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Shadow slideshow


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Shadow slideshow

  1. 1. Shadow Photography-For this Project you will be taking 3 final photos.- A series of work called a Triptych that will reinterpretyour favorite song, poem, fairytale, quote.
  2. 2. Photo 1: Shoot the shadow and leave the thing creating it out of the shot. Due: Friday, Dec. 5th (5 photos)
  3. 3. *Can be 5 photos of same object at differentangles OR 5 different photos.
  4. 4. Photo 2: Shoot a piece of the subject castingthe shadow and include the shadow. Due Monday, Dec. 9th : 5 photos
  5. 5. Photo 3: Shoot the whole subject and its shadow. Due Monday, Dec. 9th : 5 photos
  6. 6. The shadows in photos can charge the emotions, create surreal,change the concepts and show a different aspect of the subjectto the viewer. Emphasis and Proportion.
  7. 7. Can be 5 photosof same objectat differentangles OR 5different photos.
  8. 8. Go beyond…using photoshop to help define and create your concept. Shadow Photography by Fred Eerdekens
  9. 9. Shadow Photography by Fred Eerdekens
  10. 10. Russian photographer and artist Alexey Bednijcreates images that make one look twice. Be INVENTIVE
  11. 11. • Wednesday, Dec. 11th: ALL 3 Final Photos will be due at the end of class.• You may combine 3 different techniques or all the same.• Remember you are making 3 pieces that fit together to make one composition illustrating your song, poem, fairytale, or quote.