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Jimmy savile


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Jimmy savile

  1. 1. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2 Jimmy Savile:How the media reported the abuse allegations Did they breach codes and conventions in both broadcasting journalism and the law?Task 1- IntroductionDuring his lifetime Jimmy Savile born 31 October 1926 – 29 October 2011 has always captured thelimelight especially in the 1960s and 1970s when he first became the main stream presenter quicklyraising his profile through the BBC corporation with shows such “Jimll Fix It, and was the first andlast presenter of the long-running BBC music chart show Top of the Pops “according to Wikipedia.During his lifetime he raised an estimated £40 million for charities, with made his house hold nameand a national treasure.But there was much darker side to Jimmy Savile that would be revealedthrough series of allegations and tvprograms to unearth the sexual predator that Jimmy Savilewas,withevidence accounts from those he abused as well as people who knew jimmy Savile. Howeverthis would only soon be discovered one year after death which could bring to question whethercould you take for value the evidence from those he abused because it was a long time when theseallegations happened. Often within the media printing industry itself people who come forward to tell their story to thenewspapers only do it for the money with is incentive from newspapers to get the latest news whichunethical because in most cases they print stories without checking the reliability of the storybeforehand. This method can seem costly due to the fact newspapers are interested with salesrather than accuracy which lead to serious celebrities to sue for libel which means writtendocumentation which is printing false lies and have significant impact on their reputation. Whereasdefamation is a verbal accusation of false evidence which could mean i.etv has presented suchstrong stories to damage a celebrity reputation, some of the Savile family could argue the way thisscandal has played out is defamation as it been year since he has died and that Jimmy cantexactlydefend or refute the claims which is unfair as his celebrity status and the family name has beentarnished which can caused a lot of abuse to them which is only based on allegations. But it hasbeen proven with wide range of evidence from various records and resources that there is sufficientdata to prove JimmySavile had claim made against him when he was alive and this was the nail in thecoffin. However during the early days within the investigation the journalists had to tread carefullynot only to earn the trust of victims but also they would be making serious accusations against oneof the most treasured and loved celebrity Jimmy Savile.Research The Early Accusations :LouixTherox meets Jimmy SavileAs previously mentioned within the introductory paragraph there wasaccusations of child sex abuse being reported against Savile when he wasalive which lead to nothing ever to come in criminal courts ore proceedingsdue to the fact Savile reputationwas still strong and had friends in highplaces partly due the contacts he established over the years when raising hisprofile through hospitals and charities events he participated and organized.However one documentary maker LouixTherox did confront Jimmy Savile inthe documentary called “When Louis Met…” according to Wikipedia wasoriginally aired 2000 to 2002 where Louix meets famous British celebrities and discusses their livesand how they worked their way up .In this particular episode LouixTherox meets his childhoodPage 1 of 7
  2. 2. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2hero Jimmy Savile which is significant and ironic because it shows the power and influence he hadover minors which also when looking into more detail when journalist gathered evidence inITVexposure documentary it shows a much darker and manipulative manner behind Savilesexterior.But was is significant about this particular documentary LouixTheroxwas that it did followOfcomregulations which is significant because when any broadcaster is trying to make documentaryor tv show they are instructed by Ofcom to show fairness as reported on their officialwebsite. Thereason why fairness is important within this documentary and tvprograms in particular is in ordernot misrepresent the person or organization to the audience as this can have a direct impact on theirreputation which can be damaging as the audience are being deceived of the actual true andaccuracy which isn’tethically or right for the documentary maker to do as their job is to present andinform the audience with facts to back up what they are saying. In this particular case thedocumentary maker Louix has had to show fairness within the documentary in order not only tobuild up the audience trust to follow the story and the purpose of the program meeting Savile andinterviewing and learning new things through allowing time showing fairness through allowing Saviletime to speak and be shown through the editing of the program , but also build a trust with Savilehimself to answer the provocative questions he wants as you can’t dive into the subject head firstonly then will the audience get to see the true behavior of Savile himself through the fairness ofinterview whereas in the latest documentary of the ITV Exposure: Darker side of jimmy Savile youcould say thereisn’t any fairness because he is deceased and can’t defend himself from theaccusations being made against him which is damaging his reputation.Asking Savile the