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Shember brittany brand identity


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Shember brittany brand identity

  1. 1. Brand Identity 1 Brand Identity Brittany Shember Full Sail University Business Storytelling & Brand Development October 17, 2012 Ken DeGilio
  2. 2. Brand Identity 2 Brand NameI choose the name Electric Productions because of the electrical current in a light bulb. Light isturned on in a flick of a switch by electricity, similarly like the thoughts to your mind. Ideas andcreativity come to you and light up your eyes and when it happens it is a beautiful thing.The strengths with the name Electric Productions is that it is bold and simple. The only concern Ihave is that it isn’t as original as I’d like; although to my knowledge, it is an original name for avideo production company. In addition, the idea behind the brand and logo is one of a kind.According to, Electric Productions was once taken and live, but is now dead andinactive and therefore protectable. The domain name is available and forsale for my companies brand name. Upon purchasing this domain name, my strategy is topromote my company and website by means of an online portfolio.The name Electric Productions falls under the category of suggestive in terms of Pursing StrongBrands. LogoMy logo reflects my unique brand name as it will be a light bulb. It can be seen in the actualname of company as the “I” in electric will be represented with a light bulb. I believe this wouldbe an effective logo as it is simple and direct. You see a light and you think of an idea that comesto you out of nowhere.
  3. 3. Brand Identity 3The laws of shape and color are supported in the way that the shape of the logo is horizontal inthe way to provide maximum impact, and uses color that stands out from my main competitor’s.The type of logo that would be best suited for my company’s brand name would be a letterformlogo. TaglineElectric Productions – Light up your dreamsLight up your dreams is an effective tagline as it sells creativity and the ability to help bringsomeone’s dreams of visual media alive.I believe that this tagline highly appeals to my customers and potential clients because it is atruly unique and fresh tagline that is catchy. This tagline tells our customers and potential clientsthat we can help them to bring their visions alive. It says that our team is very creative and thatour work environment is a place where ideas flow constantly. The tagline, Light up your dreamsrepresents to be imperative.The tagline does reinforce my company’s brand message of creativity, work ethic, vision, andability. Electric Productions differentiates from others in the way we operate. We all cometogether and present ideas and really rely on connecting with clients to ensure their vision iscoming to live to their expectations on all aspects and levels of production. Our creative strategy
  4. 4. Brand Identity 4is to come together to make things happen, meaning that we express ideas or suggestions to oneanother as well as in our work.“Light up your dreams” is designed with the logo in mind as the light bulb represents lighting updreams with the ideas that our clients want to become reality. Corporate CultureMy company’s main objectives and corporate vision is to bring quality work to our clients usingstate of the art technology combined with our creative minds so that clients’ visions come to life.In doing so we combined working in multiple areas of production so that we can carry out thecreative vision the whole way through.Two specific examples of how my company will develop a strong culture based on our valuesand beliefs is (1) Maintaining strong relationships with our clients, and (2) Matching the qualityof work with the quality of passion and dedication to make imagination reality. Mission Statement or MantraElectric Productions mission statement/mantra is: To bring quality work to our clients using stateof the art technology combined with our creativity so that your vision comes to life the way youenvision it.
  5. 5. Brand Identity 5The mission statement/mantra will be communicated through our work and logo as the light bulbwill represent creativity and ideas.The mission statement is directed towards both employees and customers as our customersvisions become our own and employees and customers come together as one to bring the visionto life. This mission statement incorporates direction, focus, policy, meaning, and passion. It isconcise, to the point, unique, and memorable as well as fitting to our brand logo. Product Mock-up/Service DescriptionElectric Productions provides services to meet a variety of needs such as casting, production,editing, sound design, animation, as well as equipment rental.
  6. 6. Brand Identity 6 Competitive Brand AnalysisAbove is a logo that is perfectly effective in conveying the spirit of the logo I would create. Likethe pictured logo, I would also put a picture of what my company will symbolize. If you were tosee a spot light, I would know that the show is about to start and is pointed on where the actionis. Now, if you were to see my brand name, Electric with a light blub, you would think of ideasor creativity and electricity, which represents what Electric Productions, stands for. The mainattributes and brand essence based on the logo elements is the lettering style, coloring, and howthey make it look like there is a spot light on the word show.Three examples of actual logos from my main competitors – direct and indirect to my nicheindustry:
  7. 7. Brand Identity 7Brand strategy trends within my niche is differentiating from other brands based on the servicesthey offer, how they market themselves, what clients they hold, and the quality of their serviceand or products. The main attributes of these brands are the not so much the color as they are allmostly in black, but the typography used, and the imagery found within the logo. Based on thebrand elements you can see that Fox Searchlight Pictures are represented by searchlights withintheir logo. While Fox is represented with a fox head as the letter “O”, which in entirety is theactual name of the company, Fox Head. The Goo, if you don’t already know what type ofcompany it is, is hard to tell. Their brand is plain and simple.One of my main competitors, The Goo, has no tagline, but rather a positioning statement of whatthey offer:“Greetings. The Goo offers many services to satisfy all of your Production and Post Productionneeds. Located in New York City, we specialize in design, animation, editorial, music, sounddesign and, of course live action for television, film, web and digital.”This positioning statement from my main competitor distinguishes from my own company as weoffer different services such as casting, production, editing, animation, and sound design. Inaddition, we also offer rental services of our equipment. The Goo offers services in Productionand Post Production, while we offer that and Pre-Production.
  8. 8. Brand Identity 8My main competitor also specializes in music production and their mission statement is:“Ear Goo is a cutting-edge music production company providing services in the areas of sounddesign, original music, and mix for TV, film, radio, web, mobile and emerging media. Built uponexperience and creative exploration, Ear Goo prides itself in its team of highly talentedcomposers, musicians, sound designers mixers and producers to make every project as great as itcan be.”For their main brand, The Goo, they don’t exactly have a mission statement, but rather apositioning statement. However, their other brand, Ear Goo, has a mission statement that sort ofspeaks for how they value all of their clients.
  9. 9. Brand Identity 9 ReferencesRies, Laura (2002). The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. New York, NY: HarperCollinsPublishers.