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Aaed Update July09

  1. 1. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 UPDATE The Arizona Association for Economic Development is the leading advocate for responsible economic development for all of Arizona. Future Knowledge Ecosystems: Jennifer Graves, City of Scottsdale Is Arizona Ready? During the first week in June, the International Association of Science Parks held its World Confer- ence in North Carolina at Research Triangle Park. This was the first time this conference had ever been held in the United States and drew attendees from all cor- ners of the globe. The theme of this year’s conference was “Future Knowledge Ecosystems” and focused on the opportunities for partnerships in creating the next generation of science and technology parks. WHAT ARE “FUTURE KNOWLEDGE ECOSYSTEMS?” founded RTP in the hopes of changing the economic A unique concept in 1959, Research Triangle Park composition of the region and state, thereby increasing (RTP) was born out of North Carolina’s need to the opportunities for the citizens of North Carolina. diversify its economy. At the time, North Carolina’s Held as the Gold Standard of science and technology economy was reliant on three primary industries (all of park development for the last 50 years, RTP is now which were declining due to competition), their per faced with the challenge of reinventing itself to capita incomes were among the lowest in the nation, respond to today’s technology-driven industry needs. and the state was experiencing significant brain drain out of the university system due to the lack of area So what is the future of Technology-Led Economic opportunities for graduates. A committee formed Development and the science and technology park? of government, university, and business leaders According to a study by The Institute for the Future continued on page 5 Arizona Advances its Innovative Capacity David Drennon, Arizona Department of Commerce INSIDE THIS ISSUE Vice President’s Message ............ 2 Mention Arizona, and likely responses include the Grand Canyon, luxury resorts Member Spotlight ...................... 3 and championship golf courses. But more decision makers will also tout the state’s strong aerospace and defense industry, high-tech manufacturing and rising Community Spotlight ................ 4 opportunity in solar and renewable energy. Latest Dirt ................................ 4 Today’s Arizona is a hotbed of economic opportunity and high-tech innovation. Committee Corner .................... 7 Since the start of 2009, companies representing key industries have made strong New Members ........................... 7 investments in Arizona. Calendar of Events ..................... 8 LEADING TECHNOLOGY Member News ........................... 8 AAED Board Retreat ................10 ................10 In February, Intel Corporation announced it would spend seven billion dollars to upgrade manufacturing processes at its Arizona, New Mexico and Oregon plants – ON THE COVER: COVER: and the largest portion, three billion dollars, would be invested in Chandler, Arizona. Skysong, the ASU Innovation Center located in Scottsdale, continued on page 9 Arizona
  2. 2. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 Vice President’s Message Chris Camacho, Greater Phoenix Economic Council AAED’s 2008-2009 Fiscal Year Second major theme is that we experienced a came to an end a few weeks ago momentous occasion with rural and urban economic and a new year is upon us. The development leaders from around the state coming Arizona economy continues to together toward a common goal. A Renewable Energy slowly recover and forecasters Jobs Bill passed the Senate in June and will hopefully predict the housing bottom is have passed the House and have been signed by now two quarters away. Governor Brewer by the time of publication. Our economic development leadership did everything in its What did we learn from two years power to move this important legislation forward. I of vast economic deterioration? commend Dave Bentler, Jane Bristol, Julie Engel, Joe Two major themes rose to the Snell, Barry Broome and many others from around the top in my mind: how quickly we can fall and how state for encouraging our elected leadership to move unified we can become. aggressively on an important jobs bill when the budget It seems like years ago since Arizona was on cloud crisis had everyone’s full attention. Therein lies the nine and leading the nation in economic prosperity. proof that smart economic policy driven by widespread We learned the hard way how quickly an economy can support can make a difference in the lives of Arizonans. collapse when its base industries are highly concentrated As we move in the latter part of 2009, I encourage within just a few sectors. The bear construction market leaders