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Articulate QuizMaster - Example 1


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A Critical Response Writing checklist created using Articulate QuizMaster

Published in: Education
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Articulate QuizMaster - Example 1

  1. 1. Published by Articulate® Quizmaker ARTICULATE QUIZMASTER - EXAMPLE Critical Response Essay Checklist
  2. 2. Published by Articulate® Quizmaker Quiz Settings Property Setting Passing Score 80% Randomize Questions Question Group 1 No Total Number of Questions 1 Total Number of Questions to Ask All Display User Score if Passed Yes Display User Score if Failed No Display Passing Score if Passed Yes Display Passing Score if Failed No
  3. 3. Published by Articulate® Quizmaker Questions Question Group 1 1. Critical Response (Multiple Response, 10 points, 1 attempt permitted) Correct Choice Analyse the writers viewpoints, + or – Analyse the writers language, authority and biases. Identify 3 key arguments, e.g., those that agree and disagree. Plan SUMMARY 150 words, authors full names, titles and key arguments Plan DISCUSSION 350 words, one idea per paragraph, evaluate two of the authors main ideas
  4. 4. Published by Articulate® Quizmaker Allow time for checking - spelling, grammar, tense and sentence construction. Feedback when correct: You've got everything under control and you're all set for writing your essay! Feedback when incorrect: You still have a few things to do before writing your essay!
  5. 5. Published by Articulate® Quizmaker
  6. 6. Published by Articulate® Quizmaker
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