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  • ViaWest asked MCG to help create and execute a series of new product launches, data center grand openings and the new corporatebrand unveiling to introduce to ViaWest’s current customers and prospects. MCG accomplishedthis by creating a comprehensive marketing campaign comprised of various digital, print and promotional tactics. NEXT was selected by ViaWest as the chosen concept to move forward with.
  • ViaWest asked MCG to conceptualize aconcept theme that could be applied to their direct marketing efforts targeting ViaWest current customers and prospects for Q1, 2012.MCG executed the chosen concept by creating a comprehensive marketing campaign comprised of an email campaign, external customer eNewsletter and an infographic. The IT Infirmity was selected by ViaWest as the chosen concept to move forward with.
  • ViaWest asked MCGto create and produce a 2-minute corporate video showcasing the new Security product line and joint venture between StillSecure and ViaWest.MCG chose to tell this story through interviews with Steve Prather, SVP of Strategy & Product Marketing at ViaWest and RajatBhargave, President & CEO’s at StillSecure.
  • ViaWest asked MCGto create an email invite to a special lunch event hosted by VIaWest as part of the CRBE Event in Las Vegas, NV. MCG chose an elegant approach which showcased the restaurant and ViaWest brand.
  • ViaWest asked MCGto create an email and full-page print ad for CTA’s annual DEMOgala targeting conference attendees. MCG repurposed the KINECTed Cloud artwork to showcase the ViaWest brand and newest product, KINECTed Cloud.
  • ViaWestasked MCG to create a “Year In Review” email to send to current customers and prospects. The goal of the project was to highlight the new product offerings, showcase the two new data centers and recap the ongoing changes that ViaWest has made in the last year to provide the best service and product offerings to meet customer expectations.
  • ViaWest asked MCG to create a Sales Tool that showed the primary differences between the different levels of purchase that was durable, as well as easy to reference and transport. MCG executed the request by creating a gate-fold brochure that highlighted the ViaWest brand.
  • ViaWest asked MCG to create and produce the key visuals for a January 10th sales event to kick off the new year. ViaWest chose the highly popular NEXT theme for the event.
  • For a special Customer Appreciation Event, ViaWest asked MCG to create an invitation that invitedcurrent ViaWest’s customers and prospects to a special screening of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 a day before it is released to the public.
  • ViaWest asked MCG to develop a month-to-month program that will maintain and improve competitive levels for ViaWest’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages. The goal of the program was to establish, optimize and improve Social Media channels for ViaWest, to generate more inbound sales activity, drive more traffic to the corporate site and increase company and brand awareness.The program began in September, 2011 through February, 2012.
  • Mcg overview

    1. 1. Bigger, Better, SexierMarketing for B2BPrepared for the world to see
    2. 2. Marketing that Accelerates SalesWho We AreHeadquartered in Denver, Colorado, Market Creation Group (MCG) is a full servicemarketing firm here to serve business-to-business companies exclusively.In business for 7 years, MCG currently has 15 employees fulfilling roles in marketingstrategy, research, channel marketing, copywriting, design, website development,social media, sales enablement, SEO, PPC and account services.MCG delivers competitive advantages to our clients by providing marketing solutions inthese key areas:1. Creative Strategies2. Creative Services3. Demand Generation
    3. 3. Marketing that Accelerates SalesFull Service Marketing Competitive Insights, Brand Development, Marketing Strategies & Sales Playbook Creation Research that set the foundation for success Based StrategiesWebsites, Email, Print Collateral, Search, Social & Digital eBooks, Infographics & Reach Campaigns Whitepapers that drive sales that are measurable MCG’s Three Worlds Creative Demand Services Generation
    4. 4. Marketing that Accelerates SalesOur Philosophy Use Cases + Personas + Relationship Status = Successful MicroTargeting Strategies, Effective Messaging, Faster and greater demand generation