from around the state to continue to invest time has taken us from top five in job creation in 2007 to and resources in AAED to continue the strengthening 49th in 2009. Experts suggest that the construction of our brand, but to also push other legislative measures industry will have lost one half of its workforce from necessary to promote new high wage job creation. In 2006-2010. Just like every ebb and flow cycle, real the end, the fruits of our labor will be felt as we force estate will come back. However, now is the time to the recovery to come sooner than later. build stronger export industries in our state that will mitigate the volatility of a growth-dominated economy. Stimulus Update: Where is Your Money Going? • During Obama’s second 100 days in the White House, it is expected that another 600,000 jobs will be created - 135,000 of them will be in the teaching field. For Arizona teachers who were laid off in April, this means they may be going back to work in the fall. • $350 million of the stimulus dollars will be given to the Arizona Department of Transportation and will be used throughout the state. Two projects include the widening of I-17 north of the Carefree Highway up to Anthem and the addition of a third lane in each direction on the I-10 in the west Valley between Sarival Road and Verado Way. • Stimulus money will also pay for renovations to the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Phoenix and the Tucson Veteran’s Center. For more information visit www.azrecovery.gov 2
  3. 3. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 SPOTLIGHT: Julie Engel, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation Joyce Grossman, City of Phoenix Yuma County, larger than connection with the Robert A. Vaughn Expressway, the state of Connecticut, a limited access highway from the port connecting with over 5,522 sq. miles, to Interstate 8. The project will potentially employ is located in the southwest 1,000 workers. corner of Arizona. The year- round population is 235,000 What are the economic development issues that Yuma but increases each winter will have to address in the next five years? We need by 100,000. This month’s state reform of the existing tax structure coupled with spotlight is on the President/ the induction of reasonable incentive policies to attract CEO of the Greater Yuma corporate businesses. In Yuma, we have to go back to Economic Development our roots, a business-friendly environment. Reduce the Corporation (GYEDC) which costs related to impact and capacity fees. is dedicated to attracting commerce and industry to the What do you enjoy about your job? The wonderful Yuma region. people I work with. The thing I like most is the job Originally from North Platte, Nebraska, this individual creation and what it does for the communities we serve. followed her spouse to Yuma in 1996 when he joined the What was your first job and what did you learn from Arizona Game & Fish. A mother of three daughters, two it? At the age of 12, I cleaned a beauty shop. I learned college graduates and a six year old, indicates she changes that I did not want to do janitorial work the rest of my careers every decade. In her 20’s she was a cosmetologist, life, but I did want to do hair. in her 30’s a government financier, and in her 40’s an economic developer. Please meet Julie Engel… What is a little known fact about you? I was a kickboxing instructor at World Gym until I became the President/ What projects does Yuma currently have with CEO for GYEDC in July 2008. Yes, it did help to prepare regional/state impact? In September 2009, we will me for a career in economic development. open the new San Luis II Commercial Port of Entry in AAED Board Retreat PINETOP, ARIZONA / JUNE 19-21 2009-2010 BOARD MEMBERS (L-R): FRONT ROW/JEFF JARVIS, RACHEL BUSCH, CURT WOODY, JANE BRISTOL, LORI GARY, TAMMY CARR, PETE KLUTE, DAVID DRENNON BACK ROW/WADE NAFZGER, A’KOS KOVACH, DAVID BENTLER, ROCK RICKERT, ERIC LARSON, BARRY ALBRECHT, TERI DREW, LEVI ESQUERRA BOARD MEMBERS & COMMITTEE CHAIR AND VICE-CHAIRS (L-R): FRONT ROW/KARI AAED PAST PRESIDENTS IN MCCORMICK, LOIS YATES, LORI GARY, DEE DEE BARK, TERI DREW, TAMMY CARR, ATTENDANCE (L-R): FRONT DAVID DRENNON, BARBARA MEEK MIDDLE ROW/ JEFF JARVIS, MICAH MIRANDA, ROW/MICHAEL HAMMOND, AMANDA ELLIOTT, BARBARA VO, RACHEL BUSCH, PATRICIA KROGH, CURT WOODY, DEE DEE BARK, DUNBAR JANE BRISTOL, DEB JAYNE, BRIDGETTE WALKER, JOHN ULIBARRI, PETE KLUTE, NORTON, JANE BRISTOL BARRY ALBRECHT BACK ROW/MICHAEL HAMMOND, DUNBAR NORTON, WADE BACK ROW/L.H. HAMILTON, NAFZGER, L.H. HAMILTON, A’KOS KOVACH, ROCK RICKERT, DAVID BENTLER, KIM WADE NAFZGER, DAVID SOULE, LEVI ESQUERRA, CYNTHIA SPELL, DEAN SHEPPARD, ERIC LARSON BENTLER, KIM SOULE 3
