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Caso de sucesso: Lufthansa


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Caso de sucesso: Lufthansa

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Caso de sucesso: Lufthansa

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Lufthansa One of the world’s biggest airlines chooses BT as a single supplier for all inbound customer service calls in Latin AmericaIf you’re an airline looking to fill busy regional routes you need reliable reservations numbers for people tocall – or your profits could be grounded.Rodrigo Ribeiro was only too aware of this when his company, Lufthansa, decided to rationalise its LatinAmerican inbound calling suppliers. But finding a company that could meet all the airline’s needs across theregion wasn’t easy.Then someone suggested BT. Now Lufthansa has a single supplier for all of its customer phone lines acrossLatin America. And it can order more for new routes in a matter of days, with a simple email.Ribeiro’s life is a lot easier and Lufthansa is really taking off across the region. Previously if we had to look for a new telephone number for somewhere we didn’t have an office, I wouldn’t even want to think about the effort involved. Now I just send an email to BT and in a couple of weeks the numbers are ready. Rodrigo Ribeiro IT-Telecommunications Manager, Latin America & Caribbean Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  2. 2. CASE STUDY LufthansaLufthansa uses BT Inbound Contact global to reduce costs andstreamline its Latin American operations Challenge Solution ValueGerman flag carrier Deutsche Lufthansa With its main call centre located in Buenos In countries where BT is able to provideis the largest airline in Europe and fourth Aires, Lufthansa originally looked at suppliers local numbers, Lufthansa is making a savingworldwide in terms of passenger numbers. in Argentina to provide local numbers for compared to when it had to pay for toll-Furthermore, in Latin America it is still countries across Latin America. free numbers. The airline’s administrativegrowing – adding new territories and routes burden is also significantly reduced through The major Argentinean telecommunicationson a regular basis. only having to deal with a single supplier. operators, however, were only able to Lufthansa has even handed responsibilityUntil recently, this growth posed something provide expensive toll-free numbers in for faults to its third-party Buenos Aires callof a problem in telecommunications terms. other territories. A number of voice over IP centre team, which liaises directly with BT inThe airline relies heavily on telephone suppliers were able to offer local numbers the event of a problem.reservations to fill its flights. It also supports but Lufthansa considered them to be tooa number of other customer services, such as risky. “We weren’t just looking for a service, But perhaps one of the greatest assets ofits Miles & More frequent flyer programme, but also for a level of quality that we could the BT service is the way it helps Lufthansausing dedicated phone lines. But it had trust,” Rodrigo Ribeiro explains. expand across the region. Whenever a newdifferent phone number suppliers for each route is confirmed the airline has to provide Then his superior Peter Hogger in New Yorkcountry, which complicated administration an array of local phone numbers to handle suggested BT, a company that Lufthansa hadand did nothing to keep costs down. reservations, customer service, Miles and worked with in Europe. Through its Inbound More, and so on. Getting these provisioned inNot only that, but in territories where Contact global offering, BT was able to a timely fashion is essential for the airline.Lufthansa did not have an on-the- provide local numbers in most of the majorground presence it relied on local Latin American markets the airline operated “Previously if we had to look for a newtelecommunications suppliers sourced via in, complemented with toll-free numbers telephone number for somewhere we didn’tits in-country travel agents. “If there was a through third-party providers for about 40 have an office, I wouldn’t even want to thinkproblem we had to contact the travel agent per cent of destinations. about the effort involved,” Rodrigo Ribeirowho then had to phone the service provider concludes. “Now I just send an email to BT and In August 2010 Lufthansa beganto open a ticket,” recalls Rodrigo Ribeiro, in a couple of weeks the numbers are ready.” consolidating its Latin American numbersLufthansa’s IT-Telecommunications Manager with BT. In addition to BT Inbound Contactfor Latin America and the Caribbean. global services, Lufthansa uses the BT TrafficWith this complexity threatening to Reporting System for monitoring and reports,become a management nightmare as the and a BT Customer Traffic Design tool forairline’s operations expanded, in April 2010 planning and forecasting. The changeoverLufthansa sought to find a single supplier for took eight months, allowing for staff training,inbound calling across the region. and progressed without a hitch, bar a trunk We weren’t just looking for a configuration issue in Mexico which the BT service, but also for a level of team was ultimately able to resolve. quality that we could trust. Rodrigo Ribeiro IT-Telecommunications Manager, Latin America & Caribbean Deutsche Lufthansa AGOffices worldwideThe telecommunications services described in thispublication are subject to availability and may be Core BT servicesmodified from time to time. Services and equipment areprovided subject to British Telecommunications plc’srespective standard conditions of contract. Nothing inthis publication forms any part of any contract. ¾ BT Inbound Contact global© British Telecommunications plc 2011. ¾ BT Traffic Reporting SystemRegistered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJRegistered in England No: 1800000 ¾ BT Customer Traffic Design tool12/11