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LinkedIn How To Set Up A Basic Profile


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This LinkedIn tutorial will show you how to set up your basic profile.

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LinkedIn How To Set Up A Basic Profile

  1. 1. LinkedIn – How to set up a basic profile 1. Open LinkedIn homepage either by 1) typing ‘LinkedIn’ into Google and clicking on their suggestion or 2) type into address bar. 2. Register your profile by entering your first name, last name, email, create your own password into the ‘Joined LinkedIn Today’ box and when finished, click ‘Join Now’. 3. Select/Enter your employment status (under the dropdown box), your company, job title, country, postal code and click ‘continue’. 4. Click on ‘Skip this step’ until you have filled out your profile, added applications, increased content. 5. Confirm your e-mail address by logging into your email account, opening the email from LinkedIn and accepting the confirmation by clicking on ‘Click here’. You will be taken to a new LinkedIn page that prompts your to click ‘Continue’. Click ‘Continue’. 6. Sign in by entering your email, your password and click ‘Sign In’. 7. Drag cursor over ‘Profile’ Tab of LinkedIn tool bar to unveil a drop-down list and click on the link ‘Edit Profile’. 8. Begin entering your personal information from the top working your way down. 9. Click on ‘Edit’ next to you name and verify that everything is correct. If you make changes, click on ‘Save Changes’, if you did not, click on ‘Go Back to Edit My Profile’. 10. Add photo by clicking on link labeled ‘Add Photo’ under portrait icon. 11. Click ‘Browse’ and navigate to the location of the photo on your computer, select it by clicking ‘Open’, and click ‘Upload Photo’. 12. Click ‘Edit’ next to current profile to add additional information such as ‘Time Period’ (when you started) and description (pitch information) and click ‘Update’ when finished. 13. Click ‘Add Past Position’ to enter work history and click ‘Save Changes’ when finished editing. 14. Click ‘Add Education’ to enter education history and click ‘Save Changes’ when finished editing. 15. Click ‘Add Website’ to add your existing social profiles. Click on drop down box and select ‘Other’ to add a title (this optimizes search engine), Type ‘Toronto Real Estate’ and type ‘’ Fill out additional information (as necessary) and click ‘Save Changes’ when finished. 16. Click on ‘Add Summary’ Copy & Paste your pitch into the box labeled ‘Professional Experience & Goals’ along with contact information (phone number and email address) and fill out ‘Specialties’ (as necessary) and click ‘Save Changes’ when finished.