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SenseByte & Insomnia


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SenseByte & Insomnia

  1. 1. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  2. 2. Agenda  Our Company  Product `s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  3. 3. Sensebyte & Insomnia Business Solutions Sensebyte, innovator and leader in the implementation of all abilities of SAP Netweaver and Insomnia Business Solution, leader in the development and deployment of mobile applications, provide their customers with a unique offering in the Latin American market. The skills and capabilities of each of the merging firms have created a synergy that allows us to offer customers innovative solutions end to end, based on a platform of robust business processes such as SAP Netweaver.
  4. 4. Our mission Collaborate with the needs of our customers, for which we have highly trained professionals willing to lend a work of excellence. Leadership, training, teamwork, customer orientation, mutual respect, trust and openness and integrity are values that enable us to provide high quality service to our customers.
  5. 5. Our Value Proposition Sensebyte / Insomnia offers its customers the proven ability to efficiently deploy cutting-edge technology solutions to optimize business processes. This translates into technology projects allows quick and optimize business processes, creating value for companies and their executives.
  6. 6. Quality of our services In Sensebyte / Insomnia we guarantee the use of global best practices for the Construction of Software Technology, based on SOA and personalise developments in: .NET, Java and ABAP under SAP Netweaver. Our services do not end with the delivery or implementation of the project, but continue through pre-established guidelines either as part of the assurance given to the immediate resolution of problems or as part of post-sales support, thanks to our team highly trained professionals, and a strong capacity for teamwork. Sensebyte / Insomnia puts his philosophy of work, their tools and their technological know-how to serve their customers so that we can work together in an integrated manner: that means that the company must recognize each client as unique and unrepeatable in each of the opportunities established.
  7. 7. Business Plan Powered in the quality of our resources and services, our goal is to grow in different regions of Latin America. Our exponential growth has allowed us to expand beyond the limits of our parent (Argentina) and today we have offices in Chile and Peru. The heavy investment that Sensebyte / Insomnia is doing in I+D, will double our staff of consultants skilled in the short term and thus provide services to Mexico, Brazil and other Latin American countries on site or remotely.
  8. 8. Why Sensebyte/Insomnia? Sensebyte / Insomnia was created with the aim of bringing technological innovations to companies from different industries. Based on the SAP Netweaver platform, we are pioneers in implementations of mobile solutions (SAP Mobile Solutions) and platform integration (SAP PI). Our company made a major investment in training resources on new solutions and related applications such as SAP Netweaver: TDMS, Redwood Job Scheduling, SAP Identity Management and so on. We are recognized by SAP as strategic partners and to collaborate in the assembly and design-oriented solutions to optimize the capabilities of the SAP platform.
  9. 9. Our Offices Offices Buenos Aires Alicia M. de Justo 1750 Piso 3 “C” – Pto. Madero Telephone: +54.11.4314.1801 Fax: +54.11.4314.1801 Offices Chile Apoquindo 3600 Piso 18 – Las Condes Santiago Telephone: +56.2.333.9280 Fax: +56.2.333.9280 Offices Perú Av. Andrés Belaunde Camino Principal 147. Building Real 6 – Business Center Telephone: +
  10. 10. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  11. 11. Our services The Professional Services of Sensebyte / Insomnia were designed with the needs of our customers in mind: value-added services for each currency reversed. We offer a wide range of Consulting Delivery services for large, medium and small businesses. All our consultants are experts and are qualified to provide services for all business solutions and management that provides SAP. Covering from short interventions to complete large-scale deployments with new technologies NetWeaver, Sensebyte / Insomnia always looks to provide services of the highest quality, allowing your organization migrate toward a more efficient and effective with minimum periods of inactivity. For companies that already have implemented a scenario SAP, Sensebyte / Insomnia offers a range of services aimed at expanding the scope of such solutions, using the NetWeaver platform that enables greater the level of alignment of its operations.