Big question:Leading up the penultimate partof the interview a serious swift in mood changed between Savileand Therox began to play out in the following transcript according to “”Louis Theroux: So, why do you say in interviews that you hate children when Ive seen you with kids and youclearly enjoy their company and you have a good rapport with them?Jimmy Savile: Right, obviously I dont hate em. Thats number one.Louis Theroux: Yeah. So why would you say that then?Jimmy Savile: Because we live in a very funny world. And its easier for me, as a single man, to say "I dont likechildren" because that puts a lot of salacious tabloid people off the hunt.Louis Theroux: Are you basically saying that so tabloids dont, you know, pursue this whole Is he/isnt he apaedophile? line, basically?Jimmy Savile: Yes, yes, yes. Oh, aye. How do they know whether I am or not? How does anybody knowwhether I am? Nobody knows whether I am or not. I know Im not, so I can tell you from experience that theeasy way of doing it when theyre saying "Oh, you have all them children on Jimll Fix It", say "Yeah, I hateem."Louis Theroux: Yeah. To me that sounds more, sort of, suspicious in a way though, because it seems soimplausible.Jimmy Savile: Well, thats my policy, thats the way it goes. Thats what I do. And its worked a dream.In this decisive conversation there is significant and lingering language from Jimmy Savile in regards to how heresponded to Louis Theroux, because Louis Theroux had to tread carefully In order not provoke defamation inregarding Jimmy Savile through his responses . As Jimmy was making controversial yet haunting responsesPage 2 of 7
  3. 3. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2inthis conversation when Louis Theroux directly spoke of abuse accusations to Savile in this documentary hewouldn’t then be able to clearly accuse people involved with the abuse scandals as at that time he wouldn’thave the sufficient evidence and he could have been sued by Savile if we spoke in more detail this issue usingwitness. Another important journalistic Ofcom code and convention of the interview had to be within thedocumentary was to be aware Jimmy Savile wellbeing i.e don’t cause or provoke harassment through the lineof questioning as this has can direct impact on the person taking part in the interview meaning Savile.Therefore Theroux didn’t constantly force anything upon Savile to be offended by as he was old and wellknown celebrity but he approach controversial subject within a timescale in order to gain Savile trust to get tothe heart of subject to hear his personal opinions and see whether there is any truth in the matter. Whenlooking back at what Jimmy Savilesaid “How do they know whether I am or not? How does anybody knowwhether I am? Nobody knows whether I am or not. I know Im not, so I can tell you from experience that theeasy way of doing it when theyre saying "Oh, you have all them children on Jimll Fix It", say "Yeah, I hateem." And whatLouis Theroux said: Yeah. To me that sounds more, sort of, suspicious in a way though,because it seems so implausible. This is journalist approach Theroux took was effective and symbolic to theearly beginnings of the tip of the iceberg of the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal as it would take his deathand one year afterwards to finally unearth the truth about SavileResearch 2:Exposure ITV documentary- Was it necessary and important to go intoindepth information about the SavileAbuse?2012, controversy circulated with a documentary calling into question national treasure children’spresenter Jimmy Savile reputation of being child sexual predator with it coming up to one yearsince.This simply a stir both publicly and in media industry as people said it was insensitive and lackof respect to the late star and right to air display this documentary at that particular time. This wasimportant because at that time people thought it was malicious lies that are damaging a dead manreputation which he isn’t able to defend himself and was uncalled for by documentary makers.During the lead up of the documentary the makers were subjected to abuse from those to loyal ofSavile which caused into question why are they showing this documentary now what responsibilityand actions can be done now? What is also important to understand about when making thedocumentary and how the discovered special findings from people who Jimmy Savile had contactwith was that key elements had to be considered such legal and ethical obligations they the makershad to not only those who it effected and how they interviewed them, but also to the audience andhow they would display to the audience the seriousness of Jimmy Savile actions. Prior tounderstanding the breakthrough of this documentary before understanding of how they gatheredthe evidence of Jimmy Savile downfall it is first important to understand that ITV1 took a risk thatpaid off as they were charting into darky waters as no one has ever attacked verbally a major starlike Jimmy Savile because he was untouchable and done some really lovelythings such as charitable work through accusing him of sexual abuse.Beforehand the BBC were going to make Jimmy Savile segment on Newsnightwith reports of child abuse using sexual victims who had been abused by Savilesuch as Karin Ward which eventually the program was controversially droppedby the organization itself for implications they played part in SavilePage 3 of 7
