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Alumni response


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Alumni response

  1. 1. See All View View View Select Guests to Invite 25 Attending Francis Martin Sevilla Henard King Rodriguez Alvin Teruel Ricky Sandil Selwyn Simora Rico M. Manalo Mark Ballesteros George Bryan Arrieta 25 Maybe Attending 146 Awaiting Reply 18 Not Attending CreateSponsored Birth Certificate? Have your NSO certificates delive to you in 2-4days anywhere in the country. Call NSO Helpline (02)737-1111. More Mafia, More Power Get more of everything when play Mafia Wars. what's yours. Pla now. Dennis Rommel Padua Flores played Stick figure Visit our Page an "Like" us today! · John Arnel Domingo likes t Great Deals! Great Finds! You'll always find great deals and o interesting items - the Philippines' larges online marketpla 1st BSIT Consultative Curriculum Development You are Attending · Share · Public Event Time Wednesday at 10:00am - October 21 at 4:00pm Location Hacienda Darasa, Tanauan, Batangas Created By Don Bosco BS Information Technology More Info Curriculum Development for the BSIT Program of Don Bosco involving all faculty members, alumni (via cyberspace), and selected student representatives from different year level. Edit Event Message G Like ShareAttach: Write something... Matt Lebrun I'd like to share my realizations when I joined the corporate world which I hope would be of some help in the coming Curriculum Development. It is in my best intention to help the future generation of IT students in DBTC. This will come in random since I'm writing this as I think so please bear with me. 13 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Matt Lebrun To appreciate our Accounting subjects better introduce ERP to the students. A lot of opportunities await in the business-side of IT. Also I agree to give SOENG more focus as it will greatly help. 13 hours ago · Like Matt Lebrun Software programming jobs will see a decline of demand in the US in the next 5-10yrs. A few reasons are offshoring and outsourcing. But Software Engineering will rise in demand in the US for the next 5-10yrs. Two things can be taken from this. Countries like us may benefit from the offshored/outsourced jobs and a foresight that Software Engineering might/will/is a critical role for an IT graduate to consider. 13 hours ago · Like Matt Lebrun I always wished we had more projects where there will be chances to talk to real clients, learn their business, gather specs, think of how technology can solve their problem, document it, then develop the solution. Having this will give our IT graduates a very strong edge once they step into the corporate world. This would've build their business, people, and technical skills. 13 hours ago · Like · Matt Lebrun I always remember Sir Barcy saying in a project 70% goes to planning, research, specs gathering, consolidation, etc and 30% goes to development or programming. I found this to be very true in corporate, sometimes its even 80:20 or 90:10. 13 hours ago · Like · Matt Lebrun Web development and Mobile development will be very hot areas for those who wish to pursue programming in the next 5-10yrs because of Web 3.0 and Cloud Computing. Even talks on Web 4.0 is spreading and 1 person 1 person Search Home Profile Acco Chat (Offline)
  2. 2. should be kept in mind. 13 hours ago · Like · Matt Lebrun The programming language used is trivial compared to having a programmer's mindset. Therefore logical/problem-solving skills is very important. In the corporate world, you don't always have a say/choice as to what language will be used but if you have grasped the basics you're well on your way to learning any programming language. Anyhow, if you don't know their language of choice they'll train you but the classroom/laboratory is the best place to instill a programmer's mindset. 13 hours ago · Like · Matt Lebrun As an elective, our IT students might also benefit from learning SEO and SEM. 13 hours ago · Like Matt Lebrun I've also learned that people skills is even more important than technical skills. 85% of your success in business will be affected by this and only 15% by your technical prowess. You'll meet managers/team leaders inferior to your technical skills but the reason they're in that position is because they know how to manage people. The people at the top are not necessarily the best at what they do but they're the best at managing people who are the best at what they do. Likewise, our Theology and Psychology classes are very much appreciated in this regard – Technology with a Soul remember? 13 hours ago · Like · Matt Lebrun Most of the time students think of the two subjects mentioned above as a bore and waste, but once you're faced with the critical, harsh, demanding, brutal, energy-sucking reality of the corporate world or just life outside the academe you'll value the lessons learned from those subjects. The corporate pay thousands just to give their employees the lessons we are already learning from those subjects. So please value them. Take notes and keep them with you especially once you step out of school. 13 hours ago · Like Matt Lebrun Back to Cloud and other emerging web technologies. It is because of these that Network Security will be an ever so hot topic in the very very near future. Knowledge and expertise in this field will be very important. 