productivity As leaders in this field, BT have proven that we can deliver: • 25-40% lower office space costs • 10-20% increase in knowledge-worker productivity • 20% better skills retention Optimise your workplace and people-management practices Install the global infrastructure to enable hyper-productivity Exploit the power of unified communications and collaboration Embrace the trend of bringing your own device - securely 13
    14. 14. What makes BT the only real choice Our unique role: communications integrators Global network capabilities Leading scope of services “ BT has helped us bring together our remote operations so we can truly leverage our global scale and reapply best practice from wherever it is created to wherever it is needed. ” Mike Bowden, Group Chief Information Officer and Head of Shared Services, Anglo American 14
    15. 15. Customer Showcases in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, New Delhi, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo 15