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IT 34500


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IT 34500 is an undergraduate course offered to Purdue West Lafayette students. The course gives an introduction into biometrics and automatic identification and data capture technologies

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IT 34500

  2. 2. MEET OUR STAFF Managing Director Kevin O’Connor Research Assistant Zach Moore Course Instructor Dr. Stephen Elliott Teaching Assistant Kevin Chan Teaching Assistant Jeff Chudik
  3. 3. WHAT IS AIDC?
  5. 5. •The course provides a basic understanding of automatic identification and data capture technologies and concepts with regard to how their deployment affects business and industry. •Laboratory applications of bar codes, radio frequency identification, card technologies, and biometrics will be emphasized. COURSE OBJECTIVES
  6. 6. • Course Lectures • Pre-recorded video lectures available for each lesson. • Lecture Slides • Used in conjunction with lecture videos. • Lecture Transcripts • Used to follow along with lecture videos. • Modular Quizzes • Used to quiz student knowledge of course material after each lecture. • Assignments • Submission of written material and analysis of biometric data. COURSE FEATURES
  7. 7. • Interactive Elements • Used for further practice of lecture subjects. • Activities and Resources • Used to support understanding of lesson topics. • Passport Badges • Learning and e-portfolio system that demonstrate competencies and achievements. • Competency Based Learning • Learning based on completion, not points. NEW PURDUE POLYTECHNIC FEATURES
  8. 8. •There will be 3 Capstone Projects 1.Research Research– 40% 2.Course Review – 40% 3.BYOC I. Final presentation – 10% II. Submission for publication – 10% COMPETENCY BASED LEARNING
  9. 9. •Cover other biometric modalities and AIDC •Introduce more concepts such as HBSI, Biometric Fusion, and Zoo Menagerie •Student choice of competency test: •Short answer in lab exam •Take home essay •Oral Defense COURSE REVIEW
  10. 10. • Student design their curriculum • Relatable to individual major/concentration • Brainstorm own ideas • Report and present findings individual techniques and tools • Cover a specific modality of choosing • Cover more advance concepts in academic research • Outside mentoring and sponsorship available BUILD YOUR OWN COURSE
  11. 11. •Final Presentation •Present to the class on your project findings at the end of the semester. •Article Submission •Write a research publication for submission to an academic or research journal. BYOC
  12. 12. “Science is art. It is the process of creating something that never exists before...It makes us ask new questions about ourselves, others; about ethics, the future.” - Regina Dugan, Executive of Google ATAP