13 hours ago · Like Matt Lebrun Back to our Elective subjects. Since the choice of path to take after an IT student graduates is vast, could be possible that the student can have a choice of elective to take? For example if the student wishes to take the Networking side of IT then would have a choice of having an elective that would teach him more advanced topics in that field (Network security and the like). Or if its on the development/software engineering side the more advanced topics in this regard can be taken. 13 hours ago · Like · Matt Lebrun There's still a few things that must've escaped my thoughts, but that's it for now :) I hope this helps. 13 hours ago · Like Matt Lebrun Sorry for the redundant things ive mentioned. I just read the other posts here after I posted my thoughts ^_^; 13 hours ago · Like · Rodelio Barcenas Great Matt, ang dami na nito.. thanks for the help... I'll try to collate the alumni iniputs then present the directions or plans here by monday... hopefully by tue, all of us can see the new directions of BSIT. 1 person 1 person 2 people 2 people 1 person Chat (Offline)
  3. 3. Write a comment... Then on wed, I will be presenting the collated directions to the faculty for the curriculum review... Thanks and God bless you more.... 12 hours ago · Like Bogs Abraham Kudos Matt binasa ko talga lahat hehe,coudn't have said it any better my friend. Kahit nosebleed ata ako sa ibang mga pinagsasasabi mo sir. One point i would like to raise though is on the networking side lang naman. I really wish we could offer a networking courseware for the lesser gifted in programming, particularly modules of Cisco, ccent and icnd2, and then later on perhaps routing,switching, netsec fundamentals as you were pointing out... -mac 11 hours ago · Like Bogs Abraham Im not taking anything away from datacoms, but if there only was a substitute non programming subject and a competent networking subject that other technical students could perhaps go and excel at, this would be the most qualified alternative :) all other schools have them, baka pwede din satin. Again its just my opinion, and others too... i know its not going to be easy, but i know it will be for the good of our bosconian community. peace! regards sirs Pro deo et patria 11 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Yes change is a painstaking thing to pursue always. OK lang yun Bogs... everyone needs to grow.... Thanks for the inputs 31 minutes ago · Like Giovanni Petrache More elective subjects(No maximum limit of enrolled elective subjects) - if its possible to start elective classes(basics/introduction) in the 1st year level so students would be able to know what field to specialize especially for the undecided ones basic entrepreneurial management subjects - lets say, you have the skills of doing those IT stuff. But do you want to be come an employee till you retire or do you want retire early and be our own boss? I am currently into web development, making web sites for different companies in which they are making shit loads of money. So this idea came into my mind, instead of making web sites for them why wont I make my own web site or program and profit from it. 20 hours ago · Comment · Unlike · Flag You, Allan Butz Malunes and Christian Jesus Cerillo like this. Rodelio Barcenas Uy... this is worth a try... The BSIT program is trying to teach students become ready in the workplace... Why not also training them to be ready to become future entrepreneurs in the IT workplace.... I think we need to re-think the graduate attributes of an IT Graduate. We need to see where to fit this 20 hours ago · Like Giovanni Petrache having more entrepreneurs in our country could probably help our economic condition. sorry to those computer shop owners, i'm not referring to you.. LOL 20 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas yup .... Chat (Offline)
  4. 4. future google, facebook, inventors, or running your own firm instead of the firm running you... Kailangan namin nang speaker dito... Invite ka namin ha? 20 hours ago · Like Giovanni Petrache running your own firm instead of the firm running you... - mismo sir Invite ka namin ha? - hahahahah.. sure sir, but i'm currently out of the country. i guess i have to put up my own business first so i can share my experiences.. hopefully soon.. i think JB could be a good speaker for that. 20 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Sige... students can draw inspiration from you. Galing! clap clap clap... he he Aprub 19 hours ago · Like Christian Jesus Cerillo nice idea. actually focus ako ngaun sa web development and i'm freelancer now. pero naisip ko magbuild ng startup company at mag create ng sariling software product.. 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Having my students to become successful entreprenuer is one of my dreams. Kapag marami na sila and serving our country... I have done my part na siguro... time to retire.... 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas yeah! great Christian... Like Giovanni... he is one of the first batch of BSIT... sana dumami mga self employed and ultimately provide jobs to our fellow countrymen.. Its a long journey... but i think would be really worth it. Nothing wrong with that... you have my thumbs up there... 19 hours ago · Like Giovanni Petrache @christian: your into telecommuting? 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas I'll try to share this to our professors... this is one good thing we must try hard to include in the curriculum 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas perhaps Software as a Service .... something like that 19 hours ago · Like Christian Jesus Cerillo @sir rodel: thanks sir. madami po ako nakakausap ng mga startup company sa ibang bansa thru internet lang kaya nainspire din ako. @giovanni: oo kuya, telecommuting.. mejo nagsisimula pa lang pero ok naman.. since nag resign ako sa dating work ko as web developer sinubukan ko tong telecommute jobs.. 19 hours ago · Like Christian Jesus Cerillo eto inspiration ko 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas We'll take note of that... malay mo you will become another website millionaire like facebook... Follow your dreams... Si giovanni can guide you. BSIT alumni natin yan. Siya lang ang stud sa batch nila na nag work on his own... Get advices from him... Chat (Offline)
