Facebook Engaging Your Network Sending Messages Posting On Your Wall


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This Facebook tutorial will show you how to engage your network by sending messages and posting on your wall.

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Facebook Engaging Your Network Sending Messages Posting On Your Wall

  1. 1. Facebook - Engaging Your Network: Sending Messages, Posting On Your Wall There are a couple of ways that you can engage your network on Facebook. It is important that you do so because that is what social networking is all about, it is about staying in touch with your network in a nonintrusive manner. There a couple of good ways to do that. Adding Info to Your Wall The first way to engage your network is by adding info to your Facebook wall. You do this because once you post a piece of content on your wall it will get sent out to your entire network through their newsfeed. The content that you post can be anything, for example an article related to real estate or a new photo album that you have created. This is a very nonintrusive manor to stay in touch because it is one of the common features of Facebook that just happens. If you go to your homepage on Facebook you will see your own newsfeed with alerts of what other members of your network have been posting on their walls. As a real estate professional it is recommended that you look to post relevant, good quality content related to real estate that your network will find interesting. This is if you are using your Facebook account for business purposes. You can do the same with your personal information and personal use of Facebook. Now we will go through the process of posting something on your wall. 1. The first step is to log in to your Facebook account. Go to the Facebook URL or search for it using Google. Log in at the top right corner with your name and password. 2. We will now expose our network to a blog posting that we found interesting. 3. First we will go to the website of the blog posting. Copy the URL of the blog posting that you would like to share. 4. Go back to your Facebook Profile, click on the box at the top of your profile that says “What’s on your mind?” and start typing a quick little message such as “Came across this blog posting about …Found it to be quite informative.” 5. Under this box you will see a row of icons. These icons represent different pieces of information you can attach to your posting such as events, videos and links. In our case, we are attaching a link, so go to the fourth icon and click on it 6. Paste the link in the space provided and click “Attach.” You will then see a preview of your attachment. 7. You can then add more text to your posting or go ahead and click “Share.” 8. Complete the Security Check that pops up. 9. Now you are able to expose your network to this blog posting. Note: This blog in particular is a third party blog. Ideally, it would be your own blog or website link. There is nothing wrong with using third party blogs; you are still adding value to your network.
  2. 2. Sending Messages to Individuals Another more overt way is sending messages to individuals. 1. The way you do this is by going to your friend list (click on “See All” in the Friends box on the left hand side of your Profile), and identify the individual you want to send your message to. 2. Click on their name and to go their profile; in this case we will use Evan as an example. 3. Under Evan’s picture on his profile you will see a link that says “Send Evan a Message.” This will bring up a new screen where you can fill out the subject line and body of your message. 4. As before, you will have a row of icons that will allow you to attach various types of information. 5. When you are done with your message, click “Send.” Posting on Others’ Walls 1. Yet another way is by posting something on someone’s wall. Go to their profile, and at the top you will see a box that says “Write something….” Click on this box and write your message. 2. Again if you want to attach something (such as the blog we attached previously) click on the appropriate icon and follow the same steps as before. In this case if we want to attach the blog, again click on the link icon, paste the link, click “Attach”, click “Share”, and complete the security check. 3. Your message is now posted on your friend’s “Wall” on their Profile. Note: Not only can your friend see your message but also the people in your friend’s network who view their profile can also see your message and take action on it if they wanted to read through it. This is a great way to engage your network.