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Redd project indonesia steni 11 [compatibility mode]


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Update of REDD policies and projects in Indonesia. To what extent are they going ?

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Redd project indonesia steni 11 [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. Update REDD Indonesia Bernadinus Steni Perkumpulan HuMa
  2. 2. W W & W Z t / / D
  3. 3. Forest Existing Condition Mining, oil palm Mining, logging, Mining, oil palm oil palm Plantation, logging Mining Mining, industries Mining, oil palm
  4. 4. Forest Conflict Data Base HuMa dan Forest Watch Indonesia
  5. 5. Demonstration Activities of bilateral cooperation Proposed GTZ Merang: (€ 1,445,255; 2008- FORCLIME: (€7 Millions; 2010-12) TNC: Demonstration AusAID 11). Incl: Innovative designs for REDD activities: improved forest 2nd Demonstration - Measures to restore forest areas demonstration activities incl. management, forest Activity -Strategies and structures for peat establishment of FMUs, restoration, oil palm swap, forest management Integrated -Fire management scheme. land use planning, policies and enforcement Berau Malinau Kapuas Hulu Jambi Kapuas Central Sulawesi Musi Banyuasin East Central Lombok Meru Betiri KFCP: AUD 30 Million Jember - Reducing deforestation forest degradation (incl. ITTO: USD 540K (2010-12) - Institutional setting to prevent KOICA: USD 5 Million rehabilitation of peatland); (2009-13) UNREDD: USD 1.5 Million (2010-11) - Monitoring carbon deforestation; Joint research and - Capacity for spatial socio-economic planning accounting; -Technology in restoration and implementation of pilot incorporating REDD; - Payment mechanism: rehabilitation of PSF; project on - Empowered local stakeholders to benefit from - Readiness at provincial and - Demonstration activities with the afforestation/reforestation REDD; district level. plantation of indigenous species. CDM project and REDD. - Multi-stakeholder-endorsed district REDD plans MoF
  6. 6. (Some of) Voluntary Activities Aceh provincial Global EcoRescue Govt, FFI, Carbon FFI, Macquarie, Inhutani II WWF PHKA, Green Synergie WWF Conservation Winrock Intl Malinau regency Minahasa Utara Ulu Masen, Bitung, Aceh Province Kampar Kapuas Hulu Malinau Sulawesi Utara Peninsular TN Riau Sebangau Mamuju, Jambi Mamberamo West Mawas Sulawesi TN Berbak Jambi South Central Jayapura Sumatera Kalimantan Mimika Unurum Guay, Taman Nasional RSPB, Burung BOS Foundation, Keep the Habitat NewForest APRIL Berbak, Zoological UNAS Jakarta Inhutani I Emerald Planet Indonesia Society of London, BirdLife Museum of Environmental International anthropology of Resource Zurich MoF
  7. 7. World Bank W / ZWW Z W W W ^K ZWW ^^ E W W /
  8. 8. ^ ZWW h h
  9. 9. UNREDD hE hEW hEW K D / W/ W / ^ Z ^ ^ E W , E
  10. 10. Ulu Masen Project, Aceh / W ' / D W
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  13. 13. National GHG Inventory 2000 Waste 11% Energy Peat 20% Fire Industry 13% 3% Agriculture Land Use 6% Change and Forestry 47% Source: MoE, 2009
  14. 14. d Z d D W D // Z W E D // W ^ ^ W E D // W Z K
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  18. 18. d WK d / WK / WK t d d ^
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  20. 20. D / / E E / h^ : E W D Z /E ' W/ ' W ^ / , W ,
  21. 21. • Institutionally, sectors compete each other to have REDD institution under their authority. d DZs D EW/ W ^ W D ,
  22. 22. Proposed Location • Forestry Minister said location could be in four provinces: Riau, Kaltim, Papua and Kalteng. Bisa juga lima dengan mempertimbangkan antara Jambi atau Bengkulu (Jakarta Post 5 June 2010) • Hatta Radjasa mempertimbangkan Riau-Jambi, West Kalimantan, East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan (Jakarta Post, 19 Agust 2010) • Emil Salim, penasihat lingkungan hidup presiden masih mendorong Papua karena primary forest yang masih luas ada di Papua dan target pembangunan skala besar akan didorong di Papua
  23. 23. Riau Strength Challenge • Moratorium could hit the • Government said, expansion of HTI of big moratorium will not include companies (APRIL) existing license • Save the rest of deepest • Holding concession is on peat land in the world going operating now • Recover the social and • Resistance of companies economic life of peoples will be very strong who living under the • Local government back up intimidation and terror the expansion of extractive industries to primary forest and peat land
  24. 24. Kalteng Strength Challenge • Moratorium could stop the • Governor rejects expansion of oil palm in moratorium. Together with primary forest Jambi’s governor and East • There is a pilot project Kalimantan’s governor, they initiated by Australia in peat said “protecting forest will land and already approved change us to be orang utan” by President • Most of big oil palm companies playing their business in Kalteng
  25. 25. Kalbar Strength Challange • Primary forest is still there • Putting REDD in business especially in some big sector to generate money national parks controlled by (Perusahaan Daerah) national government • Coal mining survey is more • Local government in and more intensive Kapuas Hulu has some concern in conserving forest
  26. 26. Papua Strength Challenge • Most of primary forest is in • Too political Papua • Two big mining companies • There is special autonomy in the world operating in which recognize the rights Papua (BP and Rio Tinto) of indigenous peoples • Military approach is quite often used by national government to bend protest in Papua