  4. 4. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: LATEST DIRT A Amanda Elliott, G lb d Ell tt Gilbane Building Company Wickenburg Rachel Busch, City of Scottsdale Tim Kanavel, Wickenburg Scottsdale “Wickenburg fills an illustrious chapter in the history of The City of Scottsdale has adopted a new Arizona and the West. Though only 54 miles away from the Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning hustle and bustle of modern Phoenix, Arizona’s most western district to encourage mixed-use infill community hearkens back to a different time and place” development in commercial areas. The new (Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce). district allows developers to mix multi-family residential uses with retail stores, offices, and Wickenburg was employment uses. Rezoning a property to founded in 1863, by PUD increases the allowed building height to Henry Wickenburg, a 48 feet (plus another 10 feet for mechanical miner who discovered equipment) from 36 feet compared to other the Vulture Mine commercial corridor districts, and provides where more than $30 more flexibility on development standards, million in gold has residential density, and commercial floor been excavated. On area. PUD zoning can be obtained on small- June 19, Wickenburg medium sized sites of one-half to 15 acres wi l l celeb r at e its on arterial and collector streets. For more c e n t e n n i a l details, contact Kira Wauwie, Scottsdale anniversary of being Planning Department, at 480-312-7990 or i n c o r p o r at e d a s a visit www.scottsdaleaz.gov/codes/zoning Town. Wickenburg’s growth has remained steady at a 2% increase. Today’s population Winslow is approximately 7,000 residents. Representatives of the Grand Canyon Trust, Historically, Wickenburg’s economy has been based in Arizona Forest Restoration Products, and ranching, farming, mining and tourism. With today’s volatile Center for Biological Diversity signed an market, the need to diversify its economic base is paramount. agreement committing mutual support to Wickenburg’s proximity to all major interstate highways and a plan to safely restore beneficial fires and an abundance of available land make this area an excellent spot conserve biological diversity in northern for business prosperity. Arizona ponderosa pine forests, the largest Today, Wickenburg is home to several counseling/treatment contiguous ponderosa pine forest in the centers (The Meadows, Remuda Ranch, Rosewood Ranch, world. The new agreement supports the Gate House) and a few manufacturing companies with global construction of an oriented-strand-board, or imports and exports. “OSB,” plant by Arizona Forest Restoration Product. The plant, which has a lifespan of For the past year or so, Wickenburg’s focus has been in about 20 years, would use small-diameter establishing a Partnership organization while combining trees resulting from about 30,000 acres of efforts with WESTMARC, ultimately resulting in the inclusion ecological restoration treatments per year of its business park in the Western Maricopa Enterprise Zone. across a 2.4 million-acre analysis area. The The Partnership is also spearheading an effort to establish a facility will provide more than 600 jobs and 1,500 acre rail-served industrial park just west of Wickenburg. inject up to $200 million annually into the Additionally, there are several opportunities in the solar regional economy. To learn more about industry that Wickenburg is exploring. AZFRP, please visit www.azfrp.com. 4
  5. 5. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 Committee Corner Amy Malloy, Westcor Future Knowledge Ecosystems... continued from page 1 AAED committee’s are looking to stay cool this summer. (www.iftf.org/iasp), there are 14 trends that Here’s how they plan on doing it: are currently shaping Future Knowledge Ecosystems and the regions they are located in. AWARDS BANQUET COMMITTEE These trends fall into the three broad categories The Spring Conference was a big success and the awards of changes in Economy & Society, Science & dinner was incredible – the winners are still pinching Technology, and Models & Places for Research themselves. A Run for the Roses was a great theme that & Development. These emerging trends were magically turned the evening into a beautiful night! The used to develop three scenarios for the future of EDDE Awards Banquet Committee is officially taking a technology-based economic development over break and will regroup later this year. the next 20 years: NORTHERN ARIZONA COMMITTEE • SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PARKS 3.0 Two of the hottest topics in these challenging times are Similar in design to the research parks being job creation (business attraction and retention) as well created today, upon closer examination one as revenue enhancements. At its next meeting on July can see these new parks are centers where 10th, the Northern Arizona Committee is planning to conventional tenants are brought together showcase long-term economic