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Siri google killer meunier bryson


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Siri isn't a Google killer, but the beginning of a trend in search toward contextual relevance and artificial intelligence. My presentation from SMX East 2012.

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Siri google killer meunier bryson

  1. MEET SIRI: APPLE’S GOOGLE KILLER?Implications of Siri, Voice Search and AI for MarketersBryson MeunierDirector, SEO StrategyResolution Media10/2/2012
  2. PROBING SIRI FOR GOOGLECIDAL TENDENCIES Proprietary and confidential 2
  3. PROBING SIRI FOR GOOGLECIDAL TENDENCIES Proprietary and confidential 3
  4. PROBING SIRI FOR GOOGLECIDAL TENDENCIES Proprietary and confidential 4
  5. SIRI IS NOT A SEARCH ENGINE Currently Siri gets 60% of its answers from Google (source: PiperJaffray) Proprietary and confidential 5
  6. SIRI IS NOT A SEARCH ENGINE Siri assumes local intent when the query is not local in nature Proprietary and confidential 6
  7. SIRI IS NOT A SEARCH ENGINE When in doubt, Siri assumes local intent. Proprietary and confidential 7
  8. SIRI IS NOT A SEARCH ENGINE Potential Search Usage by Siri Users iPhone 4S Users Who Dont Search with Siri iPhone 4S Users Who Might Search with Siri Roughly a third of 4S owners use Siri to place phone calls, send text messages, or look up information daily or almost daily. (Source: Parks Associates) Proprietary and confidential 8 )
  9. THE FUTURE OF SIRI? Proprietary and confidential 9
  10. SIRI DOESN’T CURRENTLY HAVE THE REACH • Siri currently available on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 (3.78% of total iPhone Percent of Total Market web traffic*) and new iPad (16.82% of total iPad web traffic*). 1.5% 1% • iOS represents 2.86% of web Siri iPad traffic from all operating systems world wide (source: Statcounter) • iPhone search accounts for Siri about 3% of total site traffic iPhone (source: internal client data) All other • iPad search accounts for about devices 4% of total site traffic (source: internal client data) 97.5 Source: Chitika Live Tracker, 9/28/12 Proprietary and confidential 10
  11. SIMPLE SIRI OPTIMIZATION BEST PRACTICES • Think local. Yelp inclusion and optimization is essential. • Think relevance and usefulness (contextual relevance) • Since Google powers 60% of Siri responses, traditional SEO is necessary. • Understand user intent and adjust keyword targeting accordingly Proprietary and confidential 11
  12. SIRI NOT THE END OF VOICE SEARCH/AI Apps APIs Proprietary and confidential 12
  13. AI CHANGES SEARCH BEHAVIOR Proprietary and confidential 13
  14. VOICE SEARCH CHANGES SEARCH BEHAVIOR • “Say What? Why users choose to speak their web queries”, Maryam Kamvar Garret and Doug Beeferman, 2010: • Google Logs-based study of “factors that are correlated with a decision to speak a web search query rather than type it” • Data from 75,000 random users speaking 1MM queries into Google Blackberry app in Summer 2009 • Intended for voice navigation interface design, but useful to marketers looking to understand voice search Proprietary and confidential 14
  15. VOICE SEARCH CHANGES SEARCH BEHAVIOR • Local and shopping queries most likely to be spoken • Need for hands-free navigation (e.g. searcher is driving) • Adult queries least likely to be spoken Proprietary and confidential 15
  16. VOICE SEARCH CHANGES SEARCH BEHAVIOR • Maps results most likely to be returned from spoken queries • Queries longer than 6 words more likely to be typed Proprietary and confidential 16
  17. SUMMARY 1. Siri has limited reach, but is the start of larger trend toward voice search and artificial intelligence 2. Understand relevance of query to user intent and context 3. Optimize for Google, not just Siri 4. Optimize for local search, as voice search users most likely to be looking for information around them 5. Provide a simple, mobile interface, as voice searchers most likely to require a hands-free experience Proprietary and confidential 17
  18. THANK YOU! Bryson Meunier Director, SEO Strategy Resolution Media @brysonmeunier +Bryson Meunier Scan to visit Proprietary and confidential