LinkedIn How To Add Applications


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This LinkedIn tutorial will show you how to add applications.

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LinkedIn How To Add Applications

  1. 1. LinkedIn – How to Add Applications Applications are an important part of LinkedIn because it is a great way for you to provide additional information on your profile. It is through this additional information that you are able to demonstrate your expertise and engage those individuals that are viewing your profile. Most of these applications require that you use an outside social network such as Wordpress or Slideshare. This tutorial will go through four applications that are highly recommended. Three of these four applications will require outside third party platforms that you must already be using. 1. Go to and sign in. 2. Once you get to the LinkedIn homepage of your profile go to the top row of tabs (Home, Profile, etc) and click on the far right tab that says “More.” 3. Click on “Application Directory” at the bottom of the drop down menu. Word Press This application allows you to pull through five of your most recent blog postings and display them on your LinkedIn profile. 1. Search the Application Directory for the Word Press application. 2. Click on “Word Press.” This will take you to the Word Press home page. 3. Go to the bottom of the “Application Info” box and make sure to check the boxes labelled “Display on My Profile” and “Display on LinkedIn Homepage.” 4. Click “Add Application.” 5. Now it will ask you for the URL of your blog so that it can pull up the most recent postings. Enter your blog’s URL. 6. Select “Show all recent posts.” 7. Click “Save.” SlideShare Presentations This is a third party platform Allows your to upload your Powerpoint, PDF and a couple other file types in order to display that information through the SlideShare application. 1. Click on the “More” tab again and go to “Application Directory.” 2. Click on “SlideShare Presentations.” This will take you to the homepage. 3. Select the two boxes in the “Application Info” box. 4. Click “Add Application.” 5. To see what this application looks like go to your Profile and scroll down until you see the application. 6. The application will display and allow you to provide access to your Powerpoint slideshows or PDF documents. For example this can be a Powerpoint presentation
  2. 2. of the photos of one of your new listings. The user can easily click through and consume the information in the document that you uploaded. Events This application can be used to post events that you are hosting or attending. This can be useful when it comes to open houses or other functions or presentation that you want to show people that you are attending. Based on the topic of the event it could be a good way to position yourself in the eyes of people that see that you are attending the event. 1. Again, click on “More” and “Application Directory” 2. Search for the Events application, click on “Events.” This will take you to the homepage. 3. Make sure the two boxes are check as before and click “Add Events.” To Add Events: 4. Go to the “Add Event” tab. 5. Fill out details of the event and click “Publish.” 6. Go to your Profile to take a look at how it is displayed. Twitter This is another third party application that you can add if you have a Twitter account. This gives LinkedIn access to your Tweets in your Twitter account. 1. Go back to the Application Directory (“More” “Application Directory”) 2. Search for the Tweets Application. Click on “Tweets.” This will take you to the application’s homepage. 3. Again make sure the two boxes are checked and click “Add Tweets.” 4. Enter your twitter username and password. 5. Sometimes this application will have glitches and wont work properly. Again go to your profile and scroll down to take a look at the application. The more applications you add, the more information you will add to your profile. This will make your profile more engaging and there will be more value added for those viewing your profile. Misc. Applications Polls – This allows you to post a poll on your profile, i.e. it allows you to ask a question that people can choose an answer to. For example you can put something fun like “what is the best neighbourhood in Toronto to live in?” and list three neighbourhoods as multiple choice answers. Another example is if you planning on giving a seminar and would like to choose the topic by having others vote on potential seminar topics.
  3. 3. Google Presentation – If you use Google Docs you may want to add the Google Presentation application which will display your Google documents on your profile.