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Dallas and system_partner_meeting_5-23-12


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Dallas and system_partner_meeting_5-23-12

  1. 1. Dallas & SystemPartner Meeting May 23, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Onboarding• Purchasing Update• Payment Processing Update• Annualizing pay rates using the 2080 rule•Q & A
  3. 3. Onboarding
  4. 4. Year End Deadlines• Friday, June 29th – deadline for Formal Solicitation requests from FY 12 funds ($25k or more)• Monday, August 20th – ePro request with no contracts or agreements from FY 12 funds (less than $25k)• Friday, August 3rd – purchase contracts/agreements valued at $100k or more• Friday, August 10th – contracts/agreements less than $100k• Friday, June 29th – FY 13 funded items• Pcard transactions based on posting date and not transaction date.• Pcard cutoff date recommended by BSC is Wednesday, August 22nd*budget errors should be directed to your institution’s budget office
  5. 5. PO Attachments• Quotes• Contracts• Other Purchase related items• No transmittal slips needed
  6. 6. Pcard Changes• Reviews for all cardholders will be once every 2 years; high risk transaction items will be reviewed annually.• Desk reviews will occur for all transactions.• May use card for purchase of services that do not include terms and conditions and on local funds. No state funded purchases of services allowed.• Memberships may be paid from local funds.• Personal purchases still not allowed. Any and all will result in a 30 days suspension of card and additional training.
  7. 7. Pcard Changes Cont’d• Level One Sanction – report issued for split transactions, missing receipts, ads, entertainment/travel expenses.• Level Two Sanction – 30 days suspension of card and required training issued for purchasing prohibited items (gift cards, gift certificates, chemicals), loss of card, 2nd occurrence of level one sanction.• Level Three Sanction – permanent closure of card for a repeat of a level two sanction.
  8. 8. Buyer Teams/Department Liaisons• Team Approach to departmental purchases• Purchasing questions/needs answered through Buyer Liaison• Listing by departments can be found on What’s New section of BSC website
  9. 9. Payment Processing UpdatesPayment processing should be very seamless ifall the components necessary for the paymentare in place. However, that is not always thecase.
  10. 10. Challenges to Payment Processing Invoices submitted by the vendor directly to Invoices that arrive Partial Shipments withthe department rather without a PO # full invoicing than per the terms of the POShipments directly to One invoice split by Not using department departments more than one PO Pcard when applicable Special Handling requests 12
  11. 11. Payment Queue
  12. 12. Great Example
  13. 13. Making the process work
  14. 14. What does it mean?• “2080” is an hourly rate based on 40 hours worked per week for 52 weeks a year• An employee’s hourly rate of pay will be the same each month.• Do not need to know number of work days in a month• Dock rate is always the same• Lump Sum Payments are easier to calculate and understand
  15. 15. How many working hours in a year?12 Month:• 100 % = 2080 (52 x 40)• 75% = 1560 (52 x 40 x .75)• 50% = 1040 (52 x 40 x .5)9 Month:• 100% = 1560 (9/12 x 2080)
  16. 16. How is it done?• Divide the Base Annual Salary by 2080 = hourly rate of pay• Example: $32,000.00 / 2080 = $15.38 per hour $32,000.00 / 1560 = $ 20.51 per hour
  17. 17. Future meetings through video conferencing?
  18. 18. Questions?Remember that we have answers on ourwebsite, BSC Solution…click to get answers.