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Foreign exchange bureau rbi - call +91 9811 32 9811


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Foreign exchange bureau rbi - call +91 9811 32 9811

  1. 1. Foreign Exchange Noida: Sahil Sagar Services Pvt. Ltd. is aIndias Govt & RBI approved money changer in Delhi NCR. Weare one of the leading Money Changers of Noida (Gautam BudhNagar, U.P), India Authorised by Reserved Bank of India(RBI).We provide the facilities for Forex, Foreign Exchanges,Currency Changer, Money Changer, Money Exchange, WesternUnion Money Transfer, International Air Ticketing, OverseasTravel Insurance. Services available in Shipra Sun City,Indirapuram - Parsavnath Magestic Arcade, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon- Shushant Lok 1, New Delhi - Muniraka etc. FOREIGN : +91-9811 32 9811 EXCHANGE AIR TICKETING : +91-9811 00 0929 HOTEL BOOKING : +91-9212 12 6121 MONEY TRANSFER : +91-8800 40 7574 INSURANCE : +91-9211 40 0020 M/s Sahil Sagar Services Pvt. Ltd. Foreign Money Exchange (RBI Authorized) Noida Corporate Office: B-35, Lower Ground Floor, P-6, Ocean Complex, Sector-18, Noida (Uttar Pradesh) Near IDBI Bank, Nr. Vipul Motors Maruti Car Showroom, Opposite of "The Great India Place Mall"
  2. 2. T: 0120-4227822 , 0120-2591515 M: 9811329811 / 9212126121 / 9211400020 / 9811000929 E: / Timing: 10.30 AM - 8.00 PM (Seven Days Open) Indirapuram Ghaziabad Branch Office: B-35, Lower Ground Floor, P-6, Ocean Complex, Sector-18, Noida (Uttar Pradesh),INDIA Near IDBI Bank, Nr. Vipul Motors Maruti Car Showroom, Opposite of "The Great India Place Mall" T: +91-120-4227822M: +91 9211400020 / +91 9811329811 / +91 9212124121 / +91 9811000929 E: / Timing: 10.30 AM - 7.00 PM (Sunday Closed) Gurgaon Branch Office: UGF - 119, Upper Ground Floor, Sushant Vyapar Kendra, C-Block, Sushant Lok - I, Gurgaon (Haryana), INDIA T: +91-124-4007772M: +91 9811329811 / +91 9212128121 / +91 9212127121 / +91 9811000929 E: / Timings: 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM (Seven Days Open) New Delhi Muniraka Branch Office: A-62, Laxmi Market, Muniraka , New Delhi -110067, INDIA
  3. 3. New Delhi Muniraka MARKETING Office: Shop No. 383C, Bank Street, Near Roop Jewellers Shop, Muniraka, New Delhi-110067, INDIA T: +91-11-26107762M: +91-9811000929 / +91-9811329811 / +91-9212129121 E: / Timings: 10.00 AM - 8.00 PM (Sunday Closed) Administration:, Support: Careers: Franchise: Complaints & Suggestions: Website:
  4. 4. 24 Hrs Customer Care Help Line Numbers are: +91-8800 40 7574 +91-9811 32 9811M O N E Y CH A N G E R : F O R E I G N E X C H A N G E : F O R E XIN NOIDA : CALL : 9811329811 : FOREX IN GURGAON : FOREX IN INDIRAPURAM In Noida 9811329811 In Noida 9811329811Website: The Foreign Exchange 24 Hrs Customer Care Help LineNumbers are: +91-8800 40 7574 +91-9811 32 9811
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  6. 6. Foreign Exchange can be Sold/Purchased in three Forms Foreign Currency Traveler Cheques Prepaid Travel Currency cardIncase of sale of foreign exchange, total entitlement under basic travel quota is equivalent to US10000 dollars per person in calendar year & under business quota is equivalent to US 25000dollars per trip but in both the cases currency will not exceed US 2000 dollars per person &balance will be in the form of travelers cheques.Foreign CurrencyYour best choice for currency would be that of the destination country. Currencies of all countriesare sold / purchased except that of Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Tehran, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma,Philippines, North African countries and all Russian countries.We are providing the best rates forbuying as well as selling foreign currency.Traveler ChequesYour best choice for Travelers Cheques would be that of the destination country. TravelersCheques are available in US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars and CanadianDollars. If there are no travelers cheques in your destination currency, US Dollar travelers chequeswould be the next best option. Like cash, you can save unspent travelers cheques for future usewithin 180 days from the date of your return. Please treat your travelers cheques like you wouldyour cash. It is an instrument which is similar to a bearer cheque. You need not convert the sameto cash, but can use it across the counter at shops, hotels and other establishments.# BrandsWe sell exclusively American Express .Your Choice would depend on your travel destination.# EncashmentOn your return, unused travelers cheques can be converted to cash at the prevailing rates. Incaseof lost cheques, please be sure to contact the local issuing office and also the local police within 24hours and obtain a FIR (First Information Report).# RefundIf your travelers cheques are lost or stolen, the issuer will refund their face value provided. Before Loss: • You have signed each cheque at the place marked "Signature of the Holder" in non erasable ink immediately upon receipt, but have not countersigned any of them. • You have safeguarded each cheque against loss or theft as you would a similar amount of your own cash. • You have not parted with the cheques voluntarily or as collateral security. After Loss: • You notify the issuer within 24 hours of the loss or theft of your cheques, and the local police reporting the circumstances of the loss or theft in such details as may be reasonably required. • You supply the Purchasers receipt copy of the sales advice (PAFF), as well as acceptable proof of your identity, when making your refund claim. • You complete the appropriate refund claim documents to reasonable satisfaction and sign them in good faith.
