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Frida kahlo


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Frida kahlo

  1. 1. - Born July 6, 1907 and died at age 47- She had suffered most of her life such as at age 6 she haddeveloped polio. Then later in her life she had a traffic accidentgiving her a broken column at 18. After breaking her column shediscontinued her career in medicine and had started painting toexpress her suffering because she had felt alone and she feltnobody knew her better than herself to which she would drawmostly self portraits. She was also a bisexual married twice toanother artist named Deigo Rivera and experienced 2miscarriages.- She lived her life in Mexico City- Her genre of art was mainly surreal and expression because mostof her drawings looked dream like but they also contained asymbolic expression of her pain and suffering.
  2. 2.  In this image Frida was expressing her feelings after her divorce with her husband Deigo. The Two Fridas are a self portrait of her in her young years when she was loved by Deigo and in the recent years when Deigo abandoned her. In this image there are lines used as the vein of the hearts because it drags your eyes across the two Fridas from one end of the vein to the other. I also think the Frida on the left is the focal point because the white color of her dress stands out from the background and the Frida on the right. The cut open heart also makes it the focal point because the detail inside of it stands out more than the closed heart.  Painted in 1939
  3. 3.  In this painting Frida expresses herself suffering in pain with her broken column having nails pierce her body and showing she is all alone which is why she put herself in a empty desert. She expresses that she is broken in many places and has nothing but a corset holding her together.  In this painting there is a balance because the woman is centered right in the middle and both sides of the picture are the same with nothing extra on one side, both are empty with just cracks in the ground.  There is also use of eye path and line because the nails on her body takes your eyes all around her and the broken column works as a line the way it leads the eyes up and down the center of her chest.Painted in 1944
  4. 4.  Painted in 1946 In this painting Frida shows her disappointment after having a surgery on her back. She had hoped that the surgery would take away her back pain but it had not so she had felt like a wounded deer. In this painting there is a focal point which is the deer since it is put right in the center with a color different from the trees and branch on the floor.There also is the use of perspective in this image with the trees since you cansee the ones in the way back are much smaller and thinner than the onesthat are in the front which are much larger and thicker.
  5. 5. In this painting Frida shows her  Painted in 1932pain in the miscarriage she had.She puts images connected by avein as to what the miscarriagewas and where and how ithappened it and the flowerexpressing death to her fetus.In this image she uses line onceagain as the veins because theylead your eyes to each of thecomponents of her miscarriageinto different directions of herpainting.I also think the bed is a focalpoint in the image because thewhite is so bright and because itis right in the center in a largesize in a spot you wouldn’texpect to see a bed lying aroundoutside.
  6. 6.  Painted in 1935In this Image Frida expresses her broken heart after her husband Deigo hasan affair with her sister so she shows this by drawing an image of herself in amurder scene with an excuse that it was just a few small nips.In this image she createssome movement withblood stains all over thefloor going all around theframe and the mans shirtas if she moved around allover the place or wasdragged smearing bloodeverywhere to finally getinto that bed.Another that she uses iseye path because theblood stains in the imagealso moves your eyes allaround the imageincluding the frame.
  7. 7.  Painted in 1944 In this painting Frida expresses her bisexuality in which she had always openly shown so she is outside in the open. In the image there is also a monkey which is known as a symbol of sin in which goes with the image since bisexuality was considered a sin. In this picture I see use of continuity with the vines with the way it goes upward and gets cut off like it is endless going into space.The vines are also like a eye path because it moves your eyes around in thatcorner taking your eyes upward or going down leading you to the to the twowomen.Also the roots at the bottom work as a form of line that move your eyes up tothe two women which look like their on a small platform.