  5. 5. Write a comment... 19 hours ago · Like Christian Jesus Cerillo @thank you sir.. i'll take advices from kuya Giovanni.. 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Maganda rin mag karoon tayo nang BSIT Entrepreneurs Group din para mag join mga alumni natin na self employed... Helping one another ba.... It would strengthen each and others advocacies. sharing on projects... opportunities... para yung mga startup groups ay matulungan din... 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Interesting itong thread na ito ah... sana others can read through 19 hours ago · Like Giovanni Petrache @christian: dude, im sorry but im not used to be called kuya. just call me by my firstname. im cool with it. peace. just ask around, i can share you my ideas and maybe give you advices. maybe you can use this to organize your ideas back to the drawing board. @sir rodel: im currently an ofw here singapore, working for a french company. so i think im not self employed now. ^^ ryzan malabuyoc(classmate) was the one who introduced me to the telecommuting job. I owe this to him. I think he's doing good in that field. 19 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas does he have an FB account? 19 hours ago · Like Christian Jesus Cerillo @giovanni: sorry.. sige Giovannie na lang.. thanks for sharing, yes back to basics, mindmap.. 19 hours ago · Like Write a comment... Giovanni Petrache ENGLISH - i am one of those bastards to take this subject for granted. i even failed this subject when i was in high school. this is a MUST, especially if we want to compete with the global market SOCIAL SKILLS - this could not be learn in the four corners of the classroom. even how good you are academically(getting 1 for gpa) but your an arse, you would still be an arse. 20 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas IT Students must have Interpersonal Skills + Real Good Written and spoken English 20 hours ago · Like Mikki Robiso correct.. +1 for Vanni hehe 10 minutes ago · Like Giovanni Petrache For students: Don't you dare to miss out your college life, go out and have fun(you can ask your sir Henard King Rodriguez about it). Im not stopping you from doing stupid things because we learn from it. Just be sure to learn the things that is being thought, like academics andChat (Offline)
  6. 6. Write a comment... make the best out of it. If you don't understand something, don't feel stupid, dumb or shy, go ask and learn. I guess learning starts when we first came out of this world(we learn how to breath). Going to school/college/university is just a preparation for the career path we plan take. Its doesn't mean that when we graduate, it's the end of it. It is actually the beginning. You'll know when you get there. Learning or education is a never ending process. 20 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas The students should be trained to have the passion for learning more .... medyo mahirap ito but worth it 20 hours ago · Like Giovanni Petrache i guess this the common issue with educators. but when you got them started *boom*. ang problema na lng is what to teach them.. 20 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas yup. copy 20 hours ago · Like Fern Ariola also not to repeatedly do the same stupid thing but learn from its consequences 17 hours ago · Unlike · Rodelio Barcenas Agree... tama 12 hours ago · Like 2 people Write a comment... Geo TotoyPanget Dela Paz Symfony is a good PHP Framework. I used it in my previous job. ;D 21 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Thanks Geo... we'll try to study your inputs as well as coldfusion... ang concern lang namin is kung gaano karami sa industry ang gumagamit nito.... 20 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas This is another input sa Electives 20 hours ago · Like Write a comment... Daniel Quismorio sir, sa mga electives try Coldfusion.. madali lng po siya aralin.. SUper dali gamitin pang hatak ng maraming tables specially sa mga web base project na ginagawa po sa skul.. tps pwede po i-integrate sa mga scripting language, like php etc.. 22 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas we'll look into this one... yep... electives perhaps 22 hours ago · Like Jerome Bassig "Problem Resolution Time" is essential in every business. More often, one small problem leads to a much more difficult one. With this, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is introduce. It's a set of IT activities which Chat (Offline)
