Tele Travel Marketing Presentation 2.0 (Final) Word Version


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TeleTravel Presentation

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Tele Travel Marketing Presentation 2.0 (Final) Word Version

  1. 1. Its not about us,its about you!◄ TeleTravel is dedicated to providing the very bestVIP travel service available today. Prompt, personal,professional service – 8,760 hours per year –TeleTravel is on duty for you, ready to address yourneeds and what you experience, given the vagaries oftodays travel environment.◄ Our intention is to meet and exceed our clientsservice expectations. We will always strive to savetime and money to accomplish these ends.
  2. 2. Its not about us,its about you!◄ Were there when you need us. TeleTravelstreamlines booking on the front-end, and handlesemergency and change management in the interim.We get you where you have to be, when you have tobe there, and provide reporting assistance foraccounting on the back-end.◄ TeleTravel is also an insurance policy for travelingpersonnel. When things change mid-itinerary, weguarantee someone is there for you, to help.
  3. 3. UnparalleledResponsiveness◄ When you travel, bring your travel agent with you.Unlike on-line mega-vendors, phone or Internetaccess means real time access to a real person 24/7,world-wide. Guaranteed.◄ This means providing round-the clock travelerassistance for canceled flights, and during inclementweather (snowstorms and such).
  4. 4. UnparalleledResponsiveness◄ Front or back? Window or aisle? ThroughTeleTravels continuous reservation monitoringsystem and round-the-clock seat upgrade manager,you can be assured that you are sitting in the bestseat available.◄ At TeleTravel you will receive the personalized serviceof your own dedicated agent or account representative,along with the peace of mind that your agent is supportedby an experienced travel staff so that youre taken care ofwherever and whenever you need help.
  5. 5. Reliability◄ There is a price to your time. Bearing that in mind,TeleTravel resolves travel changes for you, behind thescenes, and the only investment you make is in typingan email or calling us directly to speak to an associate.◄ TeleTravel also provides traveler assistance forinternational itineraries when the admin who bookeda reservation is not available (i.e. weekends, evenings,overseas, different time zones, etc.).◄ You can also be sure that delays caused byweather, rescheduling, equipment, overbooking, etc.are identified proactively, itineraries amendedaccordingly and updates provided immediately, totravelers in the field, with only minimal scheduleinterruption.
  6. 6. OperationalSavings◄ TeleTravel specializes in helping cost consciousorganizations reduce their travel expenditures.◄ Clients receive customized, creative solutions whichenable personnel to travel in comfort at convenienttimes and stay at luxury/first class properties, at orbelow their budgeted allowance. This means easier,more efficient travel, lower operating expenses andhappier, more satisfied traveling personnel.
  7. 7. OperationalSavings◄ Get the most out of your travel program. Make yourtravel work for you and get the most out of your miles. ● Planning, Analysis and Alignment of business objectives and procedural decision making. ● Leverage corporate travel needs and savings goals to be there when you have to, as well as set, meet and exceed travel budgeting goals. ● TeleTravels proprietary Frequent Flyer Mileage Management System means savings through planning, management and redemption.
  8. 8. Ticket Management◄ Bring to bear the full spectrum of TeleTravel savingsand ticket management tools: ● Providing rate desk services on international itineraries ● Tracking unused, non-refundable tickets ● Exchanging unused and partially used tickets ● “holding” tickets or reservations a passenger cant immediately confirm, or expects to void ● Refunding unused tickets
  9. 9. TeleTravel VIPServices◄ Clearing inventory at sold out hotels◄ Securing car rentals in sold out situations◄ Car service, limousines, etc.◄ Assistance with visas and passports◄ Assistance with redeeming free tickets◄ Group bookings and arrangements◄ Remote meeting planning
  10. 10. Any Questions
  11. 11. TeleTravelContact InformationTeleTravel HeadquartersP.O. Box 2062615 N. Easton Rd.Willow Grove, PA 19090215-641-23201-888-2TELETRA(1-888-283-5387)484-467-3084 (after hour emergency)