Tread Ahead Tire Program Dealer Guide In Pages (042511) (2)


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Personal marketing program for dealers who want to sell more tires

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Tread Ahead Tire Program Dealer Guide In Pages (042511) (2)

  1. 1. TREAD AHEAD™ TIRE PROGRAMGrab your share of the tire market
  2. 2. BASED ON CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATES, 400 OF YOURCUSTOMERS NEED NEW TIRES EVERY MONTH.*HOW MANY TIRES DID YOU SELL LAST MONTH? PROGRAM OVERVIEW When your customers choose independents or after-market retailers to buy tires, there’s more at stake for you than lost tire revenue. CHALLENGE | Tire sales are a major customer defection point. When customers go elsewhere to buy tires, they often don’t come back to your dealership for other services. That’s revenue beyond tire sales lost to competitors. OBJECTIVE | If you can get these customers into your service department for tires, you have a good chance of turning them back into loyal service customers. The objective of the Tread Ahead Tire Program is to increase tire purchases— first among active customers, then from inactive customers and, finally, with prospects. APPROACH | Thindata 1:1 offers dealers a targeted marketing program that communicates personally with each customer and presents the appropriate tire offers and messages based on the customer’s vehicle, past tire purchases, and tire lifecycle. Tire sales are a major customer defection point. *Based on a dealer database of 20,000 vehicles, with 2% of customers in the market for tires each month.
  3. 3. GETTING ON-BOARD IS AS EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3When you’re ready to sign up, your Thindata 1:1 consultant will help you through every step ofestablishing and managing your program. 1. We’ll have you complete your Tread Ahead Tire Program Start-up Guide so that we can capture your customer data and begin to analyze it. 2. You will be assigned a support team to guide you through the process and provide personalized service. We’ll ensure that your tire marketing program is branded specifically for your dealership and personalized to each customer’s tire needs. 3. Once the program is up and running, you will be able to track program success every step of the way.Thindata 1:1 has combined its extensive automotive and tire-related experience with itsunique data-driven direct marketing solutions for more than a decade. It’s a combinationthat can work for you. Of course, we’re a GM-approved turnkey vendor.Need another reason to get on-board? The Tread Ahead Tire Program is eligible forSales iMR-matched funds.Are you ready to start capturing more tire revenue for your service department? LetThindata 1:1 help you get started today. Call 855-799-0999 or visit
  4. 4. DATA-DRIVEN COMMUNICATIONSTAILORED TO EACH RECIPIENTBy tracking and analyzing customer purchase and service behavior—as well as tire wear andmileage—the Tread Ahead Tire Program provides timely, personalized, tire-focusedmarketing messages to each of your customers.The program personalizes the content and design for each customer. Images, headlines, text,offers, and dealership service hours and contact information are all data driven.Tailored tire suggestions and dealer-selected offers are targeted to the customer’s previouspurchase behavior and current vehicle data. Such highly personalized and relevant tiremessaging dramatically increases response rates—which means you’ll see more customers.We adapt these personalized messages for both effective mail and email communications. DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD 8.5" X 5.5" EMAIL COMMUNICATION
  5. 5. SELL MORE TIRES TO MORE CUSTOMERSAND PROSPECTSThe Tread Ahead Tire Program helps you sell more tires to the following threecustomer groups: ACTIVE CUSTOMERS | These are customers who have consistently serviced their vehicle(s) at your dealership with no known tire purchase. INACTIVE CUSTOMERS | Inactive service customers who still own their GM vehicle, but we are not aware if they have purchased tires since their last service visit.PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS | This group consists of potential customers who own GM vehicles and reside in your dealership’s primary market area, and we are not aware if they have recently purchased tires.PROGRAM REPORTS AND METRICSThe bottom line is this: Did this program generate more tire sales?To answer this question for you, we’ll provide monthly reports that tell you what wasmailed and emailed, to whom it was sent, and who bought tires. We break downperformance as follows: • New tire sales • Specific response and new tire revenue by customer group • Overall program results and effectiveness • Your dealership performance compared to your region and to dealers nationally (as appropriate) Communicate to customers when they’re likely to be in the market for tires.
  6. 6. TREAD AHEAD™ TIRE PROGRAM CONTACT INFORMATION Thindata 1:1 1600 West 2200 South, Suite 300Experts in automotive industryone-to-one marketing Salt Lake City, Utah 84119 855-799-0999