development planning and with collaborative networks and university successes from Cottonwood, Prescott Valley, Kingman support and integration. and Winslow. The meeting will feature presentations by Gary Kellog on two local ED programs, “Auto to • THE R ISE OF R ESE ARCH S m a l l e r, Work” and “Remodel Havasu”. Additionally, there will more agile, flexible and inexpensive research be a presentation by Arizona Forest Restoration Products space surrounding local universities, and an opportunity to take a tour of Winslow after the “research clouds”, make the structured park meeting concludes. Plan to attend this exciting meeting environment obsolete. and bring a friend! • DEMATERIALIZED INNOVATION R&D SOUTHERN ARIZONA COMMITTEE activities become more virtual and the demand The Southern Arizona Luncheon is scheduled for July for research space declines. 22nd. The Tohono O’Odham Nation is tentatively The trends and scenarios derived by this study also planned to present their economic development plans for point to strategic takeaways that will help grow the future. Stay tuned for upcoming mixer dates. competitive communities. At the heart of each ECONOMIC & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Continued on page 6 The committee will be meeting over the next several weeks to review and further develop activities pertaining to the Action Plan for the upcoming year. The discussion points will include but not limited to: • Committee event that focuses on the future of economic development, workforce development, and innovation in Arizona • Committee’s role in arising as the leader/facilitator in providing information relating to Arizona’s Competitiveness in the area of workforce readiness • Marketing of workforce development resources and PHOTO COURTESY OF CHANDLER ECONOMIC programs, regionally and statewide DEVELOPMENT. (NOT FOR REDISTRIBUTION) • Membership outreach to peers in community to further strengthen workforce and economic development efforts 5
  6. 6. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 Future Knowledge Ecosystems... continued from page 5 scenario is the role of local universities. Though often slow to adapt, universities will need to become more responsive to regional technology needs if an area is to become a future knowledge ecosystem. Additionally, there needs to be a shift from product based to service based activities. New models need to focus on things like venture investments in new technology companies and evolve from products (buildings, sites, infrastructure) to services (incubation, technology transfer). INTEL’S NEW FACILITY IN CHANDLER Lastly, to ensure success of technology-led economic start-up companies and increased investments by State development, and in particular the science and Universities in research and development activities. technology park, collaboration among various state New initiatives are also on the horizon, like SB1403 and regional entities is essential. In each of the papers which is aimed at growing jobs in renewable energy presented by the more than 50 presenters, a public/ sectors. Furthermore, it is proven that these efforts are private collaborative relationship was at the heart of the beginning to pay off. Metro Phoenix recently ranked venture. In the US and abroad, successful regions had #23 in the Milken Institutes ranking of top performing taken initiatives to provide resources and development metros in the High-Tech Economy. Additionally,the tools to help stimulate technology investment in their commerce article starting on the first page of this region, country, or town. newsletter details the growth and expansion of IS ARIZONA READY? innovative companies in 2009. Much like the North Carolina of 1959, Arizona’s The work isn’t over yet. The current budget crisis economy is primarily supported by industries that are facing our state puts us at risk of taking three steps volatile and that have seen a recent decline: tourism, back for the one step we’ve made toward progress. As retail sales activity, and construction. Additionally, in an economic development community committed to 2008 Arizona’s personal per-capita income ranked 42nd advancing Arizona’s future, we all need to continue in the nation and the state has consistently experienced to work together to achieve our goals. As evidenced a brain drain from our university system due to the lack by emerging technology regions across the globe, of area opportunities for graduates. integrated statewide collaboration is the key to success as we grow Arizona’s innovation industries. Each of the However, in recent years Arizona has made significant regions across this state have strengths to bring to the progress toward increasing its innovative capacity and key table and a cooperative approach that highlights these leaders are recognizing the importance of innovation and strengths as