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h1 to h6 tag presentation

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h1 to h6 tag presentation

  1. 1. Bharti SainiJanuary 18, 2012Art 2830Prof. Foti
  2. 2. • h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 are headings organized into 6 levels.• h1 represents the main heading while the others h2 to h6 are just subheadings.
  3. 3. • The main heading is written in between the h1 in order for it to show.• The subheading is also the same writing in between any of the h2 to h6 tags.
  4. 4. • H1 contains the largest text which is why it is the main heading.• h6 is the smallest text.• Texts inside heading tags are shown in bold font.
  5. 5. • The first and the third line here is an example of h1 because they are the largest headings.• The second heading in the his example is what h3 looks like and the last one is h2.
  6. 6. • In this sample webpage you can see the different sizes of headings used which was made using h1 to h6 tags with some style using CSS.• Notice how “Information is Beautiful” is written big using h1 as the main heading and below it the text is smaller as the subheading which is how this tag is used in a webpage.
  7. 7. • Other attributes for heading tags is that you can use styles that specify the alignment of a heading.• The style can tell the heading to be left, center, right or justify.
  8. 8. By specifying right, left, center or justify in between thequotations of align= the heading will be presented in that form.As you see in the second image the title is centered and thethird line is spaced to the right as directed by this tag.
  9. 9. • In this website you can see the use of this align function in the tag because they have put text in the center and to the right.• By adding this to the website they have made more use of the space using the left side for a link and the right side for “Web Site of the Month”.
  10. 10. • Other attributes used for h1 to h6 is that when you are using CSS you can assign a color for the text for specific headings.• In the example below is shown how for each h1 heading the color will show up as red and h2 heading the color will be orange and etc.
  11. 11. • If you see in this webpage the h1 headings are in the color red and all the h2 is yellow while all the h3 is in blue as it had been assigned.• Therefore, this is how a webpage would look like if you assign any of the h1 to h6 tags with color and it would make it simpler as well since the colors you assign would automatically show depending on what h1 to h6 tag you put your text inside of.