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Geniies - Portfolio


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Geniies - Portfolio

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Geniies - Portfolio

  2. 2. VISION & MISSION Geniies’ aims at becoming the most preferred solution provider in the publishing, education and technological space globally; and to provide the Best and Prompt Services to all our clients. “Quality and Client Satisfaction over everything else”
  3. 3. GENIIES  Established in 2008 at Coimbatore, India.  6 Year young ISO certified, end-to-end service provider for book publishers and Animation industry  Expertise in STEM (Scientific, Technical, Engineering and Medical) , Educational Content, Entertainment  Caters only to overseas clientele, Africa, UK, US, Australia and Europe.  Innovative technology, proven processes, cost-efficient resources and continuous research keeps us stand apart.  Geniies’ approach is to create a balanced combination of knowledge, technology, and innovative approach to the future.  Geniies’ specializes in adherence to ethical standards, as well as the use of technological tools makes us capable of optimally satisfying the needs of our customers.
  5. 5. BOOK GENIIE  Established in 2009  End-to-end publishing services print and digital publishing  Content development to content production to digital media  We do  Project Management  Typesetting  XML Conversion  eBook Conversion – ePub, Interactive eBooks & Enhanced eBooks  Copy Editing  Illustration
  6. 6. 3De GENIIE  Initiated in 2012  Script to Screen services in Animation  Masters in creating K-12 Education Videos  Expertise in Stereoscopic Videos  Entertainment, Medical and Product Animation  Produced more than 300 Minutes in short span of time and counting…  3D Graphic Design  3D Architectural Design
  7. 7. ILLUSTRATION & ARTWORK Our art services are of high quality created by professional artists using traditional and latest technologies  Photo realistic illustrations  Contemporary illustrations  Medical semi realistic illustrations  Scaled illustrations  Replication and Restoration of poor illustrations  Character design  Concept art  Cartoons & Caricatures  Book Cover design  Storyboard development  Communication design  Information graphics  Special effects
  8. 8. EDUCATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR  We Identify the and provide internationally renowned products for the schools and students.  Products Range – GENIIES SMARTSCHOOL  ICT for Schools  TUTOR for Student’s Self-Study  ExamGuru for Students Assessment  COACHWELL for Coaching Centers
  9. 9. SOFTWARE  Windows/ Web Application Development  Workflow Management  Product Life Cycle Management  Mobile App Development Services  Android  Ios  Windows  Virtual Simulation LAB  3D Interactive Simulations
  10. 10. QUALITY  Well-defined standard operational process & procedures  Process compliance team to control process violations  Automated Pit stop checks, In-house Validation Tools and PDF compare for all stages of production  Separate Quality Assurance layer to provide a Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) for all the deliveries  In-House Quality Audits  Continuous measurement, Analysis and improvement by R&D and Quality Control department
  11. 11. WHY GENIIES?  Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations by realizing the clients’ business objectives.  Continuous search for the betterment beyond the agreed communications and business objectives.  Creative approach in order to find unique and tailored solutions.  Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team.  We have an efficient R&D team working at the warfront to foresee the immediate technological advancements that this field requires and may encounter.  Strong technological background.  24/7 availability.  100 Geniies working together to achieve the vision and mission of GENIIES.  4 Verticals well accommodated in 10000 Sq.Ft with the most advanced infrastructure
  12. 12. Data Security Management  Geniies employs extensive measures to safeguard against possible risks, like data corruption, physical damage of infrastructure, etc. Those measures include:  DATA BACKUP  Systems to be backed up include but are not limited to: File server, Mail server, Production web server, Production database server, Domain controllers, Test database server, Test web server  Archives and Restoration (every quarter)  Tape Storage  FIRE & EVACUATION  We have well-trained fire fighters who conduct periodical fire drills to emphasize the protocols to be followed in case of a fire emergency.  DATA SECURITY  Data are well secured with security polices, effective antivirus and systematic peripheral management
  13. 13. OUR WORKS GALLERY  Animation  Human Heart  Human Eye  Animation Portfolio  ART WORK  Artworks
  14. 14. CONTACT US  Geniies IT & Services Private Limited #3, Raja Street, Kallimadai, Trichy Road, Singanallur, Coimbatore, India - 641005. Telephone: +91 422 434 9269 E-mail: Website:
  15. 15. THANK YOU