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SBOE iMovie Presentation


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SBOE iMovie Presentation

  1. 1. Student Mastery iMovie TrailersBarbara De Santis and Katie Llera
  2. 2. Language Art (6th grade)
  3. 3. History (7th grade)
  4. 4. Science (8th grade) Sample book trailer
  5. 5. What students are saying“ Since I put the imagestogether, I feel that I now have abetter understanding of thehistorical events.”“ I made the movie , and since Idid the work, I feel I own it.”
  6. 6. What students are saying“ I clearly remember the text andthe images- and I know thematerial.”“ …it was an informational lessonand an amazing learningexperience!”
  7. 7. What teachers are saying“It combined a variety of differentskills; literacy comprehension,summarizing, identifying maindetails, and incorporatingtechnology correctly. ….They werereally proud of their trailers … ”Christina Quintas (LAL)
  8. 8. What teachers are saying“The project was a great tool forreinforcing classroom content. Mystudents had a great deal of funmaking their American Revolutiontrailers and I don’t believe they willever forget this activity. ”Karl Boehringer (History)
  9. 9. What teachers are saying“Students were on task at alltimes, completely engaged, andworked together as they createdbook trailers better than I couldhave imagined.”Lori Belotti (LAL)
  10. 10. What teachers are saying“The movie trailers turned outgreat and the classes can’t wait tomake another trailer. (Theysuggested we make one for eachchapter!)”Claire Craft (History)
  11. 11. What teachers are saying“AMAZING!!! …the quality of themovie trailers and the students’abilities to convey their knowledgeof the subject of civil rights in afashion of multimedia. ”Pamela Chartock (History)
  12. 12. Movie Making Process 2011-12 2012-13O Few images O Internet album ofO Limited student photos/video planning O Extensive planning/templatesO 1 teacher O Variety of grading rubrics O 12 teachers
  13. 13. StandardsO Standard 8.1 Educational Technology All students will use digital tools to access, manage, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to solve problems individually and collaboratively and to create and communicate knowledge.O Content area standards (specific to class)
  14. 14. Limiting factorsApple productiPads (or Macs) required
  15. 15. Extending the learning experienceO Link selected videos to QR (quick response) codesO Attach codes to library booksO Students scan codes in library to view movies
  16. 16. Questions?