Amy PooleIntroductionIn this report I will discuss in particular the important research I undertook when finding how about...
Amy Poolecollege offer to meet the students’ needs throughanother Interactive service Moodle. Moodle offersan extra refere...
Amy Poolethe college. Within the student council they have weekly meetings within the college throughsurgerywhere students...
Amy Poolemanage the college budget and education targets which he can be answerable to the board ifanything he decided for...
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Report College


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Report College

  1. 1. Amy PooleIntroductionIn this report I will discuss in particular the important research I undertook when finding how aboutThe Solihull Sixth Form College.I will then use this information as guidance how to structure mystudent magazine I will be making for the client which is Solihull Sixth Form.Background Research CollegeWhen looking into the background research I found out important stages how the college had toadapt over the years through expanding its courses from 1974 when it was founded. The reasonswhy it had to expand was to meet the current student’s demands throughthe expansion of facilitiesand subject areas such as languages which needed more interactive resources in order for thestudents to fully understand the subject and reach the highest grade.I also found out that thecollege intake covers the age gap of 16-18.This information will be important when making themagazine as I will be able to establish my target audience range.This was interesting to find out that the intake from 2,674 is lower to the current day which is 2,200due to the fact the college has gone through rigorous restructure over the years which was quotedon the website highlights that entry requirements have changed to implement the colleges tougherand higher expectations of the student entrance to the college such as “At least two B grades atGCSE,At least a further three C grades at GCSE,You should have at least a grade C in GCSE Englishand Mathematics” This has had a direct impact on the college intake as the college as narrowed itexpectations of it students which is important to understand as it hasn’t always been the case asover the years the college has been through various principals who have implemented their ownstamp on the college through coming up with certain regulations. By understanding the differentprincipals whom have manage the college through to the current principal Paul Ashdown , whomhas been here for four years there has been a mass development through the diverse studentcommunity emerging within the college from students coming from the Solihull , Birmingham areasand beyond .This has had a direct impact on how the college functions and the services it providesit students’ needs to meet the students’ needs through the facilities it has invested over the years.I also found out that some past students such as Gary Knight,Justin King, ShefaliChowdhury, LucyDavis and Elizabeth Bower have become very known successful students that have attended thecollege.Justin King is CEO of sainsburys and Gary Knight is a professional war photographer while theother previous names are well known actresses staring in tvadverts,films and tvprogramme.It wasimportant to find out this information so that I could establish whether the college has had aimpact on certain indivdiduals as did it make people successful and aspire to greater things which itdid.Courses offered by SSFCWhat I was able to establish is that college provides a wide range of courses such as popular coursesmathematics, language, literature and culture etc to meet its diverse students needs. I have alsofound out that the college over the years has adapted and restructured it connection with itsstudents and parents through a new interactive service via Tyber and Facebook.This service providesinstant information regarding what’s happening within college regarding trips being organised bydepartment heads whilst also recognising any other important information around the courses thePage 1 of 4
  2. 2. Amy Poolecollege offer to meet the students’ needs throughanother Interactive service Moodle. Moodle offersan extra reference to students which gives them better understanding of the subject to meet thetutorsspecifications as they do getgiven assignment briefs and work on modules which the studenthas to complete i.e in the Btec media course .This service interactive and effective and as it is usedto identify what the students are working on by detailing the course online highlighting the unitsthey will be completing.There are also a mixture courses to meet the needs of the students whether is A levels that consistof both examinations and course worki.e Law etc or abtec Extended diploma qualification which aremainly based a students who like coursework and practical’s not exams i.eBtec extended diploma inart and design and applied science etc.What is important about Btec courses within the college isthat are quite small therefore the college offers further academic course to the btec students tofully have better chance into getting university and have more UCAS points which is called theenrichment programme .Within the enrichment programme they focus on various sectors such as both academic and hobbiessuch as general studies , extended project that has only recently been implemented by the currentprincipal Paul Ashdown.Within this course extended project the student chooses any subject whichthey have to design and make with little help from the tutor, which enhances the studentsdevelopment and creativity. In the critical thinking it continues the theme of independence in thestudent development, whereas far away from academic studies is a physical enrichment coursewhich can consist of sports as football, rugby etc which can be fun and rewarding as the college isknown to be really successful in this area as they have won several trophies. This particularenrichment course has further raised the college reputation and has drawn students into wantingto come to the college to become part of that success story within their own chosen subjects.Thisimportant information to understand as I could interpret this within my magazine to highlightspecific achievements people have achieved and key dates regarding certain trips that may arise inthe future,whilst also I’m able to have a clear idea of what certain courses the college provide fortheir students.StructureThere are student bodies and committees set up within the college to give the students ,governorsand senior member of staff say on subjects that concern college i.e currently a student called Roxy isorganising a petition in order to reopen the smokers corner within college which closed last yearafter the college brought in a no smoking policy. What is important to understand about thisinformation is that when making my magazine I can bring my audience up to date with any changesand implements that principal has brought in that may affect the students within the college , as I’mmaking student magazine that effects them and needs their attention.What I also found out that that the college strives to give the students a voice regarding importantdecisions being made within the college through the student body, Student council, Student socialnetwork. Through having a student body this gives the students from a diverse background to have asay on matters that concern them through being elected by fellow students within coaching groupsand around college which could then lead to a greater role within the student council. What thismeans to be on the student body as this will particular look good on the persons CV as it can showparticipation outside the academic courses within the college while also making a difference withinPage 2 of 4
