Introduction to the product graph


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We have a social graph, and interest graph, and even a location graph. but we don't have a graph for the one thing we interact with every day - products. How can we begin to connect us to the products that we use day in and day out?

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Introduction to the product graph

  1. 1. Introducing the Product Graph
  2. 2. The web was a breakthrough. A way to not only store vast amounts of information...
  3. 3. But to link it all together.
  4. 4. And give people ubiquitous access to that linked information.
  5. 5. But as the volume of documents grew, people had trouble finding the info they needed.
  6. 6. And along came search. Search
  7. 7. For a decade, the web connected people to documents. Search
  8. 8. But then the information available grew exponentially... Search
  9. 9. and search started giving us too many results. Search
  10. 10. So once again we couldn't find the information we needed. Search
  11. 11. Then people started to question the value of the web as a collection of linked documents. ?!
  12. 12. After all it wasn't much different than decade old networks. Just broader in scale, with a better GUI. ?!
  13. 13. And then we realized something important about the web... !!!!
  14. 14. What if we used it to connect to other people?
  15. 15. And capture the relationships that mattered to us?
  16. 16. And the things that we, and others we may not know, are interested in?
  17. 17. And the places that are important?
  18. 18. And the products we like?
  19. 19. So the web started to change. New applications emerged.
  20. 20. And they began creating what we call "Graphs" Graphs
  21. 21. Graphs These graphs contain the connections and relationships that matter to us...
  22. 22. Social graph Who are my connections? What are their relationships?
  23. 23. Location graph Where am I?
  24. 24. Interest graph Who likes the stuff I do?! (Music, food, movies, etc.)
  25. 25. These graphs overlap and interact... Interest graph Social graph Location graph
  26. 26. Interest graph through conversations that traverse all the graphs. Social graph Location graph
  27. 27. But there is one graph that is missing...
  28. 28. Product graph Connects people to the products and services they use and talk about.
  29. 29. Product graph But why is this graph so important?
  30. 30. Interest graph Because so many of the conversations are about a product. Social graph Location graph
  31. 31. For example, one out of five tweets mention a product or brand
  32. 32. And this is changing brands forever.
  33. 33. Brands used to be defined by memories of advertisements.
  34. 34. Interest graph Social graph Location graph Now, Brands have become a series of conversations across graphs
  35. 35. Interest graph But since there is no Product Graph... Social graph Location graph Product graph
  36. 36. Interest graph companies are disconnected from the conversation that is their Brand. Social graph Location graph Product graph
  37. 37. Product graph If we create the product graph...
  38. 38. Interest graph we can connect companies to the conversation. Social graph Location graph Product graph
  39. 39. If we better connect companies to the conversations that are their Brands via the Product Graph organizations can: Build products that better meet customer needs! Give better customer service! Bring new products to market sooner! Increase the success rate of new product launches! Improve the profitability of products
  40. 40. The Product Graph will help consumers too: Products better suited to our needs! Discover the product that is best for us! Get the best deals! Understand composition of a product for allergen or sustainability purposes! Be aware of recalls instantly