  4. 4. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2 operations.Serious legal and ethical regulations were broken by the BBC who aresupposed to follow strict Ofcom broadcasting regulators when making this topic within thisNewsnight programwhich was dropped. As clearly highlighted on the Ofcom website says that these the particular rules and regulations should be followed: Where both BBC and Itv Jimmy Savile documentary met or broke these regulations: 1: Privacy BBC when making the Newsnight programme about the accusations of Jimmy Savile should have followed the privacy regulation when interviewing the people as it was sensitive subject for those people who were traumatized from the events that happened decades earlier .However instead of doing this they not only did they break the trust of the interviewee but also the right of a trust well- known broadcaster as they put their reputation of the corporation before the wellbeing of the interviewees for cancelling the programme to cover themselves rather thinking this could have repercussions on the interviewees mental state which is unethical. In comparison to how the victims were treated by the ITV documentary and BBC news night, the ITV documentary clearly handed the situation with due course and care as this was a sensitive situation. Whereas the BBC tricked the interviewees into believing they had the right intentions when asking participation within the documentary only to not air the interviews 2: Harassment: which traumatized the victims to relieve the events from years ago which were unnecessary as it did lead some people to go back into depression which is unethical of the broadcaster. In comparison to the BBC and Itv , BBC breached these harassment regulations which is unethical practice of to the BBC remit and regulations for the audience they have set out when they first established as organisation. This was because they prayed on the vulnerable people for when it suited the BBC when making the news night documentary which has damaged BBC Newsnight reputation for reporting stories for the public interest.There were some cases within the exposure documentary Whereas, ITV tried to not in any wayharass the vulnerable peoplewhere there were victims that didn’t wanted to be known so who took part within the documentary as it was sensitive storythey used the official secrets act in order to withheld the that didn’t need serious implications to inflict interviews.So theyreal names of the victims so that no further abuse could ITV had a presenter Mark Williams former detective in childinflict on the individual. Meaning verbal abuse coming to abuse special cased whohad enormous respect to thelight after they have made the serious allegations of jimmy interviewees and time to help portray their story with fairSavile as there was still admiration for him when this representation of the interviewees with no prejudgement ordocumentary Page 4 of 7 air which threatened to destroy his forced agenda behind the programme as ITV told in advance therepresentation to which there were a lot of people who interviewees what the programme would be about and weren’twould come to Jimmy’sdefence as he wouldn’t be able to made to be uncomfortable when revealing what happened todefend himself as he was dead. them.
  5. 5. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2 Accuracy was important when making these3: Accuracy serious accusations about Savile because ITV exposure needed to further prove these weren’t malicious lies so they required time and patience from both the victims and from the research process as they would need to provide a strong enough case to both the network to sanction the programme ,but to the audience and the victims as wells as they have morale justice complexion to portray the real Savile as he abused his power and reputation for his ownExample of findings -Jimmy Savile accusations game People could challenge the accuracy of the Savile scandal within this particular extract originally reported in exposure ,as it can be seen as biased as we are only seeing one response and not hearing from Jimmy which is unfair as he is dead and more people are accusing him which is damaging his reputation. So ITVexposure presenterMark had to gather more information which corresponding with similar stories of jimmy actions he would take with his victims in similar situations which was pointed out to the audience within the documentary other victims hadn’t known each other or meet up to discuss the experiences as they didn’t know it happened to more than one person. This the credibility this documentary that this did indeed happen and that their sufficient evidence and guilt of/01/jimmy-Savile-abuse-allegations –Newsnight Jimmy Savile although there wasn’t a verbal or written admission of these terrible crimes and wrongdoings by Jimmy himself.Other Evidence of organizations reported and effected by Savile When looking closely at how the presenter Mark gathered the evidence that Savile was truly a child abuser this lead to various research resources that showed a wide range problem which inflicted several high profile organisations and intuitions such as hospitals,prisons, hospices and school etc. What mark and the team at ITV exposure had to was thoroughly evaluate evidence as these organisations are very well- known established within the industry. Therefore all facts and evidence had to be accurately presented because if not they could be sued for defamation for verbally accusing them without sufficient evidence to back up what they were saying and within this particular documentary they provided ground-Page 5 of 7 breaking evidence which opened the audience eyes of the man who was once Jim will fix into a monster and manipulator through various sufficient evidence.