  7. 7. serves as our guideline in IT Service Management. Remember that its not always that you solve the problem, but also the time it took to fix it. 22 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas nice one... Copy.... No more mercy this time sa deadlines.... 22 hours ago · Like Jerome Bassig Naalala ko d2, ung nka-post sa IT LAB.. "Beggars not allowed, Professionals Come in".. 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas inculcate discipline among studs is really a must. Its easier to explain to them now... once may kuya sila na nag sasalita from the outside 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Ibabalik ko nga ulit yun... May nag tanggal nun eh... 22 hours ago · Like · Rodelio Barcenas kahit anong galing mo sa lahat nang IT technologies... kung wala ka nito tsk tsk tsk... sabog 22 hours ago · Like Jerome Bassig one more thing, "ITS ALWAYS OK TO ASK".. Hindi masama magtanung, kasi most probably some of us might have encountered the problem that you are entangled now.. There's no Letter "I" in the word "TEAM".. 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas another point... Team work is not evident sa mga IT students.. kahit sa Thesis na lang, walang group... minsan 1 or 2 lang gumagawa... 22 hours ago · Like · Rodelio Barcenas another important part here is the thinking and analysis part... kung wala ka nito, may prob ka talaga sa deadline... siguro ... training students to think critically rin important 22 hours ago · Like Jerome Bassig This will fall into group management as well sir. If you're leader is not capable of handling the team, wala talaga mangyayari. 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Focus also on leadership skill in students... kailangan mailagay din ito sa curricullum 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas This are softskills... we'll try to see kung anong mga subjects pede insert itong issue na ito 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Leadership Teamwork Critical Thinking Time control 22 hours ago · Like · Jerome Bassig A sign of a good leader is that he/she can expel member na hindi na productive.. That way, his/her members will be always be push to the limits, giving priceless end-results. 22 hours ago · Like · 1 person 1 person 1 person 1 person Chat (Offline)
  8. 8. Write a comment... Write a comment... Mark Ballesteros Try to integrate Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to the course itself. Since most of the things that are in the internet today can be based on Social Medias. I, for one never thought that IT and Marketing can co-exists. I remembered that we tackled at IRM about web crawling, and if it is possible that you can go deeper to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM. If ever, there are a lot of possibilities to learn more lalo na dynamic ang technology today. Now at work, I've learned a lot about SEO and I hope that students can really learn it kahit konti lang para may idea sila on how diverse the technology today. 22 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Narinig ko na din ito sa iba alumni. I'll communicate this with Sir Alvin Mamya... I'll call his attention on this 22 hours ago · Like Mark Ballesteros thanks sir barci!if ever, i'll give some inputs on a more deeper way sa SEO pag may time! 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Sige... medyo bago tech na yan... feed mo kami inputs... madali naman kami maka pickup 22 hours ago · Like Allan Butz Malunes Sir Barcenas, I remember his topic way back college days when a student of AMA was televised and claims he 'hacked' a website of a famous fastfood company (I'm still finding the link) he was arrested but freed because laws in cyberhacking wasn't 'refined' back then. Cutting the story short, news claims he uses SEO/SEM to redirect traffic to his favored brand thus occupying the first 10 links in search engines. It was a crime because it's unethical to use meta tags to misrepresent a company Ex. If your brand is Jolibee but you used meta tags related to mcdo in effect when anyone types in search engine 'mcdo hamburgers' a jolibbe entry will still appear. I've researched more about the topic and I found out that SEO/SEM is taught at AMA or STI ata as elective. I'll post if I found more details of the topic. 15 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Sige Allan, give me more info about this... Nice info.... 7 minutes ago · Like Alvin Boki Some suggestions also for students who are considering Software Engineering 1. Do NOT take forgranted the lessons about SDLC. It is the lifeline of the software engineering line and you cannot just "code and deploy" your program without some proper planning on how you accomplish your project. 2. Do NOT limit yourself to the programming. Clients will also be confident of your skills if you can configure servers, deploy applications, identify frameworks, etc. But of course you have the option of being a specialist of your field 3. Final tip. OBSERVE DEADLINES!!! Business will not be able to take your excuse of late deadlines as you do now in school, 1 mistake is not only your mistake, it will also be your team's (and possible yourChat (Offline)
