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Unit 4 lo1_assignment_1

  1. 1. Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTIONLearner : Assignment Internally Verified (before issue) by : IV Date : R. Honeybourne 1/11/12Assessor : Unit title(s) and number(s) : Launch date :R. Gill Unit 4 CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT 13th November PROJECT 2012 Deadline : 22nd November 2012Assignment Number and Title :Unit 4 CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT PROJECT Assignment 1 LO1Assignment purpose : To originate, develop and research an idea for a media productScenario / context of the assignment :The Sixth Form College, Solihull would like to start a new student college magazine. The magazine must bebased on events and achievements around the college and would also include local news from Solihull. Thecollege are also interested in encouraging students in activities they participate in and outside of the college. • Your task, in groups, is to create A4 sized magazine. • You will produce, using ICT, the front page and a double page spread. • Your client needs the magazine to be completed by _____________________________ • A budget of £5000 has been allocated. • You will need to consider in detail the legal and ethical constraints which will apply to your magazineBefore we start the unit we will summarise the knowledge we have gained from our previous unit anddiscuss how we will use it for Unit 4. There is a blank sheet in your student booklet for you to make notes.Complete the following tasks.Task 1Before you decide on the content of your magazine it would be beneficial for you to research into existingstudent magazines. In pairs, look at the front cover of TNS magazine and fill in the grid sheet in yourstudent booklet. You must ensure that you describe what you see. (P1 M1 D1)Task 2Now look at the website www.thenationalstudent.com and choose a double page spread to analyseand answer the questions on grid sheet 2. (P1 M1 D1)To pass both tasks you must ensure that you describe what you see. Merit and Distinction answerswill use terminology appropriately and will link what you have learned to your own magazine. Youcan also use the power point to help remind you of the terminology you are suppose to use throughyour analysis.Task 3Now that you have read the brief and done content research in groups of 3 or 4 you must
  2. 2. brainstorm ideas for the content of your magazine. The brief suggests 3 key areas for content, foreach one produce a mind map on sugar paper. Example of how a mind map looks is presented inyour student Booklet. You may also want to conduct further research before producing your mindmap; i.e. look on student bulletin for events, go to student services, speak to student council anduse research already conducted for Unit 50. 1. Events in college 2. Local News stories 3. Target audiences interest and hobbies 4. Title of your magazineTask 4You will now present your ideas to the class and get feedback on what they think. Your class willbe your focus group. Devise several questions you would like to ask and write up the findings.Task 5Individually you need to device a questionnaire which will provide you with detailed information tohelp you formulate your final proposal for your magazine. You must ask your target audience whatthey would like to see in the magazine.The questionnaire should provide results which are both Quantitative (statistics e.g. how manypeople have access to a student magazine) and Qualitative (personal opinions e.g. what do peoplethink about the content of a student magazine.)In your groups produce your questionnaire and printout 15 questionnaires each. Individually, askstudents in college to fill in your questionnaires. Remember to get your questionnaires filled in by across-section of students, including different genders and ethnicities.Examples of how your questionnaire should be presented can be found in your studentbooklet.A pass questionnaire will produce only basic questions and will be presented in a basic manner. Amerit questionnaire will be clearly laid out and easy to answer. The questions will be varied andwell thought-out and will refer back to some of the research already conducted. To achieve aDistinction you must consider the research you have already undertaken about the product andalso about what your client wants. The questionnaire will be professionally presented and allquestions will be clearly presented and easy to answer.Task 6Individually you must collate the result of your questionnaires. You will also write detailed overallconclusions about the target audience; when producing your conclusions think of the followingquestions; 1. Why did you ask the question? 2. What was the result? 3. What does this mean for your product? 4. Was it a feasible question? 5. How valid are your results. You will present your result in the format of bar charts, pie charts etc and conclusions for some of the quantitative questions.Task 7In your groups you must compare your results and produce a final statement explaining thefollowing:
  3. 3. 1. Who is your target audience; include age, gender, ethnicity and socio-economic group. 2. What news stories are going to be included? 3. What events are going to be included? 4. What hobbies or interests are going to be included? 5. What is the magazines title? Pass assignment will present results in a basic format. Merit assignments conclusions will clearly answer all 5 questions in detail. A distinction assignment will justify research methods and links to final product will be made with examples from previous research and also examples found independently. Many of the resources and forms you need will be on MOODL. To be successful, you must work on your own with tutor’s support if required. Learning Outcomes addressed: Summary of Grading Criteria: LO1 Be able to originate, develop and research an idea for a media product Learner Declaration : I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. Learner Signature : Completed on : Content and grading relevant to this assignment:ent : Content and grading relevant to this assignment : Content and KEYWORDS : LO1 Originate ideas, Develop an idea, Constraints, Research an idea RESOURCES: o Student Notes Booklet LO1 (Moodle) o Assignment 1 o Copy of Medway Magazine Grading criteria and formative feedback to the learner : To achieve a PASS grade the To achieve a MERIT grade the To achieve a DISTINCTION grade evidence must show the learner is evidence must show the learner is the evidence must show the learner able to : able to : is able to : P1 originate, develop and M1 originate, develop and D1 originate, develop and research an idea for a media research an idea for a media research an idea for a media product working within product showing some product showing creativity appropriate conventions and imagination and with only and flair and working with some assistance occasional assistance independently to professional expectations Date/Signature: Date/Signature: Date/Signature:
  4. 4. Summative feedback Assessor: Date: IV: Date: GUIDANCE:Use the guidance below to help you in your private study time:P1 You will plan a project but these plans will be basic and there will be limited evidence of anunderstanding of the development process. The skills, resources and personnel required tocomplete the production and the timescales involved will all be briefly noted. A target audience willbe indicated and your group may already have made some contact with a potential purchaser ofthe final product to investigate the feasibility of the proposal.M1 You will make careful plans which are appropriate for a group project, and be clear aboutyour responsibilities. You will communicate your ideas with confidence making valuablecontributions to the planning stages. Work will be approached methodically and with adequatepreparation, ideas being worked out and presented neatly. Processes will be undertaken withcare and, generally speaking, thought will be put into the work. You will explain how yourresearch relates to and supports the production. The production plan produced will describe amedia artefact which is relevant, appropriate and achievable.D1 You will produce a clear idea for a project with a well-defined target audience. You will havedone thorough research and planning which will be aimed at taking into account, the needs andinterests of the target audience. You will adopt an approach and attitude to this work whichwould not be out of place in a professional context and contributions to group work will beconsistently positive and creative. You will typically take a lead in group discussions, steeringthem in the right direction and taking responsibility for making decisions where necessary. Theproduction plan will be fully informed and will demonstrate clear, appropriate and thoroughlydeveloped ideas for a production.