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Intro maquette alteredbook_day of dead


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Intro maquette alteredbook_day of dead

  1. 1. Artist Book or Maquette Dia de los Meurtos - Dedication to the deceased. #2 Maquette scene Created by Jack Alexander 2010 #1 Altered Book Created by Karissa Canonizado, 2009
  2. 2. Days of the Dead - Dedication & Sculpture 1. Dedicated to someone or a pet that has passed away - family, friends, or celebrity. 2. Create either a maquette or altered book to represent person. Maquette Book
  3. 3. •Celebrated October 31st through November 2nd. •Corresponds with All Saints Day and All Souls Day, traditional Catholic celebrations. What is “Days of the Dead or Dia de los Muerto’s?”
  4. 4. Joyous and sacred time Welcome the souls of the dead. Triumph over death and becomes a celebration of life. IT’S A CELEBRATION!
  5. 5. The dead come as spirits from another world to be with their living relations Not to scare or haunt as Halloween
  6. 6. Days of the Dead: MEXICO •Celebrated in many Latin American countries. •National holiday in Mexico.
  7. 7. November first is for the departed children, los angelitos.
  8. 8. November second is for the departed adults.
  9. 9. • Although the Day of the Dead in Mexico has a public aspect, at the community level it is essentially a private or family feast. • The core of the celebration is within the family home. • A way of recognizing the cycle of life and death that is human existence. A woman spreading cempasúchil in her house to welcome her ancestors home.
  10. 10. Ancestor and Community Allows people to talk about death and even finds humor in death. In this way Death loses some of its terror. These are all positive concepts. Love and Respect for the Dead and For Life.
  11. 11. Option #1: 3D Altered Book Artist Book: a three dimensional form that will fit in a bookshelf and be able to be held in the hand, and “read” visually using opened visual images, written images, or a combination of the two.
  12. 12. Keep in mind... • As with any work of art, you will be using the elements and principles of art/design to construct your book. • ie. line, shape, space, form, texture, balance, contrast, proportion, color, value, emphasis, variety, harmony, unity, and movement
  13. 13. • Goal:To explore three dimensional form, push the envelope in thinking about what is a book gain insight into using words and visual images.
  14. 14. • The book should be completed no later than October 2nd for full credit. • The books will be juried with the strongest pieces displayed in the gallery.
  15. 15. Some Inspiration!
  16. 16. • How do you represent someone? • Career, interests, hobbies, family?
  17. 17. • Artists may make “regular” artist books- altered, accordion, crisscross, tunnel, pop ups or may take an more sculptural approach and bring in an interesting container form and transform it into a reliquary/book.
  18. 18. • Again there are endless possibilities with this. • Think of how you can create a unifying style or theme rather than random pages and items. Top: Rhea Vera, 2009 Bottom: Rochelle Cortez, 2009
  19. 19. Option 2: Maquette Scene 1. Using self- drying clay sculpt the person or animal 2. Create a scene using box or platform.
  20. 20. Guess who this is dedicated to?
  21. 21. Family Wake Mexico mourning salon, wood frame with multimedia construction. Family wake with Mommy, Daddy, Auntie and chivo around coffin, with religious and razor blade paintings and sun motif on the walls Text Here’s some other examples!
  22. 22. For the figures you wi! want to make a wire armature.
  23. 23. Project Options and Requirements 1. Create at least ONE character in dedication to someone or some living thing that passed away.
  24. 24. Adding details and design Think about what is significant within the deceased person/thing’s life? How can you represent this? Flowers, clothing, objects, or location?
  25. 25. Think about how you could "ame your piece? -Cut paper? -Old book pages? -Layering paper? -Using household objects like shown here with the lightbulb socket.
  26. 26. Could you make the clothing? Or find do! clothing or furniture?
  27. 27. Is there a scene you could portray? You can build the characters on a platform piece of would as shown on the le$
  28. 28. What does the scenery and accessories te! you about the individuals portrayed in these examples?
  29. 29. How can you make yours unique and eye-catching? -facial expressions? -lights?
  30. 30. Again, think about a! the possible details and creating an environment around the characters.
  31. 31. Try to create a character no larger than 6 inches in height or width!
  32. 32. Could you make it into a diorama using a box?
  33. 33. Remember....details and cra$smanship wi! make your dedication complete and wi! accurately honor & represent the deceased.
  34. 34. Student Gallery Exhibition 2012 Dedication and Honor - Dia de Los Muertos 10/30/12-11/5/12 Your piece could be featured in the art show!
  35. 35. For Friday, Sept. 6th • You must come with an idea on what your book will be based on. Please write down 5 of your ideas. Include any materials you think you will be using or perhaps needed. • Sketch your ideas in your sketchbook using the medium of your choice (pen, pencil, colored markers, etc). • Remember part of being an artist is that your work has a concept and it is portrayed through your product. Sometimes the idea is obvious and other times it is a mystery.
  36. 36. • Artist Feature for Day 2
  37. 37. Dan Eldon