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Velti | Evolution of Devices Infographic


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Velti | Evolution of Devices Infographic

  1. 1. of US Households owned a Smartphone of US Households owned a Laptop of US Households owned a DVR of US Households had HD Reception 9% 50% 31% 20% 20% 44% 34% 47% 20082008 20122012 DEVICE OWNERSHIP COMPARISON THE SINCE THE iPHONE EVOLUTION DEVICESOF KINDLE The Smartphone That Started the Revolution First Widely Adopted E-Reader Apple's First Tablet Device First Android Powered Table iPHONE iPOD TOUCH iPHONE 4 iPHONE 3G MACBOOK AIR ROKU iPAD 2 KINDLE FIRE FITBIT iPAD 3 NEXUS 7 TABLET KINDLE FIRE HD iPHONE 5 iPAD 4 iPAD MINI MICROSOFT SURFACE iPHONE 3GS KINDLE 2 SAMSUNG GALAXY NIKE+ SMART SHOES 20072007 20082008 20112011 20122012 20092009 20102010 HTC DREAM First Android Powered Phone APPLE TV Apple’s Digital Media Receiver Capable of Streaming Content Windows Enters the Smartphone Market First Gaming Console that Allows Users to Interact Without Needing to Touch a Game Controller Rumored to be Amazon's First Smartphone Possibly With a 3D Interface DVR with System to View Shows Remotely on Any Smart Device Google's First Wearable Computer New User Interface that Replaces the Home Screen on Android Phones with the Facebook Timeline GOOGLE GLASS FACEBOOK HOME XBOX ONE KINDLE PHONE MOTOROLA DROID First Android Phone Promoted To Be the iPhone Alternative iPHONE 4S DROID RAZR Android Powered Smart Camera NIKE FUELBAND Activity Monitor that Syncs Directly with Your Smartphone Wii U NOWNOW iPAD Android Powered Smart Car Radio First Android Powered Smart TV PANASONIC SMART APP Allows Users to Control Enabled Appliances Including Air Conditioners & Refrigerators from Android Smartphones Smart Watch that Syncs with Smartphones & Has Its Own Apps PEBBLE WATCH twelve thirty five Android Powered Smart Camera GALAXY TAB WINDOWS PHONE Kindle XBOX KINECT LENOVO K91 SMART TV PARROT ASTEROID RADIO NIKON COOLPIX S800C SAMSUNG GALAXY CAMERA DISH HOPPER WITH SLING