Charming Tails Oct2009


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Charming Tails Oct2009

  1. 1. A Hail the collector! Five figurines in themes that have been highly requested by collectors and represents some of their favorite pastimes. All figurines produced by Enesco will now feature a ladybug somewhere on the piece for added level of delight. “You’re Always Sewing Fashion” B C “Saving A Little Bit Of Today For Tomorrow” “I Love It When You Smile” A. 4017342 B. 4017343 C. 4017344 CHTLS0001150 CHTLS0001250 CHTLS0001050 Thimble/Needle/Thread Figurine Mug/Pencil/Scrapbook Figurine Stickered/Funny Face Figurine “You’re Always Sewing Fashion” “Saving A Little Bit Of Today For Tomorrow” “I Love It When You Smile” 3.125” L. x 2.25” W. x 3” H. 1 Asst. 4” L. x 3.25” W. x 3.25” H. 1 Asst. 3” L. x 2.75” W. x 2.75” H. 1 Asst. 1 EA Box 1 EA Box 1 EA Box 2 EA min. EA ctn. 2 EA min. EA ctn. 2 EA min. EA ctn. 1
  2. 2. D E “May Your Dreams Be Enchanted” “When It Comes To Shopping I’m Ready To Roll” F Limited Edition piece to welcome everyone to join the new Charming Tails family. – Limited to 2010 Year of Production – SMART • SMART • SMART 4018979 CHTLS0016200 CHTLS PPK 13 PC Nov intros Item # Description List $ QTY 4017341 Fairie Thimbl/Thread 12.50 2 4017342 Thimbl/Needl/Thread 11.50 2 4017343 Mug/Pencil/Scrapbook 12.50 2 4017344 Stickered/Funny Face 10.50 2 4017345 Mouse/Shopping Cart 13.00 2 “Come Join Us, There’s Enough ‘Shroom’ For Everyone” 4017346 Mice/Red Mushrooms 14.00 3 E. 4017345 F. 4017346 D. 4017341 CHTLS0001300 CHTLS0001400 CHTLS0001250 Mouse/Shopping Cart Figurine Mice/Red Mushrooms Figurine Fairie Thimble/Thread Figurine “When It Comes To Shopping I’m “Come Join Us, There’s Enough “May Your Dreams Be Enchanted” Ready To Roll” ‘Shroom’ For Everyone” 3.25” L. x 2.5” W. x 3.5” H. 1 Asst. 2.5” L. x 3.125” H. 1 Asst. 4.25” L. x 2.5” W. x 2.875” H. 1 Asst. 1 EA Box 1 EA Box 1 EA Box 2 EA min. EA ctn. 2 EA min. EA ctn. 2 EA min. EA ctn. 2
  3. 3. Sneak Peak!! 2010 Club Year Club Member benefits are back!!! by Theme: A Giving Heart – Encouraging charitable deeds and acts of kindness. Charming Tails Club Kit Contains: You/Kind/Heart Bank Mouse Hanging Lapel Pin ST/3 Silver Coins Symbol of Membership is functional bank – new format for Club! Members only lapel pin returns to club kit! New Kindness Coins to encourage good deeds Each of 3 members only pieces have a heart shape incorporated into the design Members only pieces have seasonal themes of spring, fall and winter (Shhhh, exclusive 2010 event piece will be the 4th, summer season theme!) 3
  4. 4. Club membership wil also include: • Personalized membership card • Quarterly online editions of Squashville Gazette • Access to Club website • Exclusive Club Member benefits at specific scheduled retail events • Advance notice of special events and appearances by Charming Tails artist, Dean Griff New in 2010 with Enesco, IG Membership Kits will be open to all Enesco Charming Tails retailers! Look for more details coming January 2010 “My Heart Is Full Because You Are In It” “The Greatest Gift Is To Carry A Friend In Your Heart” “It’s So Beautiful When Friendship Blossoms In Your Heart” 4