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Font Decision


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Group Collaboration

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Font Decision

  2. 2. Font #1 The first font we thought was appropriate was “college” we believed that this font could be appropriate for our title as it is shown as strong and rather old fashioned which reflects the idea that our film has connotations of a classic in which have a good reputation, making the audience enticed and want to watch the film. The use of the bold capitals create a sense of duty and importance which could juxtapose against the title name as red represents love which could be a distraction from the idea of duty and profession thus, giving the audience a sense of what the film is about. Ashleigh put the idea forward that the font also may reflect a car number plate which is an action convention and prop which is used to create drama and possibly an escape, making the film appear like a war between two things of some sort, again making the font appropriate. Overall we thought that this font was good however not excellent due to its simplicity.
  3. 3. Font #2 The following font be discussed was this second one called “American Captain” this, we believed was a strong font, as Jess had done research she discovered that most fonts were bold and dark with some sort of prop underneath, for example James Bond’s 007 with the gun, we ventured out and found a larger bullet in which to incorporate within the design to relate it with action films to allow the audience to get an immediate impression of what the film is about and what genre it focuses on. We decided overall that despite its bold look we believed it would relate too much to the army, therefore giving the audience a false reputation of the film and perhaps aiming at the wrong, older, target audience.
  4. 4. Finally, the last font we discussed was the “market deco” designed font. We believed that this font was most appropriate as the use of the red and the black contrast against each other, just like the title is juxtaposed. The fact that the bullet is in red suggests that this action will make the audience think and reflect making the production have an overall impact even after they have watched it. The use of the capitalised letters are a common feature of action films we have found out through research, making the font appear bolder and more professional giving the audience a reflecting of how intriguing the film would be alongside connoting action so they are aware. Font #3