    5. 5. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Services We Offer Virtual MarketingStrategic Marketing Demand Generation Creative Services Services•Brand Foundation •Virtual CMO •Marketing •Web Design•Messaging •Virtual Marketing Automation System •Micro Site Design Playbook VP Integration •Digital Marketing•Research •Virtual Marketing •Inbound Marketing •Content Creation•Competitive Manager •Content Marketing •eBooks analysis •Email Marketing •White Papers•SWOT analysis •Landing Page •Webinars•Persona & Use Creation •Sales Enablement Case Development •PPC •Social Media•Market •SEO (Brand) Segmentation •Social Media•Marketing Plan (Demand Development Generation)•Content Strategy Development•Marketing Process Development
    6. 6. Marketing that Accelerates SalesOur Team
    7. 7. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Our Team brett schklar, ceo & founderaccount management strategy creative demand gen cory nickerson, jjm markisohn, chief keith mccurdy, art mark stiltner, creative nick yorchak, seo marketing director development officer director content manager specialist laurel brozovich, erin lombardi-gordon , virginia roper, lead dillon voyzey, zach randall, ppc account/project anton reyes, designer account manager developer copywriter specialist manager linda jennifer saldanha, kerrey knisely, hartman, dedicated alison kramer, developer marketing manager copyeditor marketing executive rose schuchat, melodie steffler, dedicated marketing marketing intern executive
    8. 8. Countdown: Marketing that Accelerates Sales #9 Why Companies Hire MCG:Award Winning, Nationally & Locally Recognized• Denver’s Fastest Growing Private Company, 2009 & 2010 by the Denver Business Journal (961% growth 2006-2008)• Winner of 5 Business Marketing Association Gold Key Awards 2011 & 2012• Winner of 4 American Marketing Association Apex Awards 2012• Featured in December, 2009 Entrepreneur Magazine – Great employee practices and client loyalty• CBS News Beating the recession through smarter marketing
    9. 9. MCG’s Experience
    10. 10. Marketing that Accelerates SalesOur B2B Customers Tell the Best Story
    11. 11. Marketing that Accelerates SalesExperienceMCG has over 200 years of combined experience in the business-to-business technology space.Our clients tend to have complex sales cycles. So, we focus theirmarketing efforts on providing targeted content designed to generateleads and keep opportunities moving forward.Our team has extensive experience in B2B technology – hardware,software, services, energy and infrastructure management.
    12. 12. Marketing that Accelerates Sales What Our Customers Have to Say:“Our new websites are driving sales and taking our business to the next level, thanks to the team at MCG. We definitely got our moneys worth and more.” -- Bev Berry, VP of Business Development, ProtoTest “Working with the team at MCG has been a terrific experience. They get the whole B2B space, andwith their experience and creativity they were able to take fairly complex business concepts and turn them into something very engaging and visually compelling on our website. ” -- Steve Herrmann, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Alliances, Oniqua Enterprise AnalyticsMCG’s understanding of our business, coupled with their experience using personas and use cases to better target prospects really helped our sales and marketing teams differentiate ourselves in adifficult and competitive field. Working with such a seasoned and creative team opened our eyes to new tactics to bring in quality leads.” -- Marta Kelsey, Senior Marketing Manager, ICMI
    13. 13. Marketing that Accelerates SalesAbout MCG
    14. 14. Marketing that Accelerates SalesOur Team brett schklar, ceo & founder account michele murphy, strategy creative demand gen management office operations mark stiltner, cory nickerson, jim markisohn, chief keith mccurdy, art nick yorchak, seo creative content marketing director development officer director specialist manager linda hartman, jennifer saldanha, virginia roper, lead cory dillon voyzey, zach randall, ppc dedicated marketing anton reyes, designer marketing manager developer copywriter specialist executive melodie steffler, margie shaw, digital alison kramer, kerrey knisely, copy dedicated marketing marketing manager developer editor executive laurel brozovich, account/p roject manager rose schuchat, marketing intern
    15. 15. Marketing that Accelerates SalesOver 60 B2B Customers Tell the Best Story
    16. 16. Marketing that Accelerates Sales
    17. 17. Marketing that Accelerates SalesCase Studies