  9. 9. Write a comment... company's) mistake. That's what our batch learned after the hard years in college. ;) 23 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas thanks for this input... will relay this to the studs... 22 hours ago · Like Jerome Bassig Deadline = ang kakatay sayo sa industry... 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Shape up or Ship out 5 minutes ago · Like Alvin Boki If it's possible to have a branching of skillset for the IT curriculum? I've been on the Software Engineering industry, but most of my batchmate also end up in Database Administration and Systems Administrators. I agree for most of the people here that suggest that we should also focus on other aspects of IT and not on programming. Maybe students who aspire for programming should be co-branched with Computer Science? Just some ideas but I am thinking if it is doable for the school 23 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas thanks alvin.... Iba kasi ang totoong discipline nang Computer Science. Research ang focus nang Computer Science There is a move na tanggalin ang Thesis and replace it with Capstone Project. Parang thesis din ito... pero applied. Students will really deal with implementing actual IT systems sa mga company Para ito sa application nang SOENG and SOPRJ subjects what do you think? 23 hours ago · Like Alvin Boki Would it be redundant for SOENG and SOPRJ ? And would the students also be limited to a certain technology or are they free to choose? :) 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas still in the draft pa rin may advantage pa rin kasi ang students na marunong mag research or thesis... important skill yung research 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas siguro, dapat may connection sa reality ang dapat gawin nang students sa SOENG and SOPRJ 23 hours ago · Like Alvin Boki I'd go for focus on reaserch then . Another question is that, like most alumni mentioned here, some people might not be interested in software engineering and are keen on other fields of IT (like Voice/PABX from Dan, System Administration from King, etc.). Would the students have an option to from this fields? Given that this fields may have a limited slots available so that there's a balanced distribution of skilled graduates 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas yung VOIP, pwede mag introduce sa Advance DTCOM example Asterisk 23 hours ago · Like Alvin Boki This "Capstone Project", would it also apply on other fields of IT like DTCOM, DBMS and SYSAD? 23 hours ago · Like Chat (Offline)
  10. 10. Write a comment... Rodelio Barcenas yes... A system... as a whole 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas mas madugo pa nga yun sa ITPRJ 23 hours ago · Like Alvin Boki Ouch :P I think we're off a good start, identifying all the possible skillsets and fields . let's see how it goes. I'll think of another input maybe this week. 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas I-collate ko na kasi by monday... then present ko sa alumni... then kung ok... present ko sa curriculum dev namin by wed 22 hours ago · Like Alvin Boki then by later or tomorrow sunday :) 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas thanks for your time ha? 22 hours ago · Like Write a comment... Dan Vicera Suggestion, Introduce VOIP/PABX system in the curriculum like Asterisk and Vicidial. Having an experience with these two system will give you an edge when working on a call center/BPO Industry. 23 hours ago · Comment · Like · Flag Jerome Bassig yap.. kahit simulation lang, para magkaruon ng idea ung mga future hopefuls how is it in the industry mentioned above.. 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas copy 19 hours ago · Like Jessie Alipio The students should know what they really wants, on programming orin hardware/designing of the systems, because the school maybe can givelectures about designing systems and not all about i suggest that the students who are interested in system designing (includes configs in routers,firewalls, subnetting... See More Yesterday at 10:02am · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas that's one good angle jessie --> the students should really know what they want. in reality, there is a big number of students still rising up to the third year level who doesnt know what they really want. Maybe kulang din ang department nang good information system explaining and making them appreciate the course they are taking... The Elective offering should be more than usual, making them pick which major they want to pursue... thanks for the input 23 hours ago · Like Rico M. Manalo we have started injecting the topic like subnetting of ipv4 and introduction of ipv6 to advanced data communication and router configuration to computer engineering through packet tracer sad to say we dont have cisco routers. 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas baka may alumni gusto mag donate... kahit luma... Chat (Offline)
  11. 11. Write a comment... joke lang... 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas yung luma na itatapon na 23 hours ago · Like Rico M. Manalo Major projects of my students at the end of the course Advanced data communication are to set up diffrent servers using Linux like printer server, DHCP server, FTP, DNS, HTTP server and database server.. 