  12. 12. Functional SAP Consulting Services Sensebyte / Insomnia offers an excellence team of functional consultants, designed to define and optimize business processes according to customer needs. Our team of functional consultants is specialize in implementing end-to-end solutions provided by the various SAP. This service extends to customers who already have their productive environment and need to solve problems of implementing a speedy and effective. Among the services we offer are: - Implementations, Upgrades and Migration - Training for end users - Support Post-Production - Maintenance Services on site or remote
  13. 13. Functional SAP Consulting Services Sensebyte / Insomnia is one of the leading SAP NetWeaver in Consultancy. Has a team of over 70 professionals in Chile and Argentina. All types of systems integration in its various forms and complexities, in what regards to interfaces and processes through SAP PI. Programming in its various forms and languages, ABAP, Web dympro, java,. Net, and so on. Implementation of SAP Enterprise Portals with profound knowledge in each of their abilities: Content Management, Collaboration, SSO, and so on. SAP process integration with mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, PDAs, etc. .. Using online forms for admission or bacht validated data from computers or mobile devices
  14. 14. Development of Mobile Solutions Our developments integrates mobile phones to the management of commercial enterprises, with the elasticity necessary for SMEs and large corporations to get benefited from our applications, with a wide range of possibilities for developing the same for the most varied situations, with the main premise of saving resources and improving the systems through the analysis of existing processes. Our services focus on the development of applications and integration processes via BlackBerry and iPhone.
  15. 15. SAP Basis Consulting Services Sensebyte / Insomnia is one of the leader companies in the Consulting of Administration, has the best consultants in the local market and the region. We have an extensive staff of consultants specialists Basis (System Administration & Sizing) and profiles (Security Administration). We advise and work with you to find and design the best solution for your business in areas of: - Implementation, maintenance and administration of SAP solutions - Diagnostic studies and recommendations - Adjustments and improvements - Support post-implementation of the solutions and projects implemented - Training and functional parameters in SAP modules - Support Basis 24 x 7 or Customized Services Agreements. - Security Management and Administration Profiles
  16. 16. Software Factory We offer our customers programming from a distance, getting the same quality, with competitive rates and a significant reduction in operating costs. Sensebyte / InsomniaBS has a staff of architects and developers in the following languages: ABAP, Java (J2EE, J2ME). NET. This service enables companies to develop their own applications through a technological partner, efficiently and cost effectively, It is widely established that our Software Factory reduces time and cost of development, infrastructure and personnel, improving the quality of the final product and ensures delivery.
  17. 17. Software Factory Development and maintenance of applications ABAP, JAVA and. Net using the techniques of enterprise software (methodology, tools, etc.). Functional support ECC (FI-CO, SD, MM, WM, PP, QM, PM, PS, HR) The service provided includes: Requirements ladies - Technical Analysis and Design - Programming - Probes - Documentation - Support post Deployment Management Service: - Manage service levels and conformance metrics - Control of tasks and management reporting - Assures continuous improvement
  18. 18. We focus on I+D We invest in investigation and development to be trained and able to implement the latest technological advances for the benefit of our customers. 30% of the time of any application for Sensebyte / Insomnia is dedicated to the analysis, research and development of new technological capabilities. This creates a great value in our consulting service and give us the possibility to offer the best solution to their business requirements.
  19. 19. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  20. 20. Our solutions
  21. 21. Our solutions
  22. 22. Our solutions
  23. 23. Our solutions
  24. 24. Our solutions
  25. 25. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  26. 26. Sensebyte/Insomnia and SAP Sensebyte / Insomnia has extensive experience in integrated business processes in SAP NetWeaver technology and new solutions. Ourcompany is distinguished by high quality and experience of its consultants. Sensebyte / Insomnia has a team of highly qualified and certified by SAP.
  27. 27. Sensebyte/Insomnia and Psion Teklogix / Insomnia locats Psion Teklogix us a strategic partner Sensebyte to work with the architecture NetWeaverTM SAP Mobile Infrastructure. to Psion Teklogix we work on solutions of RF, Voice and Next integrating RFID systems such as SAP, JDE. PCBs and other ERP's. this way we provide solutions for both integration processes to In connect people, processes, applications and information needed to operate a business effectively.
