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Sustainable and Responsible Investing


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Boardwalk Capital Management overview of SRI.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Sustainable and Responsible Investing

  1. 1. Sustainable and Responsible Investing Risk management in a new era of increased regulation, resource scarcity and activist consumers. Registered Investment Advisors Atlanta, Georgia
  2. 2. What is Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) SRI is much more than some green-washed, esoteric investment philosophy. Quite the contrary. SRI is an investment process that integrates two distinct disciplines in order to improve long term investment returns. This approach implicitly recognizes that corporate responsibility and societal concerns are valid parts of investment decisions. SRI considers both the investor's financial needs and an investment’s impact on society. In the process of executing an SRI strategy, investors encourage corporations to improve their practices on environmental, social, and governance issues, reducing the risk that these issues will harm company performance in the future. On the surface, the mere existence of changing regulations, more volatile raw material prices, and a more informed consumer means that companies are confronted with a more diverse set of risks than ever before. Our analysis seeks to determine how well-prepared a firm is to meet such challenges. We believe that how a company deals with environmental and social issues can: • Enhance the value of its brand • Lower risks to profitability • Decrease employee turnover • Attract new customers or shareholders • Lower its cost of capital Our thesis is borne out in the results. Sustainable investment indexes have provided competitive performance, with volatility that is lower than the broader market. With more than ten percent of all U.S.-based investment programs following and SRI mandate of some type, this is clearly a trend that has gained some momentum. Common Investor Risk Concerns Environmental issues: Corporate Governance:  Carbon emissions and climate change regulation  Board independence and composition  Rising costs of water scarcity  Political contributions with corporate funds  Pollution penalties or litigation  Executive compensation  Energy consumption  Accounting standards Social and Labor Issues:  Outsourced labor conditions  Community involvement  Human and worker’s rights  Product access for underprivileged populations
  3. 3. How Can Boardwalk Capital Help Me? An SRI strategy is a completely We can integrate SRI into a full customized solution. By integrating range of investment, trust and two investment disciplines, your financial advisory services. portfolio is ultimately the intersection Boardwalk has partnered with some of the of: industry’s top service providers to bring  Attractive financial attributes institutional quality resources and solutions to our clients:  Sustainable corporate policies  Trust advisory and management  Your personal values, causes and objectives  Full open architecture solutions  401(k) plan design and management  Educational funding Financial  Retirement planning  Legacy and Philanthropic Management  Complex financing solutions Sustainable Personal  Family office services We implement these strategies with individual securities, top-ranked mutual funds, low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) and SRI-focused separate accounts, managed by third party investment firms. With this combination of investment options, we can tailor a program to meet each client’s specific needs. Why should I care about SRI? In a word: RISK Environmental, Social and Governance (or ESG) factors have taken on increasing importance in recent years. Both company managements and shareholders have seen the impact of these issues on share prices and on profitability. Companies that fail to understand and address the competitive and regulatory effects of these issues present higher levels of risk for investors. Despite the obvious signs, too few investors are heeding the warning to more fully understand the companies that they own. How well a firm handles these issues reflects the character of that company and its management team. Leadership in these areas has helped companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Tiffany & Co. to create a sustainable competitive advantage, further building “their brand” and enhancing shareholder value.
  4. 4. . About Boardwalk Capital Management Formed in 2009, Boardwalk Capital Management is a relatively new, yet highly experienced Registered Investment Advisory firm. For more than 20 years, our professionals have served as trusted partners to individuals, families and institutions. We have provided wealth management guidance and solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s particular situation and goals. As a boutique firm, we can provide a level of Our investment philosophy is summed up in two personal service and customized management that words: Common Sense. Consistent across all is seldom achieved by large institutions. We assist of our investment and advisory programs is a our clients with issues as diverse as debt financing, commitment to: estate and financial planning, 401k plans and other investment issues. We are a resource, first and  Consistent risk management foremost.  Broad diversification Our approach to investment management is  Disciplined rebalancing unique. Most firms charge a higher fee for riskier  Transparent fees investment vehicles than they do for more stable  Independent thought ones. Unfortunately, the typical advisor’s financial incentive is to retain a higher allocation to risky assets. Our balanced fee structure is designed to We have no products to push or commissions remove “revenue” from investment decisions. Our to generate. Our only incentives are those advice is always objective with no biases. Period. that help us to retain you as a satisfied client. The Boardwalk Team B. Scott Sadler, CFA, President, Chief Investment Officer (Atlanta, GA) 23+ years investment experience. Wachovia Funds, Bank of America Capital, Goldman Sachs. Founded Wachovia’s first international mutual fund. Top quartile track record. Wealth management counsel to prominent families, companies, athletes and entertainers. Chartered Financial Analyst. McLloyd K. Jensen, Principal (New York, NY) The firm’s alternative investments expert. 20+ years investment management and research experience. Securities analyst and institutional representative for several global investment banks. Launched and managed own hedge fund. Major investors included the legendary Sir John Templeton. Mary H. Sadler, Principal, Chief Operating Officer (Atlanta, GA) Responsible for the business management aspects of Boardwalk Capital Management. A lifelong advocate of responsible corporate behavior, she is the driving force behind the firm’s Sustainable Investment strategies. 1275 East Rock Springs Road Gerald J. Walsh, Principal (Charlottesville, VA) 20+ year investment Suite 200 veteran. Worked for some of the most prominent foreign investment banks. Atlanta, Georgia 30306 Specific emphasis on emerging markets. Built businesses for a number of successful investment advisory firms. Senior advisor and business development specialist. Phone: 404 343 2026 Fax: 866 923 4249 Adil Devshi, Associate, Business Development Officer (Atlanta, GA) A Email: recent entrant to the investment management industry. Unique combination of interpersonal and technical skills makes him a valuable part of the Boardwalk team.