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  1. 1. GROUP WORK Algeria Morroco TunisiaWorking Meeting on Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Prevention and Control in UNFPA EECARO and ASRO countries Antalya, Turkey May 18-20
  2. 2. Success storiesAdvocacy :Target groups: policymakers•Leadership : First ladies - NGOs: Lella Selma – ALCC -scientific societies and health professional group•Vaccination: negociation of vaccine price amongpharmaceutic firmes - Alliance EMRA•Screening and treatment: cx ca is considered as partof RH program with the opportunity to evaluate andimprove existing programs
  3. 3. Group work by teams of countries Session I: Success stories and challenges CHALLENGES OPPORTUNITIESADVOCACY •Scientific community and Leadership : first ladies-i)Target groups: health professional NGOs: Lella Selma –Scientific community resistance to change from ALCCpolicymakers pap smear vs VIA scientific societies and •Limited financial professional group resources given the new context and priorities in ICPD recommendations the region Adoption •How to convince UN agencies support decision makers that cx Partnership: FIGO ca is public health problem
  4. 4. CHALLENGES OPPORTUNITIES •How to reach Alliance: EMRA – target population UNICEFVACCINATION •Limited of financial Vaccination School ressources based programs
  5. 5. CHALLENGES OPPORTUNITIES •Implementation of long term On going Programs and sustainable programs and scale up of pilot programs Existing of guidelines •Accessibility of services •Organization of health system taking into account screening - diagnostic – tttSCREENING AND •Adaptation of guidelines TREATMENT •Development of Monitoring system (cancer register, health information system…) •Participatory approach (civil society) •Integration of cx ca into the RH/PHC program •Coordination