    18. 18. Branding, Personas, Use Cases, Corporate Website Marketing that Accelerates SalesOniqua Enterprise SystemsThe ChallengeOniqua optimizes maintenance and operational inventories for mining, energy and transportation companies.Each time Oniqua has a sales opportunity, an array of decision makers are involved. This leads to a long andcomplicated sales cycle. Oniqua needed an easy-to-navigate website that could communicate effectively withmultiple audiences.The SolutionMCG created personas for each decision maker involved in Oniqua’s sales cycle. We also identified the situationsor “use cases” that would cause each persona to benefit from Oniqua’s services. Using these use cases as aguide, we developed a website that provided specific, targeted benefits for each persona.The ResultsOniqua’s website visits soared by 53% and the average time spend on-site jumped 43%. As a direct result of thewebsite’s success, MCG became a trusted marketing partner for Oniqua. We currently assist with a wide rangeof strategic and tactical services, including marketing program development and tradeshow promotions. See thewebsite at www.Oniqua.comReferencesSteve HerrmannVice President, Marketing and Strategic Alliances303-952-6669 |
    19. 19. Oniqua.comMarketing that Accelerates Sales
    20. 20. Branding, Personas, Use Cases, Corporate Website Marketing that Accelerates SalesI-BehaviorThe ChallengeI-Behavior is in a complicated industry, aggregating shopper purchase data and providing statistical modeling topredict future purchases. They were having a hard time communicating their services in a way that wouldresonate with potential customers and differentiate them form the competition.The SolutionWe decided that what I-Behavior really needed was a human touch. From their website, to their marketingmaterials, to the new products we helped them launch, we refocused the stories I-Behavior told from thetechnology to the people the technology touched.The Results I-Behavior’s success stories include: a new website that helped the company get noticed and acquired by a largemarketing firm; a direct mail piece that exceeded their previous response rate by over 300%; and the successfullaunch of three new product offerings, including a mobile couponing app. See the website at www.i-behavior.comReferencesEllen BossertVP Marketing & Communications303-228-5021 |
    21. 21. Marketing that Accelerates Sales
    22. 22. Branding, Video, Corporate Website ( Marketing that Accelerates Sales
    23. 23. B2C Work - Presidents Leadership Class, Greenhouse Marketing that Accelerates Sales Scholars, Charter Communications
    24. 24. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Demand Generation, Events, Strategy, VideoNational CineMedia (NCM)The ChallengeNCM is a $650 million company that puts sports, performing arts, concerts and business events on movie screens acrossthe country. They were enjoying a great deal of success with the entertainment side of their business. Unfortunately,getting other businesses to consider the theater as a national event venue was proving to be a daunting task.The SolutionMCG identified the industries most likely to use NCM’s theater events, and identified the use cases that would require anational venue like the cinema, (product launches, training, crisis communications, etc.) We created a video to increaseawareness. Then MCG followed up with a comprehensive demand generation strategy that included microsites, leadnurturing campaigns and events targeted at specific industries and companies.The ResultsThe Fathom Business Events video has received rave-reviews from both National CineMedia and their clients. This videohas been an invaluable resource for both the marketing and sales team, and it is currently featured on the homepage oftheir website. MCG is currently in the process of completing the first event and microsite.ReferencesYvonne AndersonSenior Marketing Manager303-792-8674 |
    25. 25. Marketing that Accelerates SalesDemand Generation, Events, Strategy, Video
    26. 26. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Branding, WebQuestar EnergyThe ChallengeQuestar Energy was in desperate need of an identity overhaul. They are a multibillion-dollar natural gas driller,wholesaler and retailer based out of Utah. The problem was that the perception of their brand didn’t fit with thecompany’s strategic vision for the future.The SolutionWe gave Questar a whole new identity and helped them write their brand’s story in a way that would speak totheir customers. Then we built a visually stunning website that put their new brand to work.The ResultsThe new identity struck the perfect balance between Questar’s traditional look and their new strategic direction.It helped Questar associate their brand with clean energy initiatives without alienating the legacy customers thatpropelled them to become a multi-billion-dollar business. See the website at’ve requested a reference but it may take up to two weeks to get a response from corporate.
