What is new in WCF 4.0?


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How do you improve the Config Model? Where to use Windows Server AppFabric? How to provide a RoutingService in the Framework? How to enable dynamic apps with Discovery?

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What is new in WCF 4.0?

  1. 1. > > >> > >
  2. 2. http://host vdir1 A B C vdir2 vdir2 Echo. svc Web. config
  3. 3. http://host vdir1 A B C vdir2 vdir2 Echo. svc Scheme Binding http:// BasicHttpBinding … …
  4. 4. <system.serviceModel> <bindings>http://host <basicHttpBinding> <binding name="" maxBufferSize="2147483647" vdir1 maxReceivedMessageSize="2147483647"/> </basicHttpBinding> </bindings> Web. </system.serviceModel> config vdir2 vdir2 Echo. A B C svc
  5. 5. <system.serviceModel> <behaviors>http://host <serviceBehaviors> <behavior> <serviceThrottling maxConcurrentCalls="32"/> Web. </behavior> config </serviceBehaviors> </behaviors> </system.serviceModel> vdir1 vdir2 vdir2 Echo. A B C Bv svc Web. config
  6. 6. <system.serviceModel> <behaviors>http://host <serviceBehaviors> <behavior> <serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="true"/> Web. </behavior> config </serviceBehaviors> </behaviors> </system.serviceModel> vdir1 vdir2 vdir2 Echo. A B C Bv Bv svc Web. config
  7. 7. demo
  8. 8. Management Tools > IIS Manager Modules PowerShell Services WorkflowsPersistence Hosting Monitoring Caching Windows Server AppFabric > .NET FrameworkPersistence Runtime Databases Monitoring IIS/WAS Windows Server
  9. 9. Extensions to IIS Manager WCF Application PowerShell command- lets WCF WCFMessage Analytic DiagnosticLogging Trace Trace .svclog Event Monitoring ETW Collector DB
  10. 10. demo
  11. 11. Routing Message Service Pump> >> >> >> >> >
  12. 12. Echo Routing Client Service A Time B Service CSupported Message Exchange Patterns Multicast InterfaceRequest Reply, Sessionful Request Reply No IRequestReplyRouterOneWay Yes ISimplexDatagramRouterSessionful OneWay Yes ISimplexSessionRouterSessionful Duplex Yes IDuplexSessionRouter
  13. 13. Echo RoutingClient Service MessageFilter Endpoint Time action == http://PDC/Echo Echo Service action == TimeService http://PDC/GetCurrentTime Filter On MessageFilter Action ActionMessageFilter Address header AddressMessageFilter Address header – longest prefix matching AddressPrefixMessageFilter Endpoint Name EndpointNameMessageFilter No Filter – matches everything MatchAllMessageFilter Logical And of two filters StrictAndMessageFilter XPath expression XPathMessageFilter Custom Custom
  14. 14. RoutingClient Service Service BasicHttp SOAP 1.1 Net.Tcp SOAP 1.2
  15. 15. RoutingClient Service Service
  16. 16. Echo Service RoutingClient Service Backup Echo Service MessageFilter Endpoint Alternate Endpoints action == Echo Backup http://PDC/Echo EchoService
  17. 17. demo
  18. 18. >> >> > > >>
  19. 19. Hello HelloHello
  20. 20. ProbeMatchProbe Probe ProbeMatchProbe
  21. 21. Bye ByeBye
  22. 22. Probe Hello Probe Hello Probe ProbeMatchJurgen
  23. 23. > > >> > >> > >
  24. 24. Runtime
  25. 25. demo
  26. 26. > > > > >
  27. 27. >> FT25: Microsoft Application Server Technologies: Present and Future> FT55: Developing REST Applications with the .NET Framework> FT14: Workflow Services and Windows Server AppFabric> FT27: Application Server Extensibility with Microsoft .NET 4 and Windows Server AppFabric>>>>>>> > http://msdn.microsoft.com/wcf > http://msdn.microsoft.com/wcf/rest>> http://blogs.msdn.com/endpoint> http://blogs.msdn.com/drnick
  28. 28. >> channel9.msdn.com/learn Built by Developers for Developers….
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