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TelerXpreience Moving from Multichannel to Cross Channel


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a pragmatic approach to plotting the course to cross channel customer engagement

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TelerXpreience Moving from Multichannel to Cross Channel

  1. 1. Moving from Multi-Channel toCross-Channel Customer Engagement Barry Dalton SVP and General Manager, Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Telerx
  2. 2. Email Phone SurveyChat Multi-Channel Customer Engagement Retail IM/ Texting Website IVR
  3. 3. The Return-on-Investment Challenge
  4. 4. A Valuable Resource7
  5. 5. Simple Math Benefits - Costs ROI * 100 Costs = 1 # DC Total Mention Audience* 5% =Source: 1Forrester Research “ The ROI of Customer Service Communities,” Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, 2010 8
  6. 6. So, how do customers feel about multi-channel?9
  7. 7. The Theme of the Day? One Word…MOBILE!
  8. 8. By The NumbersSource: Nielsen Mobile Data Q3 2011
  9. 9. Channel preferences continually changing, growing, shifting.12
  10. 10. Touchpoint Taxonomy Context Platform HomeProduct Channel Web Work WebPackaging iOS Walking Social Media Android Driving EmailPrint Catalog Mac OS X Shopping Messaging MS Windows PlaneCall Center Telephone Party PrintWebsite Personal Media SocialBlog Book Location Newspaper TimeFacebook Magazine Task Device Scale VideoTwitter Desktop Audio CovertYouTube Laptop Mobile Poster Mobile Billboard PersonalEmail Tablet Environmental TelevisionDirect Mail Architectural Kiosk UrbanRadioTelevision 13
  11. 11. Managing all channels takes increasingly specialized talent.14
  12. 12. Multi-Channel Cross-Channel SERVICE SERVICEAdapted from Cross-Platform Service User Experience: 15
  13. 13. Changing Consumer Behavior Requires a New Approach Customer Customer @ email print @ email print store call center store social mobile call center Communications web mobile social web Communications Account CoordinationAccount TeamHundreds of Net New Processes One Process – One System
  14. 14. Rapid commoditization anddisintermediation is driving critical requirements for innovation.17
  15. 15. Technology represents both opportunities and threats.18
  16. 16. Cross Channel/Cross Device Smart Phone Website • Landing page • Medication & testing reminders App • Enrollment • Diet guide • Health tips • Opt-in • Meal planner • Medication & testing • Health tips reminders • Diet guide • Meal planner API SMS API • Health tips API Customer • Medication & testingExternal DB reminders Data API API iPhone App Cross Channel •Health tips Customer Experience •Medication & testing reminders Data CRM • Tech support •Diet guide • Help desk •Meal planner • Live coaching Actionable Analytics19
  17. 17. With the rapid pace of change, is best practice even possible?20
  18. 18. Mobile, gaming and augmented reality blend offline and online engagement.21
  19. 19. Why Care About Gamification?
  20. 20. Engagement Builds Loyalty
  21. 21. 3 Layers of Motivation Personal Friendly Group Motivators Motivators Motivators Recognition Reputation Reputation Accomplishment Comparison Comparison Accumulation Competition Competition Discovery Discovery Discovery Rewards Rewards Rewards “You submitted more “You came back 7 “You shared the most recipes than your days in a row!” recipes this month!” friends!”Source: Badgeville report “Turn Your Visitors Into Loyal Fans” 2012
  22. 22. 7 Keys to Cross-Channel Success1. Maintain the brand throughout ANY execution2. Listen to your customers first, your boss next3. Leverage integrated or single technology platform4. Balance mix – great in 1 channel, good in many5. Understand the importance of design6. Do it better, or differently, preferably both7. Be selective in what you want to be FAMOUS for25
  23. 23. The Next 5 in 51. Context services2. Real-time customer intelligence3. TV as customer engagement channel4. Virtual meetings5. Gamification as a business strategy
  24. 24. Thank You! Barry PH: 267.942.6301