  6. 6. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2How print media reported the JimmySavile scandal ?Following mass findings from the documentary ITV exposure and the sudden drop of the Newsnightstory of Savile the whole nation was gripped with how and why Jimmy Savile was able to committhese sickening crimes around the country and through intuitions which were deemed safe andsecure. Various newspapers were constantly reporting more disturbing stories of jimmy Savileabuse day by day weekly unearthing more ways he manipulated his power and authority to get whathe wanted- and how the police along with other authorities missed vital chances to bring him tojustice.Who regulates the press?PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION(PCC)They are an independent self-monitoring regulator, complaintscommission. It has over the past months been put under a lot ofstrain by the phone hacking scandal. They are regulated by theeditors of the newspapers of which recently has caused controversially with the outbreak of thephone hacking scandal of which had not only effected celebrities. Inregards to how they are relevant in this particular case of Jimmy Savilescandal there were sufficient rules like Ofcom in the world ofbroadcasting the print journalists have to follow in order to notmislead the audience or be held in contempt of their judies ofjournalist when reporting stories as they aren’t meeting legal andethical judies of that professionKey rules:Accuracy- Within newspapers it is important that facts are displayed due course to theaudience when reading the product in order to not mislead theaudience, thereforethere must be sufficient evidencebeforehand i.e various evidence to back up this informationbefore doing so.The reason for this because if not thenewspaper can be sued for libel as they are making anargument without sufficient information backing this whichmeans it is unlawful as it false and damaging peoplesreputation. An example of this within the Savile scandal is thatsome celebrities are being dragged into the scandal throughvarious allegations being made by victims within thenewspapers which are having serious complications because whenever the audience see or read thenewspapers as you look to the right weird and shocking accusations are being made famous faces i.eDavid Lee Travis. This can have serious repercussions as everyone then assumes he is in the sameleague as Savile as some people believeSavile couldn’t have done what he did all by himself, whichmeans David may have been involved or not. However once these claims have been made there isno going back partly due to the fact the media has partly played a part in tarnishing the reputation inPage 6 of 7
  7. 7. Amy Poole Unit 50 Writing Copy Assignment 2trying to go on what was the hard evidence that there was seen as accurate evidence of theallegations. Several other newspapers have as reported decided to withheld certain celebritiesnames because there is a fear they be subjected to audience as the same of Savile when really theyaren’t the personal at all as they are being falsely accused. However this brings to question howjournalist should approach a sensitive subject as this because should they put into considerationlegal and ethical implications first before printing a story of this magnitude with facts sparse andlimited evidence of accuser response such as Savilewhom is dead and not decide to show this or riskall in the public interest to unravel the sickening the truth that he was. Ifanything personally I thinksome journalists are too cautious when deciding to whether to print the stories in question becauseover this past year a minority of journalist have printed various stories which have had negativeimplications on how the journalists practices themselves I,e the phone hacking scandal lead tojournalists being sued for the methods they extracted the story in the hope it was needed to inpublics interests, whereas certain stories like these need to be told regularly however thedisadvantage of this is that some people will be falsely accused and the journalist will be blamedand held as libel for playing a part in this process.Another similarity between Ofcom and PCC is harassment meaning the journalists obligation is tonot cause further distress to the victims themselves i.e if the victim doesn’t want to be named orphotographed within the article then under these regulations the journalist is expected to respectthese wishes as already the respondenthas agreed to conduct this interview under certainconditions through relieving disturbing memories such as this particular story.Therefore within stories of abuse under the law and PPC regulations journalistsare prevented from mentioning names of cases under the age of sixteen partlydue the fact the serious implications this could have the on the impact on thechild’s life as they could experience further disruption due abuse as peoplewould make this situation worse and this will affect their wellbeing meaning theycould face serious emotional problems which isn’t uncalled for by the journalistfor the victim as well. Failure to upheld this has serious complications such as jailas the journalist has took the freedomOfficialSecrets act:This is important as it stops the journalist from revealing top secret information before a final datehas been allowed to showcase this information as it could have damaging impact on social securityand the truth an example of this is when The Mirror reported this scandal the police files.What themirror had to do was wait until the case had being reported legally so that they don’t report on thelegal proceedings as they happen because they can be find if found guilty of this as police were stilldoing a live evidence and interviews which could be comprised along with the report. So this was thereason why The Mirror waited because if they didn’t then it would prevent the true extent of theSavile crimes to be heard to the audience as they could be misrepresented by the newspaper tofabricate the story for sales rather than considering the effect this would have on the audienceperception of the story which even more damaging.Page 7 of 7