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas or just simply convert the existing ITPRJ to Capstone Project 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas yun naman description nun... ITPRj -- IT Project 23 hours ago · Like Write a comment... Bitoy Mitra I would suggest that let the students realize that hindi lang yung magaling sa pag code ang kelangan pag labas mo. I've seen cases na kahit sobrang dami ng magaling na programmers the project seems to go over the budget simply because of the technical designs. I can say for myself that the most crucial part of SDLC is the Planning and the Analysis dahil kapag jan pa lang tama ang pagkaka gawa hindi ka na mag kaka problem sa design up to implementation. To the students, I suggest you take your english subject seriously. You're going to benefit from it pag labas sa school. I was just wondering kung bakit wala kaming technical writing nung time namin. It would be such a great help. Tandaan hindi habang buhay mag ccode ka. Friday at 7:49pm · Comment · Like · Flag Angelo Debil Asual likes this. Rodelio Barcenas Thanks ... copy that... Agree .... kahit may alam ka sa SOENG and SOPRJ mgt... pag english ang prob... sablay ka.... tama ka diyan Lalo na yung di ma express yung sarili at hirap magsalita. Mas malalim na prob ito. Until now yung iba natin IT grad may prob sa english... Whew, madami dami itong trabaho... he he Friday at 8:19pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas Tandaan hindi habang buhay mag ccode ka. <--- I like this ... he he Friday at 8:22pm · Like Dan Vicera Bityo, I think we do have technical writing before as part of the English subject. The problem is we take it for granted... 23 hours ago · Like Jerome Bassig tama, hindi ka laging nsa back-end ng team.. 22 hours ago · Like Paolo Non Too much focus on programming.. Pay more attention to the Hardware and OS aspect of IT. Being able to install Linux on a server is different from managing it. Now think of Chat (Offline)
  12. 12. Write a comment... managing more than 10000 Linux, Unix and Windows machines. Also take note of virtualization as in-the-cloud technology is on the rise. Friday at 11:52am · Comment · Like · Flag Angelo Debil Asual likes this. Rodelio Barcenas Thanks for the input. Yes definitely the directions of IT is moving towards the Cloud computing... In some countries, they are downsizing the IT personnel requirements. this is a trouble in the near future. There would be lesser requirements for programmers, etc. I agree to the idea of giving attention to the managing part of it... The cloud system does not work on single computers only thanks paolo on the input... it just confirmed my thoughts about it Friday at 2:30pm · Like Mikki Robiso Sir, I would also like to add working on 64-bit OS environment and server clustering/load balancing on server deployment and implementation. Also, fundamentals on Linux OS filesystem, tools and configuration files which is also essential on server management. 13 minutes ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas Copy... 12 minutes ago · Like Write a comment... Christian Jesus Cerillo How about Web Development?? I'm currently using varieties of open source CMS like Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress to provide website authoring and ease management of Contents in web.. PHP still is the most powerful web programming language but why not try introducing web frameworks like Django(Python based). CSS3 and HTML... See More Friday at 9:22am · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Hi, thanks for the inputs... currently we are introducing PHP frameworks to the curriculum, MVC - Model View Controllers. CMS and other PHP based apps are doing it through frameworks. PHP cake, Code Igniter... Do you use frameworks... Friday at 2:36pm · Like Christian Jesus Cerillo I've tried using sir Code Igniter, much better than any frameworks available. Tapos inaral ko din Zend but I've find it difficult. Much better if the programmer must come up with his own version of framework. Important po kasi para mapabilis ang programming. Friday at 4:12pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas I agree to that... Sir King too was having problems with Zend.. Sir Alvin introduced this to an Elective subject, MVC Model View Controllers... enjoy sila... Siguro pa-train ko pa yung teacher regarding this technology... Thanks very much... Friday at 4:51pm · Like Matt Lebrun I can't be there physically, but i'd love to share some thoughts that might help. wWhere can I post? Friday at 12:55am · Comment · Like · Flag Chat (Offline)
  13. 13. Write a comment... Rodelio Barcenas Anywhere... post or comment on other's post Friday at 8:33pm · Like Write a comment... Alvin Boki Java(J2EE) and Oracle PL/SQL. Software engineering. Thursday at 11:24pm · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Thanks alvin... any inputs? Something to discuss? Thursday at 11:42pm · Like Alvin Boki new inputs incoming :) 23 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas thanks 23 hours ago · Like Aletheia Maclang Sir, yung paggawa po ng documents... From requirements gathering up to the maintenance of the project. Na-experience ko po kasi sa work na mas mahirap gumawa ng system kapag hindi clear yung requirements ng client... and nasasayang yung time kapag pabago bago yung requirements lalo na kapag walang proof kung ano talaga yung napag-usapan ng both parties. I used to work using .NET pero ngayon more on VBA ang ginagamit ko. Thursday at 11:16pm · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Thanks aleth for the inputs... yan nga talaga ang problem, not the programming side... May ginawa kami sa SOENG413 lately na naging connected siya sa actual stakeholder. Maybe a real hands on type activity will help train students. Expand pa siguro.... SOENG413 more.... Thursday at 11:45pm · Like Aletheia Maclang yeap... hirap din magturn over ng mga projects... lalo na kapag walang documents... kaya kapag inexplain sakin yung process, kailangan maintindihan ko siya kagad as a whole kasi po kapag hindi.. mammroblema na ako kapag nagsupport ako ng system. :P Tsaka sir, more problem solving sa programming... Not to make them memorize the syntax, but to enhance their problem solving. Since na-practice ako sa school ng pagpprogram, I find it easier to develop a system kahit anong technology gamitin kasi na-practice na ako sa mag-analyze ng process tsaka kung pano siya ieexecute. :) Friday at 12:19am · Like Rodelio Barcenas Yup, marami na kayo nag sabi niyan... thanks for the inputs, I have now more than enough reason to scrutinize the contents of the programming and algorithms Friday at 4:53pm · Like Aletheia Maclang Onga sir eh, nung nasa college ako... hirap na hirap ako sa programming... pero ngayon, naninibago ako... kapag tinatanong nila ako kung nahihirapan ba ako.. para sakin, parang hindi naman.. nagtatagal lang ako sa paghanap kung ano yung tamang syntax.. hahaha... :P Friday at 9:53pm · Like Chat (Offline)
