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Communications consultant 2003


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Published in: Education, Career
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Communications consultant 2003

  1. 1. by Barbara Stoutamore
  2. 2.  How is a communications consultant from the Oregon Education Association similar to and different from a consultant from a corporation?
  3. 3.  National Education Association (NEA)  Oregon Education Association (OEA)  UniServ  School Association
  4. 4.  Communications consultant with OEA  Works primarily with electronic media  His training was on the job
  5. 5.  Organizing committee is within each association • In charge of communications  Internal: members  External: public, students (if applicable), media, board • OEA consultant deals directly with this committee
  6. 6.  Direct organizing committee members as to how to keep members  Corporate consultants don’t do this
  7. 7.  organizing committee members • Do too much too quickly  Advertisement in paper  Stand the association is taking • Confrontational  Towards administration or district  Towards members
  8. 8.  Counsels less aggressive measures • Newspaper advertisement usually not effective • Shouldn’t give all information about association’s stand  Reminds organizing committee of contract being negotiated
  9. 9.  Organizing committee afraid of communicating to members/public • Say and/or do little • Fear retaliation from district or administration • Fear “tipping their hand”
  10. 10.  Helps committee form statements • To members • To public and media  Nudges group into action
  11. 11.  Race: Oregon demographics is predominately white  Gender: Seldom an issue  UniServ: helps with these  More corporate issues
  12. 12.  Difficult to establish standards • Often have to “wing it” • Must be innovative and imaginative
  13. 13.  Must adhere to some conventions • Never go against  Association, its bylaws and policies  Lie  Interfere with election of union members running for office
  14. 14.  Listening to members • What works for one school doesn’t always work for another • City schools have different needs than rural schools • Each level of education has different needs
  15. 15.  1. How is the job of an OEA consultant similar? Answer  consult clients on ways to communicate  must be ethical
  16. 16.  2. How is the job of an OEA consultant different from that of a corporate consultant? Answer  He/she has more clients  Deals, predominantly, with organizing committee  Directs committee as to how to keep members  Doesn’t deal with race or gender, as a rule
  17. 17.  Thanks for watching my presentation.