  3. 3. Amy Poolethe college. Within the student council they have weekly meetings within the college throughsurgerywhere students around the college come and discuss concerns they have and changes theywant to student council to implement to make student life at the college better.There is also ainteractive service called the student network which allows students to write up any concerns theymay have about college,whilst there is also alternative way of contact through the college officialfacebook page.Current Student councilChair- Joshua FullardTreasurer- Jen-Chi PangStudent events officer – Abida SultanaCharities officer – Connor Herron and HamazaSayedStudent voice - Roxy DuffieldWhat is important to understand about these roles within the council is that the student voice iswhen they act on other students behalf to share any views and concerns the students may haveabout in college. In order to have a direct impact on the college the student voice has to help bringthis to the student council attention which then can be addressed to the principal in a meeting .Anexample of this happening was when the coaching lessons have been limited from a weekly basis toa term as people didn’t like having it weekly so the next coaching lesson is in February.This showedthat the principal and the student council could clearly communicate and work cooperatively withone another to get the best result for the students and the college. The treasurers role is to look after the money and budget regarding the student council can affordor can’t do in future events. The student events officer is someone who organises specific eventsaround the college and often seen working with the charities officers to bring awareness tostudents and contribution to local charities .Such as in the past the college has been known toorganise events for children in need and celebrating the Olympics which required the students topay a small donation in which special fun events were being held in the college and prizes werewon.This is in important to understand because I caninclude any future events the college within mymagazine which will look effective and creative.Organisational StructureIn this diagram there is a clear distinction of the howthe college operates such as there is board which aremadegovernors as parents, local businesses anduniversities. The reason why this is important to have aboard is for them to give their personal yetprofessional opinions on serious situations that mayarise during college hours that may affect the studentswellbeing. It is then them who employ the principal toPage 3 of 4
  4. 4. Amy Poolemanage the college budget and education targets which he can be answerable to the board ifanything he decided for the college wasn’t to their satisfactionor in the best interest of the studentsat the college. The principal has high expectations and demands for the remainder the staff at thecollege as well as his senior management team who are at the core of the college as it they can havethe power to dismiss any students who are not committed to the college.The senior members ofstaff at the college are categorised into specialised areas which they can help support the studentslearning and development during their time at the college.The importance of having specialisedareas within the structure of the college is to provide the students with the upmost support andguidance through their time at college which can be difficult. It is also important noting that underthe learning divisions that there are special coaching members of staff which provide support tostudents who are categorised into specific divisions not rating on ability but are made up of adiverse student group.Facilities/Interactive servicesWithin the college they strive to provide the students with the highest standard of facilities whichwill further increase the students ability into being successful during their time at the college in theirparticular course and field. Over the years the college has gone through several transformationssuch as Art & Design School has been opened in recent years which has further introduced newcourses to the college and increased students creativity within the college. While in certain subjectssuch as music and drama have had extensive refurbishment through special studios and recordingequipment has been fitted within the college to give the students hand on experience andknowledge of the industry . This was important to include within the course as these skills beingdeveloped will bevital after they leave the college as they venture to going into certain industries.The college also continues provide all of the wider subjects within college high quality of resourcesand facilities such as science subjects have specialist laboratories, modern languages boast multi-media language labs and dance operates in a modern dance studio. It has become even moreimportant that every classroom has have IT facilities and data projectors in order to furthermaximise the students development within the course to achieve their potential grade.The collegeprovides a Library with more than 30,000 resources, including books, DVDs, computers, andscanners for the students that like peace and tranquillity when trying to complete their work.Whereas the college also has accommodated the other ways student study through socialisation ininternet café which leads onto the reflectory which has a Food Court, serving a range of hot andcold food, as well as a Coffee Bar.ConclusionThroughout this report I have looked at various research methods such as Wikipedia andthe official college website to find out this information, in order to make sure I had reliable andrelevant information. What I have established within my report is that the college has evolved andis continuing to evolve as more and more subjects are adapting as well as technology is beingcreated to fully make the learning process even more creative and fun for the students at thecollege.The main purpose of this report was to find out more about the client i.e The Solihull SixthForm College which I will directly input within making a professional student magazine focusing onThe Solihull Sixth Form college students, as I have to establish and incorporate the heritage of thecollege while also focusing mainly students news and stories that affect them in the process to meettheir needs.Page 4 of 4