Guidelines for group work


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Guidelines for group work

  1. 1. GROUP WORKWorking Meeting on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control in UNFPA EECARO and ASRO countries Antalya, Turkey May 18-20
  2. 2. Group work by teams of countriesOBJECTIVETo identify 4 priority actions to improve existing programmes ordesign a new programme (if there is not any cervical cancerprevention and control programme in the country).3 STEPS/ GROUP WORK SESSIONS I) Success stories and challenges**** II) Four priority actions III) Operationalization of the actions****
  3. 3. Group work by teams of countries1) Use what we learned yesterday2) Use the Programme Guidance for Countries- English,French, Russian3) COMPREHENSIVE programme4) Pay particular attention to disadvantage groups
  4. 4. Group work by teams of countries Session I: Success stories and challenges1) ADVOCACYi)Target groups?ii) Key messages for each target group?iii) How can messages be delivered?iv) How can we mobilize communities?v) Challenges?vi) Opportunities?2) VACCINESChallenges and opportunities to introduce/sustain HPV vaccination in yourcountry3) SCREENING AND TREATMENTI)Challenges and opportunıtıes to have national population based screeningprogrammes and early treatment precancerous lesions.II)Type of screening methodology and treatment modalities than can beused in the country.
  5. 5. Group work by teams of countries Session I: Success stories and challenges CHALLENGES OPPORTUNITIES ADVOCACY VACCINATIONSCREENING AND TREATMENT
  6. 6. TEAMS OF COUNTRIES EECARO ASRO Kazakhstan Egypt Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Tajikistan Syria Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Facilitator: Magdy KhaledFacilitator: Feruza Fazılova Armenia Algeria Azerbaijan Morocco Georgia Tunisia Turkey Facilitator: Mohammed Lardi Facilitator: Philip Davies Moldova Russia UkraineFacilitator: Galyna Maystruk Albania Regional and global participants join teams Bosnia and Herzegovina Kosovo Macedonia Facilitator: Doina Bologa
  7. 7. Group work by teams of countries Group work until lunch time (-13:00) EECARO teams in Ball Room III ASRO teams in Plaza Room (-3 floor)PRESENTATIONS AFTER LUNCH (14:00-15:30) 10 MINUTES PER TEAM