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What does it take to win a Lion?


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What does it take to win a PR Lion at Cannes? The awards seem to have a habit of going home with advertising agencies and not with more traditional PR shops. What won this year and what did the winners have in common? and the most important question of all, how do we take one home next year?

What does it take to win a Lion?

  2. CANNES<br />In its 57th year. One of the longest running awards for communications and marketing<br />Cannes, to me at least is...<br />
  3. THIS YEAR<br />Debate over the name of the festival<br />H&K combines a silent disco and a flashmob in the main square<br />Google search “Cannes Eye”<br />A print ad from 2 years ago almost won a Grand Prix<br />
  4. THE PR LIONS<br />Added as a separate category in 2009.<br />Attracted almost 600 entries across the different sections and techniques.<br />You can find the full listing here:<br />
  5. THE SHORTLIST<br />SHORTLIST 54AD:33PR|11BA <br />
  6. SILVER<br />SILVERS 21AD:11PR|4BA<br />
  7. THE GOLDS<br />GOLDS 6AD:5PR|1BA<br />
  8. REPLAY<br />The Grand Prix & a Gold<br />Gatorade<br />TBWA/Chiat/Day LA<br /><br /><br />
  9. SUMMARY<br />PROBLEM: As athletes age, their lifestyle means less exercise and less Gatorade<br />INSIGHT: Every athlete has a moment they want to go back and change<br />COMMS IDEA: Let’s fuel second chances. <br />
  10. SO WHAT DID THEY DO?<br />
  11. WHY IT WON<br />Strong Insight Informed Strategy that challenges a universal truth.<br />Changed human behaviour (majority weight loss)<br />Massive ROI (14,000%) across integrated channels<br />Thousands of requests to be a part of the next REPLAY<br />Regional Sales up 63%<br />
  12. CONCERT FOR THE PEOPLE<br />Two Golds – Arts & Live Events<br />Philharmonic Orchestra of Hamburg<br />Jung von Matt, Hamburg<br /><br />
  13. SUMMARY<br />PROBLEM: They Orchestra is considered boring<br />INSIGHT: Visiting a performance hall is buying into boredom<br />COMMS IDEA: Take the Orchestra to the people<br />
  14. SO WHAT DID THEY DO?<br />
  15. WHY DID IT WIN?<br />20,000% ROI <br />Guinness World Record<br />Integrated TV, Experiential and Online to earn media and interest.<br />12.3% increase in ticket sales.<br />
  16. AUDITORIUM FOOTBALL<br />Two Golds – Integrated PR led & Live Events<br />Heineken Italia<br />Barabino & Partners + JWT, Milan<br /><br /><br />
  17. SUMMARY<br />PROBLEM: Sponsoring UEFA football means no news.<br />INSIGHT: Growing Up puts a man’s sacred moments at risk<br />COMMS IDEA: Heineken offers the best moments.<br />
  18. WHAT DID THEY DO?<br />
  19. WHY DID IT WIN?<br />Massive reach. 6M TV on the night, 10M in the days after, more again online. Big ROI<br />Great idea that was great to watch<br />Created off the back of a “leveraged out” property<br />
  20. RIDING SHOTGUN WITH PAPA<br />1 Gold, 1 Silver – Integrated PR led & Retail<br />Papa John’s Pizza<br />Fleishman Hillard, St Louis<br /><br />
  21. SUMMARY<br />PROBLEM: Make Pizza News, driving sales and preference.<br />INSIGHT: Papa Johns is the authentic story of the American Dream<br />COMMS IDEA: Retell the “beginning” story. <br />
  22. SO WHAT DID THEY DO?<br />
  23. WHY DID IT WIN?<br />1960 placements, 370 million impressions, 200,000 people at events, 312,000 facebook fans<br />6% rise in online ordering<br />Earnings up 2% during the campaign, when everything else was down<br />Shifted affinity across product categories<br />
  24. SAVE THE BALTIC SEA<br />1 Gold – Public Affairs<br />Baltic Sea Action Group<br />Taivas HELSINKI – Finland<br /><br />
  25. WHAT DID THEY DO<br />
  26. WHY DID IT WIN<br />150 sea saving commitments from political and business leaders incl 12 heads of state<br />Spread outside of the Baltic, coverage and commitments<br />1500 pieces of coverage in one day<br />
  27. SNOWMEN AGAINST GLOBAL WARMING<br />1 Gold – Corporate Communication<br />ENTEGA<br />DDB GERMANY – Berlin<br /><br />
  28. WHAT THEY DID<br />
  29. WHY IT WON<br />Graphically stunning execution<br />20,000 visitors to the site<br />Picture went around the world<br />Visits to rose 300%<br />Perfect Example of Invitation>Execution>Amplification<br />
  30. SAVE CHRISTMAS<br />1 Gold – Best Social Media<br />Alladin Chocolates<br />Prime PR, Sweden<br /><br />
  31. WHAT THEY DID<br />
  32. WHY IT WON<br />5% of the population voted<br />106,000 boxes of chocolate increase<br />33 Million impressions<br />App was number 4 on the fastest growing list globally<br />
  33. SUN SOUND<br />1 Sliver – Charity and Non Profit<br />Cancer Council<br />Three Drunk Monkeys, Sydney<br /><br />
  34. WHY DID IT WIN?<br />27,000 unique Google Searches<br />15,000% ROI<br />Changing behaviours<br />International coverage in 13 markets.<br />
  35. PHOTOCHAINS<br />1 Silver – Best Social Media<br />Canon<br />Leo Burnett, Sydney<br /><br />
  36. WHY DID IT WIN<br />Engaged audience – 94 photos a day<br />Increase in market share to 67%<br />
  37. WHAT DO THESE IDEAS HAVE IN COMMON?<br />Engaged Audience<br />Positive Business Result<br />Strong Insight<br />ROI<br />End to End Idea<br />Channel neutral planning<br />Innovative Execution<br />