  7. 7. INTERNATIONAL(Inward) MONEY TRANSFERIndians living abroad may send money to their family members living in India throughInternational Money Transfer Services. For this purpose, Western Union Money TransferServices Inc, USA is the world leader in providing fastest, safest and reliable money transferservices. Western Union has been in existence since 1871 and is a fortune 500 multinationalcompany with corpus of over USD 5 Billion, presence in more than 200 countries with more than4,00,000 locations in its fold.Sahil Sagar Services Pvt. Ltd. had joined hands with Western Union in the year 1998 and wasthe last primary agent in private sector to join Western Union for providing international moneytransfer services in India. For this purpose, the Company holds a license issued by Reserve Bankof India. In a short span of time, PML surpassed all other Primary Agents in terms of business andas of now is boasting of around 600 own offices and more than 13000 franchisee locations locatedacross the length and breadth of country.Over the years Sahil Sagar Services Pvt. Ltd has emerged as the biggest Primary Agent ofWestern Union in whole of South Asia and is gaining more and more strength in terms of networkgrowth with every passing day. There is a PML franchisee in every nook and corner of the countryand PMLs own offices are located in every big city of the country. So, if you intend to send moneyto someone in India then make sure, you do it through Western Union Money Transfer to Paulmerchants for disbursement.SAFE:A person in India can receive money in just minutes after his sender has sent money from Abroad.Each transaction is electronically remitted through Western Union central server and is generatedthrough a software which is absolutely safe and easy to use. Robust security features are inbuilt.The documentation and payment process has been designed in a way to ensure that the paymentis made only to the actual receiver. For this purpose all the locations of have been geared withSahil Sagar Services Pvt. Ltd. all state of the art infra structure to provide timely and safeservices to the customer.EASY:For receiving money in India a customer has to fil up a very simple form which is called To ReceiveMoney (TRM) Form. This form contains basic information relating to the transaction like MTCN no.,name of the receiver, name of the sender, amount, country etc. which any person havingelementary education can also fill up. Otherwise, our Front Office Executive can also help thecustomer to fill up the TRM. Further, to receive money , a person do not need to open a bankaccount if his transaction is less than Rs. 50,000/-. Payment in those cases is made in cash. TheReceiver will be required to present a proper photo identification for any transaction and will bepaid immediately. This way Sahil Sagar Services Pvt. Ltd and Western Union are much moreconvenient than any Bank.LEGAL:Money Transfer services in India are being provided by Paul Merchants in association withWestern Union as per the license issued by Reserve Bank of India. The conditions prescribed byRBI in this regard are strictly adhered to by the Company and its entire network all Anti MoneyLaundering laws, KYC norms and other regulations are duly complied with.
  8. 8. CUSTOMER IS SUPREME Over the years, Sahil Sagar has grown and prospered by making its customers its friends and partners in the prosperity. Like the very face of our country, Sahil Sagar L customers are also multy faced and PML has at its disposal to offer them a rich package of services to their utmost satisfaction. At Sahil Sagar , it is beyond customer service to Customer partnership. The Customer is always with Sahil Sagar in all its thoughts, policies and services. Customer is given a patient ear to what he says, its found out what are his requirements and expectations, it is identified what at Sahil Sagar s end will make him satisfied and happy and then it is made sure that the same is incorporated in the services and products. Customer feedback is all the more important for PML for which a work culture has been cultivated where continuous feedback is automatic. PML nurtures and emphasizes on core values like compliance, care, fairness & transparency. New ventures, new thoughts and new ideas are hallmark of Sahil Sagar as the change is the essence of life but the end user of the Services and products is always seen as supreme."NOTHING LESS THAN EXCELELLENCE IS OUR BARGAIN"