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Safe surfing


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Safe surfing

  1. 1. Adult Community Workshop Illinois Central College November 3, 2012
  2. 2.  It’s not going away Kids are going to use it. Digital fluency is important. ◦ Especially in the world they are growing up in!
  3. 3.  It is a learning experience for you and your children The more knowledgeable you are the more aware you can be for them
  4. 4.  Let’s take the quiz ◦ What is New Media by Cyberwise: er_embedded&v=sug7L4x5N1E
  5. 5. From great resource for parentsand kids.
  6. 6.  Get Tech-Saavy! The more saavy you are the more you can protect them. Talk! Make sure they are aware of the obvious rules for online. Know the sites and social media they use. Teach children what to do if something inappropriate comes on the screen. Great Tips from y_tips
  7. 7.  Establish and agree upon the rules for using the internet. ◦ Start young – tweens ◦ Post the rules near the computer or in a central location ◦ Talk about them  game-plan.php   http://dianagraber- safe-and-respectable.html
  8. 8.  All of the information online about a person either posted by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally The question becomes, this. Do you want to deliberately be aware of and control what you stand for online or do you want that to be left to others? ( /2010/04/help-students-manage-their- digital.html)
  9. 9.  YouTube remains the No. 1 online video site, according to Nielsen Online. 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute (YouTube, 2010). Kids are supposed to be 13 years old to use YouTube. YouTube is a great place to showcase creativity. Use Safety Mode. At the bottom of every YouTube page, you can check a box that filters your search results. When Safety Mode is on, you’ll get fewer inappropriate results when you search for videos. ◦ How To TURN ON Safety Mode: share&list=ECA6B961FA5F1D5FA5
  10. 10. 
  11. 11.  WeetWoo! kid-videos-safe- educational/id341005161?mt=8 Gube
  12. 12.  A parent’s guide to Facebook by pdf Must be 13 to have an account Facebook provides extra account settings and protections for accounts of 13 to 17 year olds A July 2010 survey found that 37% of U.S. 10- to-12-year-olds were on Facebook, which means that every one of these children had to lie about their age to get on the service.
  13. 13.  The best and most important thing you can do is know your FB settings!! ◦ Change them – by default most of these settings are wide open. ◦ You can keep others from tagging you in photos ◦ You can set notifications to know right away if anyone has tagged you ◦ You can set your default post and photos to a more private setting ◦ Use the custom lists/groups ◦ Rotate your photos – you don’t need all your photos available all the time ◦ Check the settings regularly!
  14. 14.  Windows XP & 7 – setting up profiles and limiting information How to use Parental Controls: 9579 Setting up a profile for each kid Putting shortcuts on the desktop
  15. 15.  (basic version gives you the install of a kid safe browser) ◦ Premium version 29.95/yr – time controls, tracking and more ◦ ◦ - Firefly ◦
  16. 16.  Mac, Windows, Android Block porn, mask profanity Monitors social media Alerts and reports User profiles
  17. 17.  free service provides monitoring of user activity on pc, Mac or mobile. Register and view user’s activity online at The Activity Journal is collected, stored and analyzed online at server. ◦ Recommended by cNet and Kim Commando
  18. 18.  SafeEyes for PC/Mac - ◦ SafeEyes for iPad – filtered browser for iOS ◦ Owned by McAfee ◦ Filter websites, video, music, social networking, reports, set time limits ◦ Buy it w/ McAfee 69.95/ by itself 49.95 – 1 year
  19. 19. 
  20. 20.  ia/mediaglossary-lexicon.html for-parents/when-texting-turns-torment Have a zero-tolerance policy. No sexting, no hate speech, no stalkerish behavior. Make sure you explain the rules of responsible ownership of their devices.
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  22. 22.  safety eMedia
  23. 23.  Controlling your digital identity is as easy as 1-2- 3: 07/controlling-your-digital-identity-is-as.html technology-parent-resources internet-browsers your-personal-information-when-gaming/