  28. 28. Sensebyte/Insomnia and RIM Sensebyte/Insomnia is ISV Partner of RIM. Both work together on projects with the architecture of SAP NetWeaver. Our company has extensive experience in SAP NetWeaver Mobile technology . Sensebyte/Insomnia has a team of highly qualified and certified by SAP and Blackberry.
  29. 29. Sensebyte/Insomnia and Operators We have developed partnerships to provide a comprehensive solution, covering all processes and components involved. In every implementation are invited to participate in a formal, phone manufacturers, connectivity providers and cellular operators. In this way, everything is solved as a whole and as a unit, keeping all resources synchronized and travelling the same route, making implementations much more efficient and optimizing the best times of both development and deployment, such as the handling of situations unexpected.
  30. 30. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  31. 31. Our experience SAP NetWeaver XI “Exchange Infrastructure” Client: IRSA – CRESUD – Alto Palermo State: Productive Sistems: SAP, JDE, Others (5) The first case of success in Argentina, using the platform SAP NetWeaver XI, is based on the background of our resources and the high level of flexibility that allows such a platform. This allowed, to resolve a map of complex processes that require a high level of accuracy, and could integrate multiple systems with different platforms, being completely transparent to the operation of the company.
  32. 32. Our experience SAP NetWeaver XI “Exchange Infrastructure” Client: Mercantil Andina State: Productive Sistems: SAP, CIMA (AS400), Others
  33. 33. Our experience SAP NetWeaver XI “Exchange Infrastructure” Client: Telefonica State: Productive Argentina, Colombia y Venezuela Sistems: SAP y Others
  34. 34. Our experience SAP NetWeaver XI “Exchange Infrastructure” Client: CARSA State: Productive Sistems: ECC 6.0, CRM, Legacy (Informix) y Others Upgrade a SAP PI 7.1 Estado: ON GOING
  35. 35. Our experience SAP NetWeaver XI “Exchange Infrastructure” Client: Alto Paraná State: Productive Sistems: ECC 6.0 y Sistems No SAP. In addition to integration with Ports: EUROAMERICA, BACTSA, Delta Dock y Others (12)
  36. 36. Our experience SAP NetWeaver XI “Exchange Infrastructure” Client: GlaxoSmithKline State: Proof of Concept – Corporate Evaluation (UK) Integrated Sistems : SAP, JDE, BPCS y Others (5)
  37. 37. Our experience SAP NetWeaver PI “Process Integration” Client: Banco Columbia State: ON GOING Integrated Sistems : SAP ECC, SAP BS Banking Solution and sistems with complex variety of platforms.
  38. 38. Our experience SAP NetWeaver MI “Mobile Infrastructure” & Web Dynpro Client: Editorial Sudamericana State: Productive Sistems: SAP Mobile Sales
  39. 39. Our experience SAP NetWeaver MI “Mobile Infrastructure” Client: Nidera State: Productive Sistems: Process for Production and Dispatch
  40. 40. Our experience SAP NetWeaver MI “Mobile Infrastructure” Client: Trasportadora Gas del Sur State: ON GOING Sistems: SAP MAM “Mobile Asset Management” con RFID
  41. 41. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  42. 42. Our experience Sale Force Automotation mobile with BlackBerry Client: Diarco State: Productive Sistems: Application Custom-made
  43. 43. Our experience Shared agenda with levels of access BlackBerry Client: IFC Status: Productive System: Custom-made Application
  44. 44. Our experience Mobile sales force Client: Orígenes AFJP Status: Productive System: Custom-made Application
  45. 45. Our experience Measuring public and mobile with BlackBerry sales Client: IRSA Status: Productive System: Custom-made Application / SAP
  46. 46. Our experience Mobile sales force Client: ISENBECK Status: Productive System: Custom-made Application
  47. 47. Agenda  Our Company  Product’s Offering  Our solutions  Partnership  SAP NetWeaver Projects  Mobile Projects  Our Clients
  48. 48. Our clients
  49. 49. Our clients
  50. 50. Our clients
  51. 51. Our clients