a cohesive package which will help Arizona voicing their support. “Arizona’s innovative businesses come out on top – Remember, “The whole is more are critical to Arizona’s global competitiveness and than the sum of its parts”. economic recovery,” says Commerce Director Donald Cardon. “As Governor Jan Brewer has stated, we must promote job growth and sustainability and capital formation. Commercialization of products and THIS HONEYWELL EMPLOYEE IS discoveries by Arizona innovators will lead WORKING ON THEIR to new products, services, companies and 131-9A AUXILIARY the high-wage, high-skill jobs that will POWER UNIT, OR APU, WHICH LOWERS strengthen our State’s economic future.” FUEL CONSUMPTION BY 5 PERCENT, Activities that are contributing to REDUCING EMISSIONS Arizona’s improved competitive position AND TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP FOR include investments made by the State to AIRLINE OPERATORS. Science Foundation Arizona to support 6
  7. 7. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 Arizona Advances its Innovative Capacity... continued from page 1 The company says it’s making this investment to remain at systems and service solutions for aircraft manufacturers, the forefront of innovation. “These manufacturing facilities airlines, business and general aviation, military, space and will produce the most advanced computing technology in airport operations. In April, the company announced a the world,” said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. “The contract with Wizz Air of Hungary to provide a suite of capabilities of our 32nm factories are truly extraordinary, its safety and navigational avionics, as well as fuel-saving and the chips they produce will become the basic building Auxiliary Power Units, which will ensure a safer and more blocks of the digital world, generating economic returns far comfortable ride for passengers and provide class-leading beyond our industry.” fuel efficiency on the airline’s 70 new Airbus A320 family. While Intel generates more than seventy-five percent Arizona ranks in the top 10 for related aerospace exports of its sales overseas, a majority of its manufacturing, in the United States. There are nearly 500 companies research and development, and capital investments are in employing over 250,000 professionals within the industry, the United States. and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) places Arizona in the top five states for DOD contracts. HARNESSING THE SUN Aerospace and defense related parts account for a majority of Spanish based Albiasa Solar has chosen Arizona as the Arizona’s export products. In 2008, exports from the state new location for its U.S. renewable energy development to the rest of the world grew by more than a half-billion headquarters and has chosen a site near Kingman for a 200 dollars from 2007, a 2.68% increase to $19.74 billion. Data megawatt (MW) concentrating solar power (CSP) plant. from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Arizona “Arizona is a natural location for our first major U.S. project Department of Commerce indicate electrical machinery was due to the solar and transmission resources,” said Jesse the most in-demand, accounting for $7.2 billion in exports, Tippett, Albiasa Corporation’s U.S. operations director followed by machinery, with $3.1 billion. during the company’s news conference in April. “We look “Growing stable jobs is our highest priority, and it involves forward to doing business here.” a number of different initiatives, including continuing to Assisted by the Arizona Department of Commerce, Albiasa’s offer assistance to Arizona businesses to help them bring projects will create up to 2,000 construction jobs and more in new dollars – and employment – through exports,” said than 100 permanent jobs for Arizonans. The company’s Governor Jan Brewer. Adding it is part of “a comprehensive office in Phoenix will serve as its Arizona headquarters. approach to creating and sustaining jobs for our citizens.” “The Albiasa Kingman project involves over $1 billion The bigger players in the Arizona aerospace industry capital investment and will generate annually, with molten include companies such as Boeing, General Dynamics and salt thermal storage, more than 665,000 MWh of renewable Lockheed Martin. However, the majority of companies solar energy when completed in 2013,” said Albert Fong, in the area are small to medium size businesses that are Albiasa Corporation’s Chief Project Engineer. suppliers to the larger companies. Albiasa joins world-class solar-related companies in Arizona READY FOR TOMORROW including First Solar and Centrosolar in Phoenix, Kyocera As mentioned in the previous article, the state has made Solar and Stirling Energy Systems, in Scottsdale and Global progress toward supporting the next waves of scientific and Solar (Solon AG) in