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2N Telecommunications


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2N Telecommunications

  1. 1. Welcome to the world of 2N
  2. 2. IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENT CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS HIGHEST QUALITYbased on market and customer requirements and product modification and latest technology
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL COMPANYwith its headquarters in the Czech RepublicLeading manufacturer of communication equipmentMore than 20 years in the business
  4. 4. Our 150 employees arealways at your disposal Sharing our years of experience with youWe focus onyour success We grow and develop thanks to your feedback
  6. 6. 2N started as a small company. I am proud tosay that today, we are a company with a positionon the global market, with a turnover morethan 20 millions EUR per a year. We areconstantly looking to the future with theexpectation of further growth. This growth andsuccess is primarily based on motivatedemployees, who are our greatest asset.
  7. 7. INTERCOMSWe were the first in Europe to manufacture and sell SIP-based intercoms.
  8. 8. LIFT COMMUNICATORS Emergency calls from each lift.
  9. 9. IP AUDIO AND PAGING SYSTEMS Revolutionary IP audio technology.
  10. 10. GSM / UMTS Complete portfolio of gateways and routers to all networks.
  11. 11. UMTS / LTERouters for data network of new generations!
  12. 12. M2M SOLUTIONCustomer solutions for automated energy measurement, vending machines and lifts.
  13. 13. PBX BOOSTERUniversal modular solutions for all technologies.
  14. 14. ANNUAL PARTICIPATION AT MORE THANTWENTY INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITIONS2N always seeks and offers the very best solutions...
  15. 15. 2N is the best choice - see for yourself!2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s. +420 261 301 534 www.2n.czModřanská 621 / 72143 01 Prague 4, Czech Republic +420 261 301 499