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  1. 1. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL ♫ W elcome to C ape T own♫ I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the first ever Backpacking & Adventure conference in Cape Town. Thank you for making the effort to be here. The BSA conference team has come up with a programme packed full of interesting speakers on topics that will affect your business in 2007 and into the future. The theme of the conference is Shining up our industry, with the by-line “Think Global, Act Local”. With 2010 and the Soccer World Cup just around the corner, we, as a significant niche market in the tourism industry, want to be well poised to take full advantage of the unprecedented global attention that is soon to be focused on South Africa. This is our chance to Shine. It is not an opportunity that comes along every day. Let’s NOT waste it! We hope to give you an understanding of how new web technologies will influence your customers and how you can incorporate these into your business in order to keep you on the cutting edge. There will be the usual focus on the day-to-day running of your businesses with an emphasis on raising and maintaining standards across the board in order to firmly establish SA, globally, as a premium backpacker & adventure destination. We will also be looking at how we can all work towards lessening the environmental impact of our businesses as well as how we, as an industry, can make a significant social contribution by bringing the benefits of tourism to Grass Roots in a meaningful & measurable way. Increasing numbers of travelers are highly environmentally & socially aware and are specifically choosing service providers that are proven to meet these criteria. It makes sense on all levels for us to shine up in this regard. cont./…. Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007
  2. 2. SHINING UP OUR INDUSTRY ● BACKPACKER & ADVENTURE CONFERENCE 2007●THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL Our “speed dating” session will give operators an opportunity to present their products and agents an opportunity to learn more about all the fabulous & varied offerings in our ever-growing industry. There will also be plenty of opportunity for informal networking in the bar and over sumptuous meals prepared by a world-class chef. Our two movies – “An Inconvenient Truth” and “The Secret” should leave you with plenty to think about and hopefully, a whole new way of thinking… And finally, our Afri-glam Party will allow you to let your hair down and celebrate the wonderful industry that we are so privileged to be a part of. The conference is being coordinated by Lisa Mason, Toni Shina & Di Thomas. If you require any information, please feel free to approach them or any of the other crew, who will be wearing “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL” T- shirts. We hope that you will find the conference to be really beneficial and that you will leave Monkey Valley fired up to Shine up  Steve Thomas Chairman, BSA TRUST In keeping with the “Greening” theme of the conference, all printing has been on Triple Green Paper which: 1) Is  made from 60% sugar cane 2) Is chlorine fee 3) Uses wood fibre only from sustainable and internationally- certified afforestation Cape Town Printing courtesy of 14-15 June 2007