  14. 14. Write a comment... Jerome Bassig, solve ka na aleth, pero sympre It still lies on the process flow that you want in you're output.. Kasi minsan pansin ko din, tama naman ung code, un nga lang mali ung output.. 22 hours ago · Like Giovanni Petrache mas mahirap gumawa ng system kapag hindi clear yung requirements ng client.... - i regularly encounter this problem cause of language barrier(talking to a french project manager who doesn't speaks english that well). there are tickets assigned to me that has no specs, and there are also bugs needed to be fix but no explanation why it is a bug. what i do is, keep asking questions till i understand the requirement and document it and show it to him. we really cant rely on client in making the documentation so we have to do it on our own. 18 hours ago · Like Aletheia Maclang @Iyoy: kaya nga.. hehehe.. :) dapat maexercise yung pag-create nila ng process... hindi sila dapat magrely sa syntax.. :P hehehe... mas mahalaga yung process flow. :P 14 hours ago · Like Aletheia Maclang @Giovanni: I agree... usually I keep on sending e-mails to the client to confirm kung yun yung talagang gusto nilang ipagawa.. kasi kapag nagpabago bago sila ng requirements, tapos wala kang document/proof na maipapakita na iba yung pinag-usapan niyo... lagot ka.. hahha 14 hours ago · Like Christian Tan | Mine's SAP-ABAP. Thursday at 11:15pm · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Any inputs re ABAP? What is it? a database? SQL? or Other? Friday at 2:38pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas Medyo mahal ang SAP but I think there is a work around... Meron nag punta dito from fast track solutions and gave me the framework of SAP. I think the reason why it will be harder for a grad to participate is because of the many jargons in business operations. I'm planning to introduce this This can be adapted by accounting, finit and MIS Friday at 4:56pm · Like Bitoy Mitra Since SAP is expensive why not for Sharepoint? hehe Friday at 7:45pm · Like Christian Tan | ABAP is the programming language of SAP. It says that the syntax is similar to COBOL (I have no idea since I do not know COBOL) but for me, it has its similarities with C, PHP and JAVA. 21 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas If that is a cobol language... we can insert it in the electives. Meron Open Cobol sa linux... which uses the same syntax as the real COBOL 20 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas tama ba? COBOL is commonly used in old banks? i.e. BPI 20 hours ago · Like Chat (Offline)
  15. 15. Write a comment... Carlo Arcilla I just wanted to note that maybe it would tremendously help the department if they will be retrofitting/reorganizing the curriculum based on the current trends. Most of us found ourselves in a middle of a jungle when we 1st set out to work. Thursday at 11:14pm · Comment · Like · Flag Christian Tan likes this. Carlo Arcilla We will be more than happy to supply you with inputs or maybe even personal work experiences so that future alumni can arm themselves better after graduating. Thursday at 11:16pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas Please be specific. Thanks for the inputs... Thursday at 11:16pm · Like Carlo Arcilla We are currently involved in SAP practice and based on my experience so far, our curriculum was based on an idea that students should be well equipped on all aspects of technology within the scopes of IT. But I believe that maybe being a sort of "jack of all trades" makes us "aces of none." so maybe a little focus or maybe having a major in a particular technology can greatly benefit to the student's mastery of that practice. Thursday at 11:22pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas OK. copy... our current free elective is not really free elective... offering a large range topics can help students choose their specializations... what do you think? Thursday at 11:30pm · Like Christian Tan | I agree with James. For me, the whole Linux mania didn't help at all. We were made to believe that we have the "edge" if we know Linux. I believe the curriculum should focus more on what's REALLY out there in the industry the likes of SAP, Oracle, Cisco -> knowing these systems will really give you a headstart in playing the game. Thursday at 11:31pm · Like Christian Tan | One more thing, since it is I.T., we should give more focus in programming since that's what we're expected to do when employers learn that we graduated from that degree. Put the other subjects aside or atleast give little emphasis on them. C, Java, PHP - the students need to develop the art of analysis, logical thinking and programming. Just my 2 cents. Thursday at 11:35pm · Like · Carlo Arcilla That's a start sir. I was thinking the same thing. Actually, issue samin yan back then. We hope that by raising this issue, a proper elective system can finally be established. Thursday at 11:35pm · Unlike · Rodelio Barcenas Copy... Oracle ---> done Sir Alvin is doing a great job now by integrating more DB in advance DB subject; Nagawan na niya yung Oracle but not implemented yet... May plans din POSTGRE to be included. Sir Rico is now introducing more inputs coming from CISCO. Malayo na rin yung nadagdag niya. Baka may particular requirements from CISCO? Thursday at 11:36pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas @CHI I agree on the analysis, logical 1 person 1 person Chat (Offline)
