Blanca soza synthesis presentation


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ITEC 299-Synthesis Presentation

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Blanca soza synthesis presentation

  2. 2. My Motivation... ● I'm going to be honest, I needed an extra class to take this semester to fulfill my 12 units. I found this class and read what it was about and I thought to myself this would be a good class for me to take; something different. So then I decided to take this class out of curiosity.
  3. 3. My Learning Preference ● After taking the learning preference survey I learned the type of learner I am. My score showed that I got a 3 for Action, 5 for Sensing, 5 for Visual, and 7 for Sequential. I can pretty much agree with this score and the preferences that I got is true about me. I thought I would score higher in Visual.
  4. 4. Thoughts on Learning Preferences ● I think that there are different technologies and approaches that will attract different preferences. Everyone has their own way of learning and their has to be different methods in learning for everyone. I think that people will achieve in their learning efficiently if they know their strength and which preference works best for them.
  5. 5. Learning Warrior ● I chose the Learning Warrior path because I wanted to learn more about technology. I was already familiar with technology, but I wanted to gain more information about the iPod, iPad, and social network sites that I never knew about.
  6. 6. Activities ● The quizzes helped me have a better understanding of the technologies that we use all the time. I learned that I can really use social networking sites to bring my peers together by using a forum so that we can discuss about anything that has to do with class. I started using social networking sites to talk to my peers about things I was confused about in class and was able to be part of a study group, where I was able to know when and where my peers wanted to meet to study for an upcoming test. ● I used my iPod and iPad during this semester. I used my iPod to record lectures so that I can reduce the amount of note taking I did in class and actually sit back and paid attention to what my professor was teaching. And I used my iPad to pull up visuals in my anatomy, which helped me understand the functions of the body parts.
  7. 7. Top Three Technologies ● The first technology I used was an iPod and I used that record lectures in my classes and I found out that it helped my learning because I stopped taking extensive notes and just took light notes, so that I can spend most of the class time to actually listen and retain the materials. I realized that this helped my learning because I did better in class by taking lighter notes instead of copying everything down from the PowerPoint.
  8. 8. Top Three Technologies (con't) ● ● The second technology I used was my iPad. I used it for looking up visuals, articles, and applications that will enhance my learning. I downloaded a flashcard app and it really helped my study for my anatomy class. Without it I wouldn't have done well in my quizzes and exams. Lastly, I used social networking sites to contact my peers and set up study groups. This was helpful because I was able to learn with my peers and ask questions regarding a certain subject that they might know the answer to. Having a community like that made me feel secure in my classes and less stressed because I can rely on my classmates whenever I needed help with something so that I can succeed in class.
  9. 9. Experiences with the Technologies ● I've gained a lot of knowledge from these technologies, but I thought that using my iPad was essential in my learning. I used my iPad for a lot of things, for instance, homework, research, videos, audio, studying and many other things. The iPad is very useful because I can do a lot of thing with it, so it very good when I'm on the go. I'm a hands on learner so the iPad is a good tool for me because I was very active with it and I learned how to use my iPad and learned different apps that can help with my learning, for instance, Flashcardlet and Evernote.
  10. 10. Physiological factors and learning practices ● Learning about the physiological factors made me more aware of my health and I choose to really focus on my eating and sleeping patterns. My eating and sleeping patterns were not all great and I feel like it did make some affect in my learning. I would sleep late at night and wake up early and I would feel exhausted and I couldn't retain anything in my morning class because of how tired I was. And I would always eat junk food which made me feel lazy. So I decided to change all that by eating healthy; adding more fruits, veggies, and more water. After a week of eating healthy I noticed I had more energy and was hydrated. I would sleep early so that I can get my full eight hours of sleep and I would sleep throughout the night peacefully. Before I would wake up feeling parched and I would drink juice or soda because it was sweet, but it wouldn't help. So what I did was drink a glass of water before bed and that made a difference where I did not wake in the middle of the night to get something to drink. All of the changes that I made made a significant change in my learning because I was eager to learn, able to retain information better, and memorize them better.
  11. 11. What I will take with my from this class... ● ● After this semester I will use what I learned in this course from now on. I plan to use apps that I downloaded for my classes next semester, keep on recording lectures, and make sure that I stay healthy so that way I'm more upbeat. I also will use the social networking sites more often to meet up with peers and use it as another form of studying.
  12. 12. My experience as a Learning Warrior ● I enjoyed being a Learning Warrior because I learned more about technologies that I did not know before this course and I hope to take everything that I learned and apply it to my learning career. I also hope that I can shed light to someone (outside of this class) about what I learn and in hopes that they can try different learning styles and find one that best fit them.