    27. 27. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Branding, Web
    28. 28. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Demand Generation, Strategy, WebVerio – Websites.comThe ChallengeVerio is one of MCG’s oldest clients. One of the biggest projects we won with them was the full rebuild This website is a central portal where small businesses can discuss and collaborate on leveragingwebsites to build their customer base. The website is available in five languages and has an extremely complexand deep user engagement model. This presented significant hurdles for the MCG development team.The SolutionMCG designed a clean, easy-to-use layout and navigation system, and assembled a team of on- and off-shorecoders who could quickly develop the sophisticated site.The currently enjoys traffic as high a 150,000 visitors per month. As a result of MCG’s success, wewere selected by Verio to rebuild, which supports over 120,000 visitors PER DAY from over 125different countries.ReferencesKazutaka KobayashiDirector of Marketing303-645-1945 | kkobayashi@verio.netz
    29. 29. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Demand Generation, Strategy, Web
    30. 30. Marketing thatLaunch, Branding, Web Product Accelerates SalesFormat DynamicsThe ChallengeFormat Dynamics reformats website content for printing and mobile devices, then inserts targeted advertising.They were struggling to get off the ground and needed help developing their overall marketing plan, a websiteand messaging.The SolutionMCG instituted a segmented marketing plan focusing on two key audiences, advertisers and web publishers.New messaging was created for each segment and a new website was developed to convey the elegance andpower of this totally new advertising medium. MCG also assisted in the search for a PR partner to complementFormat Dynamics marketing efforts.The ResultsFormat dynamics recently received a fresh round of capital and expanded operations to New York City. See thewebsite at www.formatdynamics.comReferences
    31. 31. Marketing thatLaunch, Branding, Web Product Accelerates Sales
    32. 32. Marketing that Accelerates Sales Interactive Video, Sales Enablement ToolsNew Global Telecom (NGT)The ChallengeNGT had recently launched a new indirect channel for their small business VoIPservices being sold be Value Added Resellers. Because NGT was an unknown retailbrand, and resellers were just learning about NGT’s services, they needed anengaging and easy way to interest and inform prospects.The SolutionBecause is set up largely to service NGT’s wholesale customers, MCGrecommended that NGT create a microsite as a one-stop home for the new VoIPservice. This microsite, named NGT Digital Voice Hub, would have a unique twist tokeep visitors engaged.The ResultsBrett, this section was cut off on the slide. You may want to pull it from the originaldocument. See the microsite at
    33. 33. Marketing that Accelerates SalesInteractive Video, Sales Enablement Tools
    34. 34. More Examples
    35. 35. Marketing that Accelerates SalesVerio Is a Global Provider of Business and Enterprise Cloud and WebHosting Solutions. MCG developed their direct and indirect saleswebsites.
    36. 36. ViaWest NEXT CampaignMarketing that Accelerates Sales
    37. 37. Marketing that Accelerates Sales
    38. 38. Marketing thatInfirmity Campaign IT Accelerates Sales
    39. 39. MarketingViaWest Security Sales that Accelerates Video
    40. 40. Marketing that Accelerates SalesSpatial Energy serves the energy, exploration and extraction industry by providing detailedsatellite topographical photography. MCG developed their website and provides ongoing weband marketing support.
    41. 41. CRBE InviteMarketing that Accelerates Sales
    42. 42. Marketing that Email and Print Ad DemoGala Accelerates SalesMCG also created an email version for“Defrag”
    43. 43. ViaWest Year In Review EmailMarketing that Accelerates Sales
    44. 44. KINECTed Cloud Reference ChartMarketing that Accelerates Sales
    45. 45. Marketing thatSales Kick-OffSales ViaWest Accelerates 2012
    46. 46. Customer Appreciation Event Sales Marketing that Accelerates Invite
    47. 47. Social Marketing that AcceleratesCampaign Media – Twitter Launch & Sales
    48. 48. Thank You! | 303.325.7423 | @demandmcg