  16. 16. Write a comment... thinking. It will always matter a lot. Pag marunong ka niyan, any programming language madali na lang... Technology should just be the icing in the cake. This would mean teachers handling subjects in the lower years should have a real good curriculum... Enjoy ako dito sa inputs ninyo... mababasa naman nila ito.... thanks Thursday at 11:41pm · Like Christian Tan | Exactly Sir. Analysis and Logical thinking are the keys. Programming language won't matter once you master the keys. Which brings me to my point, spend more time on programming not on arts, psychology et al. And what really gave me a problem back then in college was remembering the lessons discussed - I hope mabago yung schedule. Make the major subjects (programming) run 3x a week. Atleast 2 hours a day. Hasahin sila ng mabuti. Lunurin sila sa programming. It is true that practice makes perfect. More lab time. More exercises. Just to share, I learned programming by using pen and paper only. Mahirap at first pero when I switched into doing it on the computer, piece of cake. And please, NO MORE TAKE HOME QUIZZES/EXAMS. Kudos to you Sir and the whole IT Department. I wish I was able to experience Oracle and Cisco din. Mabenta sa employer kasi when they see those in your resume. Friday at 12:23am · Like Rodelio Barcenas yup... same here... technology is just an icing on the cake Friday at 1:05pm · Like Bitoy Mitra ok sana kung maka experience ng .NET ang students since a lot of big enterprises uses this one mahal nga lang. .NET / SAP / Oracle would really make someone marketable. Yesterday at 8:58am · Like George Averilla WAN based technology from Cisco and IP telephony sir Rodel. Also worked on internal knowledge database for our team using PHP and MySQL to manage miscellaneous but important client/customer information and files. Thursday at 11:07pm · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Copy.. We have Sir Rico now focusing on CISCO, sayang nung time niyo wala pa siya sa atin. Thanks for the input... It really helps Thursday at 11:19pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas @ IP Telephony, I think we can add this activity in our current advance datacomms... something like asterisk? yun nga lang we can only use soft phones. Mahal kasi yung telephone cards... OK ba yun? Thursday at 11:21pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas What about yung sa PHP? Currently we are introducing Frameworks like Code Igniter, moving towards PHP Cake? Yung Zend Framework medyo madugo Thursday at 11:22pm · Like George Averilla Yup mahal lang talaga ang IP telephony devices and related software to manage it. Yung sa PHP sir nothing in advance...basic lang talaga siya for MACD of data. Gusto ko nga sermunan yung gumawa nung database namin sa work...lagi ko quote sa mga workmate ko na kung andun kayo malamang nasabon niyo na yun...basic database Chat (Offline)
  17. 17. Export Write a comment... programming lang sablay-sablay na panu pa kaya kung naging relational type na...tsk tsk... Thursday at 11:29pm · Like Rodelio Barcenas OK. Pansin ko rin even our current students sablay ang DB Design... Medyo squeeze a little siguro yung mga nagtuturo... more training sa faculty Thursday at 11:32pm · Like George Averilla Sir like you said sense in advancing to any technology if you have not understood by heart its basic fundamentals. Thursday at 11:35pm · Like · Giovanni Petrache @sir barcenas: if mahal ung devices, why not make DIY devices. like reverse engineering and innovate. make something more cheaper(which the chinese are good at - i.e. china cheapo phones). i guess by making our own devices we would able to learn more.. 22 hours ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas good input yan... nakalimutan ko nga pala... bosconian trait yan... improvise 22 hours ago · Like Mikki Robiso Sir add na rin po natin yung simulated routing protocols like EIGRP, OSPF and BGP. Also familiarisation on Layer 7 capable firewall technologies like Untangle or PFSense. 2 minutes ago · Like Rodelio Barcenas copy... Layer 7 routing... a good one 2 minutes ago · Like 1 person Rodelio Barcenas What IT technology are you working on right now? Please give us the nature of your work and the demands from you as a graduate. Thursday at 10:56pm · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Share us your experiences on your first Job. Was the program able to make you competetive in the workplace? Please share some suggestions here. Thursday at 10:51pm · Comment · Like · Flag Rodelio Barcenas Alumni may post inputs here... so that everyone can have a dose of discussions ahead of time October 12 at 11:06pm · Comment · Like · Flag Facebook © 2010 · English (US) About · Advertising · Developers · Careers · Privacy · Term Chat (Offline)