Tucson. technological advancement. Arizona is a renewable-energy pioneer - the first state in the An exciting blend of intellectual talent, state-of-the-art country to require utilities to produce at least some solar facilities and public-private partnerships have been developed energy. Others followed our lead, and today, 23 states, to accelerate next-generation solutions. Arizona’s high including Arizona, have a renewable-energy mandate. performance workforce is diverse, skilled, and growing ADVANCED AVIONICS at a faster rate than most other states. Employers benefit from a workforce backed by a strong university system Based in Phoenix, Honeywell’s $12 Billion aerospace business including Arizona State University, University of Arizona is a leading global provider of integrated avionics, engines, and Northern Arizona University. 7
  8. 8. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 CALENDAR MEMBER OF EVENTS JULY AUGUST NEWS On June 30th, AAED members Danielle Casey (City of Maricopa) July 2 August 4 a n d G r e g We i n e r ( A r i z o n a Southern Arizona Committee Meeting Phoenix Luncheon Department of Commerce), earned 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. TBA, 11:30 a.m. -1:00 p.m. the CEcD designation from IEDC Phoenix Airport Marriott, Phoenix July 7 at t h e 2 0 0 9 Te c h n o l o g y -L e d Phoenix Luncheon August 5 Economic Development Conference Brian Mueller, the CEO of Grand Membership Committee Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Canyon University (former President 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. CEcD designation is the certification of Apollo Group), Higher Education 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. August 6 for economic development Phoenix Airport Marriott, Phoenix Southern Arizona Committee Meeting practitioners. This designation 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. recognizes the culmination of years July 8 Membership Committee Meeting August 10 of professional education as well as 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Rural Committee Meeting practical experience, and signifies 3:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. the attainment of the highest level July 9 AAED Impromptu Mixer August 13 of knowledge and practical ability 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. AAED Impromptu Mixer in the profession. CEcDs are looked Location to be announced 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. upon as experts in their field by Location to be announced employers, July 9 Southern Arizona Committee Meeting August 17 peers and 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Events Committee Meeting professional 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. p a r tne r s in July 10 Northern Luncheon August 26 the public Get more out your time, Increase your Public Relations Committee Meeting a nd p r iv ate knowledge base, Northern Arizona, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. sectors alike. come grow with us August 26 - 28 11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m. Governor’s Rural and Regional Hubbell Trading Post, Winslow Conference, Litchfield Park July 13 Rural Committee Meeting 3:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. DANIELLE CASY, CITY OF July 15 MARICOPA Events Committee Meeting 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Claudia Sieb GREG WEINER, July 22 Principal ARIZONA Southern Arizona Luncheon Sieb Organization, Inc. DEPARTMENT Double Tree Hotel at Reid Park, Tucson 3605 N. 7th Avenue OF COMMERCE 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m Phoenix, Arizona 85013 (480) 317-0272 ext. 100 July 24 claudia.sieb@sieb.com Michelle Kelly has joined builder Board Meeting Barton Malow, Tempe, as business 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Tom Jackson development manager. She will Business Development July 29 Triad Steel Services, Inc. concentrate on new business Public Relations Committee Meeting 2501 W. Behrend Drive, #21 opportunities in the Arizona market, 3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Phoenix, Arizona 85027 with a special focus on public works (602) 714-9723 tom@triadsteel.com and higher education. Michelle can be contacted at 480-422-7400 or michelle.kelly@bartonmalow.com. 8
  9. 9. July 2009 | VOLUME 36, NO. 7 AAED Update PUBLISHER .............................................................. Bruce Coomer EDITOR ................................................................... Amanda Elliott CONTRIBUTORS EDITORIAL BOARD Rachel Busch Rachel Busch Chris Camacho Jennifer Graves David Drennon Megan Griego A’kos Kovach Joyce Grossman Julie Engel A’kos Kovach Jennifer Graves Dina Mathias Joyce Grossman Amy Malloy AAED Update provides news and views of the Arizona Association for Economic Development and its members. 9